German Bierfest Bristol

german bierfest bristol

German Bierfest Bristol

The German Bierfest visits Bristol twice a year in May and again in October for a mini Octoberfest. For more information and dates check out The German Bierfest Website. The assistant events manager Lukas Mehnke welcomed me and my friend to the event, explained what they were about and my favourite bit was a tasting of the 3 beers that they have.

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General admission to the German village is free and here you can enjoy some of the food and drink that is on offer. There is also a souvenir shop so you can buy your own Lederhosen. I loved the wooden huts made it felt very Bavarian. I didn’t have any food during my visit but they had chicken and chips and Bratwurst on offer.

german bierfest bristol huts

The most important thing at this event however is their signature beers. They have their own brewery and this is the only place you can try them as they don’t sell to shops.

german bierfest bristol beers

Weissbeer 5.5% – The signature wheat beer of Bavaria has a naturally cloudy shade of yellow with a subtle twist of banana like flavour.

To be honest the mention of bananas sort of put me off before I even tried it as I cant stand the fruit but I didn’t get a hint of banana although this was still my least favourite.

CraftbeerA special handmade lager with light yellow colour, gives you the taste of the spring herbs, refreshing and full of life.

This was my favourite it was lighter than the other two and seemed to have more bubbles I like my lager gasey and this hit the spot.

FestbeerA dark golden lager with brownish hue, holds a touch of sweetness and a strong and slightly bitter aftertaste.

This definitely left an aftertaste on the first few sips but then I didn’t notice it anymore. Probably from mixing all three beers my tastebuds were getting confused.

I would recommend getting 3 small beers so you get to taste them all and decide which is your favourite but beware as they are quite strong

2.0pt £10    1.5pt £7.50    0.5pt £2.50

If beer isn’t your thing they had apple cider, Austrian sparkling wine which I also tried and this was delicious and a selection of soft drinks.

german bierfest bristol sparkling wine

It is totally worth paying £5 to get into the Bavarian Festtent as the atmosphere in here was amazing. I attended on a Sunday and it was family day so kids were welcome however because it was a bank holiday Sunday people were in more of a party mood so maybe not the best place for kids. There is a DJ and a German band, people were getting up on the tables dancing. Lucas explained how they have extra benches outback as they sometimes break when too many people are getting on them dancing, luckily I didn’t see anyone get injured.

german bierfest bristol tent

Inside the tent the girls were dressed in Lederhosen and would bring the drinks to your table, which was great as it started raining so I didn’t fancy going out in the rain. However, I might have drank a little bit more than I should since I didn’t have to go and queue up to get it. All the staff at this event were really friendly and made it such a great atmosphere. The girls even posed for a picture for us.

german bierfest bristol waitresses

Even though it got a little rowdy as the night when on they had excellent security team so it was a safe and controlled event.

german bierfest bristol secuirty team

This is a great event and I hope to go again in October and hopefully I will get to a Bierfest in another city as it travels around the UK

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German Bierfest Bristol

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