Attending the TV Bafta Awards – The best night of my life

TV Bafta awards –  The best night of my life on the red carpet

One of my favourite experiences was going on the red carpet at the Baftas. I was so excited when I managed to get tickets for the TV Baftas in London and I actually got to walk on the red carpet with some of my favourite stars. This was the first TV award ceremony I attended since then have also been to the Soap awards and TV national awards.

It was the first year they were selling tickets to the Baftas to the general public and me and two friends got our tickets. I had been to the film Baftas a few month earlier but only to watch the stars on the red carpet and I didn’t really know who was who in the film industry. But I love TV and watch all the dramas and soaps so was more excited about seeing British TV stars then film stars.

Getting a bargain at a 5 star hotel in London

Waldorf Hilton As I was pretending I was a TV star for the day, well I was going to be on the red carpet maybe the press wouldn’t know who I was, I decided to treat myself to a 5 star hotel in London.

I got a great deal on the Waldorf which I had read was one of the best hotels in London and it was around the corner from the TV bafta awards, I am surprised that I managed to get such a good price.I had booked myself into the Waldorf.

I am not a millionaires’ and normally focus on budget travel but to be honest the deal I got was only £30 more than some of the cheaper hotels in the area so I thought why not lets have a treat. 

What I thought about the Waldorf Hotel

I checked into the hotel with no problems and they even checked me in early which was great. The room was large, light and airy and very comfortable.

Unfortunately I didn’t get chance to use any of the facilities but the pictures of the pool looked great and as breakfast wasn’t included I didn’t get to experience that either. Rooms are currently going for about £300 but keep an eye out for a deal as I paid less than this, the hotel is in a great location I wish my bank balance aloud me to stay here every time I visited London as I loved the luxurious type of stay and now I’ve have been spoilt.

Good Godfrey’s bar I started the night with a gorgeous cocktail in Good Godfrey’s, the hotel bar. This had to be a good sign as my grandad was called Godfrey so it would be rude not to have a drink in there

French 75 Created in 1915 at paris’s landmark Harrys NewYork bar, this cocktail is made with gin, fresh lemon juice and sugar topped with champagne Good Godfrey’s cocktail

It was so delicious and if we had had more time I would have easily been able to drink a few more but at £15 a pop maybe best I only had time for one.

I think it was one of those drinks you don’t realise how lethal it is until you try and stand, therefore  probably a good idea I only had one otherwise I would of been stumbling down the red carpet.

What happened at the TV Bafta awards.

I actually got to walk on the read carpet it was one of the best nights of my life. I was walking alongside some of my favourite stars with the paparazzi snapping away I did my best pose…. I am lying I actually walked so fast down that carpet as I did feel a little silly. The cameras were flashing, people were screaming for their favourite stars it was such a buzz. My two friends were lapping it up and held me back, it was actually quite funny.

I guess people were just taking photos on the off chance we were someone important, you never know we could have been the writers of Sherlock Holmes or something. If I had been on my own I would have just ran down the carpet as it was quite overwhelming with all the screaming and flashing lights. I personally think they were all taking pictures of us because we looked so sexy it had nothing to do to be stood next to Hugh Bonnerville.

My mate pointed out that Danny Dyer was merely feet in front of me oh my god I nearly wet myself I got so excited I went to grab my camera but then thought it is not really the done thing when I am on the middle of the red carpet. So just cheekily grinned at him he must of thought christ they are letting the crazies in this year. (I have since met Danny Dyer twice and how my god he is just as sexy in realife)

We were then taken to a side entrance, of course we cant enter with the celebrities we are merely just the common people. It did feel a bit like being shoved into the servants entrance but I was just so happy and excited to be there I didn’t care.

We did happen to go through the wrong door and found ourselves in the bit where the celebs were and before we were quickly evacuated we saw David Attenborough and his entourage. I wouldn’t have a clue who he was he seemed a bit regal but my friend pointed him out as we walked past but I am afraid I got more excited over this really hunky guy when I asked who he was my friend said “security” well I am easily pleased lol.

The public are sat right at the top in the dress circle and I got a goody bag with a chocolate Bafta which was a nice touch we thought ours had been stolen so we stole someone else’s and then when I stood up I saw mine under the chair oops, I left it there maybe the persons who I stole will happen to come across it .

I was in awe as I saw some of my favourite actors, my photos are a bit rubbish which is a little disappointing but it was a truly magical night, next time though I want to be sat in the stalls so gonna have to start practising my acting skills.

I attended this event when I just started blogging and wasn’t as clued up about taking photos so apologies for no photos on this occasion but had to share one of the best nights of my life with you.

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