Review of Morromar Apartments : All Inclusive Lanzarote

relaxing by the pool at the morromar apartments

Review of Morromar Apartments : All Inclusive Lanzarote

I treated my mum to a winter sun break for a Christmas present, how nice am I? to be honest I wanted to go away so it was a selfish present as it was also for me but luckily, she loved it.

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Ideally, I wanted to go for Christmas or new year but to go a week later I saved nearly £1000 so I picked up a great bargain with TUI for an all-inclusive week in Lanzarote.

I am not big on using tour operators but since a recent holiday in Egypt with TUI I was really impressed so I was happy to use them again.
It was also cheaper to go with TUI on this occasion than getting my own flights, transfers and booking an apartment.

I spent a few days looking on the internet for something cheap. I was open to any dates in January and any destination that was warm to get away from the cold weather in the UK. I was also looking at self-catering holidays but this All-inclusive holiday at Morromar Apartments Lanzarote kept coming up as the best deal.

I was concerned that the price was nearly £100 cheaper than other similar holidays I thought there must be something wrong with the apartments but most of the reviews on trip advisor were excellent, so I decided to go ahead and book.

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It was basically a week to sit in the sun as the winter blues were hitting me and I needed to escape the miserable weather in the UK.
I have been to Lanzarote several times with my mum. We normally go to Lanzarote in February so I knew the area, which was another reason I was keen to book this as I didn’t want a holiday sightseeing and if I went somewhere new, I would want to explore.

I wasn’t expecting a lot from the apartments as I said it was cheap, if it was clean, and the sun was shining I would be happy. Sometimes the weather can be a bit hit and miss in Lanzarote I have been when it rained the whole week, or it was hot and sunny the whole week, so I made sure I had plenty of books to read. I was getting behind on my book reviews, so it was the perfect opportunity to get some reading done. Can’t beat reading in the sunshine, doesnt feel like work then.

Getting to Morromar Apartments

The flight was a good time leaving the UK meant we arrived early evening so no getting up early.

I was slightly put off with an evening return flight, but it was OK. We paid extra to stay in the room as we hadn’t spent much during the holiday and with my mum having COPD it is useful to have somewhere comfortable for her if needed.

The flights were on time and the transfer was OK. We had to wait 40 minutes for others, but we were in no rush normally I would get stressed over waiting, but I was determined to stay relaxed it was early evening so not as if we were missing out on the sun.

The Morromar Apartments are about 10 minutes from the airport, we had a transfer included but it is just as easy to get a taxis from the airport. Luckily we were the first drop off so didnt have to spend too long on the coach.

Arrival at Morromar Apartments 

Check in was straight forward we were however given a 2nd floor room. I had contacted TUI a few days earlier to request a ground floor room as I was travelling with my mum who have mobility limitations.

I knew it wasn’t a definite but when I queried reception, they said they were not aware but were happy to move us to a ground floor apartment which really helped make our holiday easier. I am also suffering at the moment from joint pain so not having to climb stairs is good.

As I said I knew it was not definite and we could have coped on the 2nd floor but it makes life easier for us and I was really impressed how the hotel didnt question us and found us an alternative with no added stress.

It turned out the family checking in next to us also needed an easy access room as the elderly couple were in their 90s and TUI again had not passed this information on but the check in staff moved them straight away as they were also on a 2nd floor.

If, however you do not have mobility limitation then the 2nd floor rooms do look the best option as it looked as though the balconies were getting more sun.

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There were a few different tour operator desks in reception, and we had a welcome meeting with TUI where the rep gave a brief overview of the area but said she would discuss one on one if anyone wanted more information. I already knew the area and we were planning on just relaxing so I didn’t deal with our rep, but she did seem friendly.

We had to look in the information folder 2 days before our departure for our pick-up time or use the app. Pick up back to the airport again was on time and hassle free.

Accommodation and Grounds at Morromar

Our new apartment was in a great location close to the pool, pool bar and restaurant. The apartments grounds are not huge but if you have limitations it is nicer to be close to things, however I know people who prefer quietness so they might prefer to be further away from the main areas.

The grounds are a little hilly in places so if you do have mobility problems, I would suggest mentioning it when booking. The rooms in 500s and 600s seemed the best locations in my opinion. You can glimpse the sea at some of the places on the grounds.

sea view form the morromar apartment grounds

We were in apartment 516 first it was set up as a double but a quick visit to reception and they sent someone to change it into a twin. I would have easily moved the beds myself but needed the bedding changed as it was a double duvet and there were no spares in the room to do it myself again this was done with no hassle.

We had a bottle of wine and fresh fruit waiting in the apartment and as this wasn’t our original apartment I checked with the receptionist before eating it in case it was meant for someone else and she said, “if it’s in your apartment it’s for you” and smiled. I am not sure if this is done for everyone, but it was a nice touch and was a lovely start to the holiday.

fruit in our morromar apartment

Our apartment was large it had a separate bedroom with 2 single beds lots of plug sockets, 2 bedside tables with storage light switches by the bed and night lights. A dressing table with large mirror and under storage. A wardrobe with hangers’ drawers and shelves plenty of space for suitcases and clothes.

bedroom originally set up as a double at the morromar apartment

The kitchenette had a hob, toaster, kettle, plates, cups, cutlery, glasses and a couple of pans. You could not really cook a 3-course meal but it is OK for heating up pasta sauce etc. A tea towel was provided but no washing liquid, some more storage shelves and a breakfast bar.

kitchenette at morromar apartment

The living room had a chair and a sofa that could easily be a single bed so this apartment could comfortable sleep 3. There was a tv with a couple of English channels.

The bathroom was a nice size had a bath with a shower. The shower was not very good and I couldn’t get it to aim right so in the end I just held it in my hand to wash myself. Toilet rolls were provided when the cleaners came and there was a hairdryer in the bathroom, 2 glasses and shower gel.

bathroom in our morromar apartment

We had a large balcony, we were on the ground floor, but the apartment is on a hill, so the back of the apartment was like being on a second level which meant we were not over looked, and it felt private. We had sun from 10am until about 2pm, different apartments had sun for different times of the day depending where they are situated.

The apartment was clean and is cleaned 5 times a week fresh towels provided. The bedding is clean however a little musty smelling and my sheet had a large hole. Double beds are provided with a thin duvet when set as single a blanket is provided which was a little itchy for my liking, so I got the duvet out of the cupboard. It got a little cool at night, but I like to have a little weight on the bed when I sleep however my mum just had the sheet and was fine.

The apartment didn’t have air conditioning but it didnt need it as it was nice and cool inside. It did get a little hot a couple of times but this was during the day and once we opened the balcony doors it cooled it down. Apart from the musky bedding I cannot fault the apartment.

stairs to a 2nd floor apartment at morromar in lanzarote

Our apartment was at the back of the main arena where the nightly entertainment is held. We could hear it very clearly but this didnt bother us, it finishes by 11.30 so it won’t keep you up all night. You can also hear sounds from apartment next door and above again this doesnt bother us but could annoy others.

There are a few cats on site and signs saying not to feed them they must be keeping all the bugs away as I didn’t see anything creepy, however there was cat food avaialbe in the shop, so I am sure some people do feed them. There were lots of birds in the trees and it was lovely to hear them chirping in the morning. I loved this tree that we walked past each morning I called it the heart tree and it actually looked like a heart close up.

the heart tree at the morromar apartments in lanzarote

The grounds are clean, well maintained and the apartments look pretty, painted in different colours so you can locate after a few drinks in the all-inclusive bar.

outside seating at the morromar apartments

Food and Drink at Morromar

We were all inclusive so were given wrist bands. Not everyone is all inclusive and there are options to upgrade or pay for the self-service restaurant. There are bar snacks available to purchase but I didn’t notice restaurants very close by so unless you want to cook, I would recommend All-inclusive option. We are not big drinkers anymore but as mentioned I got a great price on this holiday and there wasn’t much difference for self-catering to all-inclusive, so it was worth it for us.

The food is excellent quality. There isn’t a lot of options and to be honest some of it doesnt look appetizing but everything I had was tasty and I was really surprised. Again due to it being a cheap holiday I would have been happy with chips every night (chips are my favourite, so it is no hardship for me as I can eat them all day) but we had meats, pastas, veg, potatoes, salads, breads, cheeses and deserts.

Not one day did I have anything I thought was undercooked, overcooked, poor quality or not nice. I was so impressed with the food and for this alone I would recommend people to stay here as it is one of the best all-inclusive restaurants I have experienced.

It didn’t feel other all-inclusive I have stayed at where food it available 24/7 but it was available at designated meal times. The is an on-site mini market and the apartments have kitchenettes to prepare snacks if people want to eat when food is not available.

Pool bar 10.30 to 6.30
Salon bar 6.30 to midnight all-inclusive until 11pm
Breakfast 7.30 to 10.30
Lunch 1 to 3
Dinner 6.30 to 9.30

Half board does not include drinks in dinner or lunch but how would they know as it is self-service nothing was checked all-inclusive had same wrist band so it doesnt depend on what day arrival I was never asked to show it sometimes I had a cardigan on, so it wasn’t even on show most of the time.

The drinks are good. I like Amstel beer so that was my main drink. There are several cocktails available, but they are pre-made and the ones I tried didnt taste of alcohol. I also drink gin and tonic and the measures were large. There was juices available at breakfast and in the pool bar. Soft drinks available in restaurant for breakfast lunch and dinner. Tea / coffee hot chocolate machine in the restatement is only available at breakfast but you can get hot drinks in the pool bar during the day or the main bar of an evening.

The drinks are self-service in the restaurant and beer, wine and sangria is available at lunch and dinner. There was also a hot drink machine in the reception area which I guess is for when the other places are closed but again the apartments have a kettle and I always take teabags on my travels, so we were fine.

Entertainment and activities at Morromar Apartments

There is an animation team to keep the kids entertained and there is a basic entertainment package with games such as darts, archery and rifle shooting during the day for all ages.

Each evening there is face painting. I really wanting this done but it was only kids having it but I am sure every adult in there secretly wanted to become a tiger.

the stage where the nighty entertainment took place at the morromar apartments

Before the nightly entertainment, certificates were handed out from the daily sports. Apparently if you got 20 certificates you get a free week stay. We weren’t told this until 2 days before we were leaving otherwise my competitive streak might have come out as I would love to come back here. We were told this by another guest though and didn’t see any promotion of it so not sure how true it was.

There are two professional shows per week and the other nights it is the animation team supplying entertainment such as a quiz or game. During our visit we had a singer and a lady who did magic tricks and acrobats. There was also a visit by some birds with their handlers so you could have pictures taken at a cost with some colourful parrots.

The entertainment was pretty lame and this is not the sort of place I would recommend if you want a lively night as it was mainly families having a couple of drinks and going home early.

the morromar apartments at night

There is a tennis court, a gym which is at additional cost and spa treatments are available. There are two swimming pools, I didnt see anyone in the one by the pool bar but others were using the bottom pool so not sure if this one was a little warmer.

one of the pools at the morromar apartments in lanzarote

There are sunbeds available, but they do go quickly. We would sit on our balcony during the morning sun and then when the sun went off the balcony I would go and sit by the pool by the pool bar. There were normally limited beds but as I would be sunbathing alone I managed to at least find one bed. There were always more beds by the lower pool I guess thats because this was not near the pool bar.

The hotel was not full during our stay so sunbeds could be a bigger problem during peak times.

relaxing by the pool at the morromar apartments

There were still a lot of children on this holiday which surprised me as it was term time. However, the clientele varies in nationalities so maybe they have holidays at this time of the year. Information was provided in a few languages and the animation team spoke in French, Spanish, English and German. This resort was very popular with the French during our stay.

tennis courts at the morromar apartments

There is a roof terrace where you can enjoy your drinks and get a sea view and there are plenty of places and seats to sit outside.

Outside the main arena there are a few tables.

bike hire and gym at the morromar apartments

A self-service laundrette is on site I didn’t use this so not sure of the prices and I didn’t even know about until I happened to walk past it on my last day.

Location of the Morromar Apartments

It is close to the airport in fact you will often hear the planes landing and taking off and sometimes you will spot a few low flying planes.

You can see the sea from some of the apartments and it is in walking distance. However the popular Puerto del Carmen strip is a little bit further and ok if you like walking.

There is a bus, but the only bus stop I saw was a fair walk from the apartment and in a taxi, it is only €5 and about €7 to the old harbour. There are also options to hire bicycles on site or mobility scooters from local hire places which will drop them off at the apartments.

Supermarket is open  8am to 9pm and it seemed to be well stocked with snacks, cooking sauces, drinks and essentials such a sun cream and toiletries, they also had cigarettes and they even had plasters which we needed to get when my mum cut her finger. The people who ran the shop were very welcoming and friendly.

Check out 12pm check in 2pm all-inclusive from 12pm until 12pm day of departure. Late check out 25 euros until 4oclock 30 euro until 6pm need to let them know day before and only available if room is free

Safety deposit box in room 12€ per week for key
Seaview supplement 5.25€ per day.

Towels from reception for round pool you are not aloud to take the towels from the apartments and there are signs that if they see these towels by the pool they will be removed.

There is a 24-hour medical service where you can contact reception for further information, charges may apply.

Parking if hire car and Taxi rank close by or reception can order one

I really enjoyed my stay at the Morromar Apartments, if the price is right then I would defintely recommend. It won’t be an adventure packed holiday unless you go off site but if you are looking for a relaxing holiday by the pool with a few beers then it is ideal.

This hotel brand also has hotels in different countries which I might have to try out

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