Bangkok Food Tour – Midnight food tour by tuktuk

Bangkok Food Tour

Midnight food tours by tuktuk was easy to book online and easy meeting instructions were sent with booking confirmation. The meeting point was at Chit Lom BTS, a bit daunting as I hadn’t used the sky train yet and to be honest I wouldn’t have if it wasn’t for this tour. But it was easy to use and the meeting point was easy to locate. When I arrived I could see a group of people waiting and a guide who clocked me straight away and welcomed me.

Who was on the Bangkok food tour

The group included 9 English and 2 Americans ages varied and a mixture of men and women it turned out to be a good group and after five minutes of awkwardness everyone was talking and mingling.

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How we got around on this food tour in Bangkok

It was also my first time in a tuktuk, they are hired for the night so you have the same driver throughout the tour. Each tuktuk holds two passengers and I was paired with a young American travel blogger so we had lots to talk about. It was actually meeting two bloggers on this tour that helped me take the plunge to start my own blog.

The tuktuks are motorised not like in china where the poor driver has to peddle hard and these ones go quite fast at some points of the tour it was like being on a fairground ride, you have to be careful not to open your mouth as you could get a early dinner of flies and bugs.

The tour guide was quite informative but to be honest the food though tasty was quite repetitive.

What did we visit on this Bangkok food tour

First stop was Khao Mun Gai Pratunam for some rice and chicken and that’s just what it is, quite bland but you are given some spicy sauce to pour over and some chicken broth that the guide said to sip throughout eating as the rice can be quite dry. It was ok but nothing special apparently its the best in town.

All the places we went to were claimed to be the best but because I hadn’t had anything to compare it to I cant say if this is correct.

We then had sticky rice and mango which I wasn’t so keen on as don’t really like coconut and we had just had a rice dish.

Next stop was actually closed so the guide had to quickly ring another restaurant which closed at 9pm and beg him to stay open we arrived at 9.15. This was a fried noodle dish with either seafood or chicken, I went for the chicken option.

It didn’t look very appetising as the noodles were grey and they weren’t crispy, it was wrapped in a egg omelette but the guy next to me was served raw egg I was lucky that mine seemed to be cooked. Again it was ok but nothing special.

Stop 3 was the flower market which was fragrant and interesting. Millions of pretty flowers, its a great place to walk through. Huge bunches of roses going for 50baht whereas in UK these would be £50. We watched demonstrations of lotus flower folding, saw some amazing bouquets and here I experienced my first grasshopper.

food tour bangkok

I was a bit reluctant as the guide bought a selection of critters from a stall but others seemed to be enjoying them. I stupidly looked into the eyes of my hopper though and straight away thought of Jiminy Cricket but quickly put it in my mouth and chewed. It was actually ok it tasted like a bbq crisp, I had difficulty swallowing because I knew what it was but I did it. I was about to try a worm like grub when one of the other ladies suddenly gagged and spat it out, she said it exploded in her mouth so I decided to skip that.

cricket from bangkok food tour

jiminy cricket

After walking through the flower market we visited the reclining buddha temple. Most people go during the day and in fact we were the only ones there at night but it was spectacular all lit up and so peaceful. It is open until midnight and its free whereas in the day in 100baht and very busy, even though the temple with the reclining buddha is closed you can still see everything else. The guide did however comment it wouldn’t be safe to go to alone at night but in a group is fine.

Visit 5 was a secret location but it had been spoilt by telling us on the website we were visiting a rooftop bar for a drink so not really much of a secret. After climbing four flights of stairs which nearly killed me,  it was pretty but nothing spectacular but there wasn’t really any lights or anything to look at and to be honest I had been spoilt by the roof top bar in Hong Kong so it was a little bit of a disappointment.

We did however get a delicious cocktail here. Last stop was for the best pad thai in town at Thip Samai Pad Thai it was busy with locals, we had to wait ages for a table.

It was yet another noodle dish option of original or special, special being shrimp juice he said was from the head of a shrimp so I decided to go for original. Again my first experience of pad thai it was the tastiest dish but at midnight I don’t really want to be eating stodgy noodles.

food tour in bnagkok pad thai bangkok

So overall the tour was fun but would of been better with little examples of street food and the others in the group were saying the same. We actually said this to the guide who said this is something they are researching and in the future there will be different options of tours. If I am in town again I will look to see if they have any other tours as it was a fun night even if the tuktuk driver took me to the wrong hotel and kept telling me to get out even though I was telling him it wasn’t my hotel. I showed him the hotel card but I don’t think he could read as it was clearly on there in English and thai eventually he understood me and we finally got to the right hotel at 1am but I was getting worried that I was going to be stranded.

Tired and stodged up I finally climb into bed. If you are interested in going on this tour check out their website and the reviews on TripAdvisor

Please note that during this trip was when I decided to become a blogger therefore wasn’t as keen at taking photographs so apologies for the lack of images. Also my writing skills were not the best as I didnt know I would be sharing what I was eating with all you readers. Originally posted in 2016, I have updated this article in Feb 2019 after checking the tour is still available. I will still keep this post updated as it reminds me of when all my adventures began.

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