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India & Sri Lanka Trip

I am so excited I have just finalised my trip to India & Sri Lanka in August. I am lucky to be invited as part of a blogger event the Indian Summer House and it looks amazing I cant wait.

indian summer house
credit : Indian Summer House

It sounds such a cool itinerary. I am going to be trying Yoga for the first time and I am sure I will get some very amusing photos for you to laugh at. I will be trying an Abhyangam Massage with Steam Bath, exploring the local area and trying out this stunning pool.

indian summer house pool
credit : Indian Summer House

The luxury villa is in Kerala, India and our host will be showing us the way of life in the region and some delicious food as we will be having our very own cooking lesson so maybe I can cook a curry for my mum when I get home.

indian summer house bedroom
credit : Indian Summer House

Since I was travelling over 5000 miles I thought it might be best to do a bit more sightseeing whilst I was there. I have just returned from a trip to the Golden Triangle in North India and absolutely loved it. I have heard that southern India has a totally different vibe but it is just as interesting so I have spent a few weeks looking at tours and have decided since I am travelling solo to book an organised group tour.

I am a sucker for a bargain so been looking for the best deal around. There are some great tours out there and I decided to go with Gadventures since I went to Cuba with them last year and had a great tour. I have gone for the Best of Southern India tour. It was a toss up between this and the Southern India and East Coast by Rail but this started and ended in Kochi which is where I flying into so thought it was best of the two.

south india tour
credit : GAdventures

Anyway since I am going to be so close to Sri Lanka and it is one of the next places I wanted to visit I thought why not have a look at what tours they have for that. I found a tour on sale so I couldn’t really not book it could I? so I have added that to the trip as well. Also searching for flights into Kochi and out of Colombo was giving me better deals so its a no brainer.

I did originally book the Sri Lanka Express but they have changed the itinerary and it no longer goes to see the elephants so I changed it to a Toucan Tour. I booked it via Radar Tours and got a excellent deal, if you want more details click here. I’m also thinking I should get a Sri Lanka sim card too.

If you are visiting India or Sri Lanka then check out Gadventures they have some cool itineraries. If you have any tips on either of these destinations I would love to hear them.

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  1. My tour to Sri lanka has just been cancelled as it is monsoon season so I might not even make it lol.

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