Mivida Spa Review : 5 Star Spa in Hurghada

swimming pool at the mivida spa

Mivida Spa Review : 5 Star Spa in Hurghada

There are many things to do in Hurghada but what better way to relax than have a spa treatment or two. I absolutely loved the Jaz Aquamarine Hotel at the Jaz Aquamarine Hotel in Hurghada.

It was the perfect start to a lovely holiday. The Spa is situated next to the onsite shop and is well sign posted, but unless you are looking for this sign you could totally walk past it so here is a picture of the entrance.

mividaspa sign

Is this the best spa in Hurghada? According to trip advisor and my experience I think it may be.

I would actually suggest you book your treatment in winter after 3.30pm as this is when the sun seemed to disappear during our trip, then you wont be wasting any valuable sun bathing time.

waiting area at the mivida spa

We were welcomed by the spa manager who gave us a tour and explained everything that was on offer at Mevida Spa. The spa is relaxing as soon as you walk in with its dim lights and aromatic smells.

corridor at mivida spa

I love massages so would have been happy trying them all but we just didnt have the time or the bank balance.

Even though they seem expensive for the experience and the quality I would happily pay this, you have to remember that this is a massage in an Egyptian 5-star hotel, so it is going to cost more than if you go out of the resort.

one of the treatment rooms in the spa at Jaz Aquamarine

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Facilities at the Spa in the Jaz Aquamarine Hotel

Now it might seem strange to pay for the spa when the resort offers 18 different swimming pools, but this spa was super relaxing, and it is certainly worth it as a treat.

There is a small changing room with lockers with 2 toilet cubicle which were a little small to get changed in. There is not a lot of space here and they ask you to leave any valuables such as mobile phones at the front desk rather than in the changing rooms as there were no locks on the lockers. 

treamtent rooms at the mivida spa

They gave us some very interesting paper pants and slippers to wear.

The indoor swimming pool is warm not like the freezing cold ones outside so you could even come into the spa for your morning exercise if you want somewhere warmer to swim.

swimming pool at the mivida spa

There is a pool which we relaxed by waiting for our treatments. Sauna and a steam room and they even have a fish foot spa. The jacuzzi was really relaxing and when I got in, I felt the tension leaving my body and it was a brilliant start to a great week’s holiday.

fish foot spa in hurghada

The pool is lovely to swim in and you can come and use these facilities even if you are not having a treatment if it ever rains in Egypt then you can still swim inside the spa. 

swimming pool in mivida spa

To be honest Hurghada is not really a resort that I would want to walk around trying to save a few £ with this type of holiday you pay for the hotel to have everything there and if massages are your thing then treat yourself. If I return to Jaz Aquamarine I will be booking in some more treatments.

sauna at aquamarine spa hotel

There were not many people in the Spa when we visited. There were plenty of beds and these were nice to chill and wait for your treatment. Towels are provided. This spa was not overly hot I have been to some where it is unbearable to relax as I dont like too hot temperatures when I am trying to relax.

sun loungers in mivida spa

There are several treatment rooms, but it does get booked up so make sure you book it at the beginning of your holiday. There were Spa staff walking around in the morning selling treatments so you can discuss your requirements with one of them or pop into the Spa. 

another treatment room at mivida spa

There are even relaxing areas on the second floor now I am not sure if you can go and sit here or if this is where some of the treatments take place but they looked very comfortable.

relaxing area in the mividaspa

The décor is modern and relaxing and it just felt so welcoming along with the friendly staff it was a wonderful spa experience.

treatment areas at the spa in hugharda

My Treatment at the Mivida Spa

My friend and I received a complementary visit to the spa and a treatment during our stay at Jaz Aquamarine. I had booked it in on the 2nd day of our holiday to get us nice and relaxed for our week of lazing around the pool.

We had our massages in the same room at the same time, this is perfect for friends that are quite close like we are or couples. My friend got a bit giggly think she is ticklish and it was funny but it didnt ruin my experience having someone else having a massage next to me I might have felt a little different if this was someone I didnt know as that happened to me a few week previously in Morocco.

double treatment room in mividaspa

I had an amazing massage, I asked for relaxing, although it actually had a lot of pressure to the point where it nearly hurt but I needed it as the next day I felt brilliant. My therapist really worked on my knots in the muscles which is why it hurt.

The oils that they use smell wonderful. The towels are clean and good quality and the professionalism and skills of the therapists are top notch.

I was totally relaxed and I kept thinking of having more treatments but I was only there for a week and just didnt have any time which is a shame.

view of the pool from the 2nd floor in mivida spa

Treatments at the Mivida Spa

Classic healing massage 50 mins €60
Mivida massage 50 mins €60
Anti-stress massage 50 mins €60
Deep tissue 50 mins €60
Sports massage 50 mins €60
Hot stone therapy 50 mins €60 80 mins €100
Firming and lifting 50 mins €60
Lymphatic drainage 50 mins €60
Four hands grand massage 50 mins €100
Mother to be 50 mins €60
Sun burn relief 45 mins €60

treatment room in the mivida 5 star spa

Asian treatments
Oriental fusion 80 mins €100
Thai massage 50 mins €65 80 mins €100
Chinese foot reflexology 50 mins €60
India head massage 50 mins €60

Special single program
Egyptian dream 90 mins €90
Dead sea mud rejuvenation 90 mins €90
Chocolate dream 90 mins €90
Hydrotherapy anticellulite 90 mins €90
Honeymooners massage 120 mins €220
Single spa visit 1 hour €20

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  • I received a complementary treatment when I was on holiday at the Jaz Aquamarine Hotel all opinions are my own and have not been influenced in anyway.
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