Why a Bangkok Food Tour is the best way to try Bangkok food

Pad Thai : trying new foods on bangkok food tour

Why a Bangkok Food Tour is the best way to try Bangkok food

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I first visited Bangkok at the beginning of my travel adventures and I admit I was a novice traveller.

At the time I didnt venture much out of my comfort zone and I was wary of trying new foods as when I ate, I was eating because I was hungry. Now I use food tours as a fun thing to do in a new destination, getting to try new foods and food items that you might not even know existed.

Bangkok food tours are amazing, if you love Thai food or even if you are not sure of what Thai food you like its a great way to explore Bangkok.

visit a local market on bangkok food tour
Visit a local market on Bangkok food tour

Which Bangkok food tour did I do?

There are lots of food tours in Bangkok I looked on get your guide for Bangkok food tours and then checked out the reviews on TripAdvisor to choose the food tour I did in Bangkok.

I did a Midnight food tours by tuk-tuk which was easy to book online. We travelled around Bangkok on tuk-tuks trying Bangkok street food such as sticky rice and’ insects (which were not compulsory).

The Thai tuktuks are motorised not like in China where the poor driver has to peddle hard and these ones go quite fast. At some points of the tour it was like being on a fairground ride, you have to be careful not to open your mouth as you could get a early dinner of flies and bugs.

Here I share my reasons Why a Bangkok Food Tour is the best way to try Bangkok food

explore local market no bangkok food tour
Its i interesting walking around markets during Bangkok food tour

Try foods I would be nervous to try on my own

I join food tours when I am visiting a new destination as its not only a great way to try new foods but it is a good way of meeting people.

When I visited Bangkok I wanted to try some grubs but I didnt have the confidence to go up to a stall when I was on my own but with other people it was fun. It was a laugh to see each others reactions at trying the insects.

I tried grasshoppers and worms which I never would have done if I had been walking around Bangkok on my own.

cricket from bangkok food tour
Eating crickets in during Bangkok food tour I would not have done this on my own

I was a bit reluctant as the guide bought a selection of critters from a stall but others seemed to be enjoying them.

I stupidly looked into the eyes of my hopper though and straight away thought of Jiminy Cricket but quickly put it in my mouth and chewed. It was actually OK, it tasted like a BBQ crisp.

Eat new foods you might not have heard of

When doing a Bangkok food tour you will also find out about the foods you are eating such as why they are popular, how they came into existence and other interesting facts about the local delicacies which makes a food tour lots of fun.

You will come across foods that you didnt even know about which will be a nice surprise. There is nothing more fun that eating and learning at the same time.

You are not going to like all the foods on a menu on a Bangkok food tour but even if you dont its about having fun.

Pad Thai : trying new foods on bangkok food tour
During the Bangkok food tour was the first time I tried Pad Thai

Find out what the locals eat

I like food tours in Bangkok that are done by locals as I feel you are getting a insight into what it is like to live in Bangkok from a locals perspective. If you get a good tour guide they will tell you about their daily life which makes the tour really interesting.

Our tour guide took us to places where there were hardly any tourists. I would have felt a little strange going to these places on my own but no one battered a eyelash and the food was very authentic as this is what local people eat in Bangkok.

I dont like eating in tourist restaurants that charge 3 times the price and just dont taste the same so to eat where the locals eat is the best way to try new foods in a new destination.

Street food is very popular in Bangkok
Street food is very popular and I got to try some during Bangkok food tour

Visit hidden gems

I found when doing food tours that you are taken to food establishments that are wonderful and places you might have missed if you didnt do the food tour.

I now try and do a food tour at the beginning of a trip so I then know where the best places to eat are and I can go back on my own.

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Get to eat tasty and hygienic foods

Some of the food we tried didnt even look appetizing but one of the things about being on a food tour is you can sort of guarantee that the food establishments you are visiting are good as they want you to recommend the tour.

The main thing is that they are hygienic so even though the food doesnt look the best, it was tasty on the Bangkok food tour that I did.

food tour in bnagkok pad thai bangkok
Watching the street food being cooked was fun during the food tour in Bangkok

You will see other parts of Bangkok not just food places

As you are going around on your Bangkok food tour your guide will be telling you about local life and explaining things that you are passing.

On my Bangkok food tour we went to a local flower market and as the guide regularly went to the local market we fond that the locals would talk to us and were proud to show us the things they were selling.

Huge bunches of roses going for 50baht whereas in UK these would be £50. We watched demonstrations of lotus flower folding, saw some amazing bouquets and here I experienced my first grasshopper.

Visiting a flower market on the food tour
Visiting a flower market on the food tour in Bangkok

After walking through the flower market we visited the reclining buddha temple.

Most people go during the day and in fact we were the only ones there at night but it was spectacular all lit up and so peaceful. It is open until midnight and its free whereas in the day in 100baht and very busy, even though the temple with the reclining buddha is closed you can still see everything else.

The guide did comment it wouldn’t be safe to go to alone at night but in a group is fine.

I would highly recommend doing a food tour in Bangkok even if you have viisted Bangkok lots of times you may come across a hidden gem which they becomes your favourite restaurant.

Please note that during this trip was when I decided to become a blogger therefore wasn’t as keen at taking photographs so apologies for the lack of images. Also my writing skills were not the best as I didnt know I would be sharing what I was eating with all you readers. Originally posted in 2016, I have updated this article in Feb 2019 after checking the tour is still available. I will still keep this post updated as it reminds me of when all my adventures began.

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