Lanzarote in February : Everything you need to know to book the perfect winter holiday

sandy beaches in Lanzarote

Lanzarote in February

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Lanzarote is a great destination to visit in February, the sun shines most of the time and February is carnival time in Lanzarote so if you can visit when the carnival is on you will have a great time.

Lanzarote is a great February sun holiday destination you can find excellent deals three thongs to do and its only 4 hours or so flight from the UK.

beaches in lnzarote
Reason to visit Lanzarote in February : Winter sun

Why visit Lanzarote in February

I have been to Lanzarote in February on several occasions, each time staying in a different part of the island and each time have had a different experience. 

It always seemed to rain the week we went but it still had sunny spells and was still a lot warmer than the UK. I think this gave me the taste of getting of the UK during the winter as nothing better than beating the winter blues than getting some sun.

There are lots of things to do in Lanzarote in February most of the attractions you can visit all year round so check out my Lanzarote guide for more details in brief though here are my top things to do in Lanzarote in February

Is Lanzarote busy in February

The UK has a school holiday in February and during this week resorts tend to be busier with UK families especially if you are staying in a kid friendly resort.

However, if you visit outside of this week it is a little quieter compared to the summer months when again UK holiday makers flock.

Although Lanzarote is seen as an all year sun holiday destination as are the other Canary Islands as it is the closest place you can visit to the UK in winter for a beach holiday.

lanzarote volcanic landscape
Reason to visit Lanzarote in February : Explore Lanzarote volcanic landscape

Here is my quick guide to visiting Lanzarote in February

Currency: Euro
Language: Spanish and English
How to get there: EasyJet
Airport: Arrecife ACE
Where to stay: Lanzarote Villas, Lanzarote Hotels, Lanzarote All-inclusive resorts, Lanzarote Campsites
Weather: Average day temperatures around 21oc with 7 hours of sunshine.

Weather in Lanzarote in February

I dont think that Lanzarote is hot in February dont get me wrong it is a lot better than the UK. You will be able to sit out in the sun most of the time but it’s not overly hot that you cannot go out in the mid-day sun.

Some days will be better weather than others and every year I have been the weather has been different, but I like it Lanzarote is an ideal destination for winter sun.

You can expect about 12 hours of sunshine in Lanzarote in February making it a great place to get some winter vitamin D.

When it rains in Lanzarote is short heavy downpours but sometimes, they only last a few minutes. I have been sunbathing it is gone cloudy its rained I have ran inside the 20 minutes later I am back sunbathing it is just an excuse to go and grab a beer.

Because of the unpredictable weather though I do choose accommodation with a balcony or terrace so I can sit close to my apartment if is not so nice.

sandy beaches in Lanzarote
Reason to visit Lanzarote in February : You can sunbathe on one of the many Lanzarote sandy beaches

Things to see and do in Lanzarote

Lanzarote has some great all-inclusive resorts. It is a perfect destination for chilling for a week and doing nothing but eating drinking sunbathing and sleeping. But there are other things you can do on the island.

You can hire a car to explore the sights in Lanzarote driving to different resorts to try out the beaches and visit the harbours. I have not driven in Lanzarote but the roads dont seem that crazy.

However if you dont want to hire a car there are some good bus networks in Lanzarote. I have used the bus on numerous occasions to explore out of the resort I was staying in.

Hop on Bus

I really enjoyed the hop on bus tours as I do these in most countries. One of the routes went into the country so we could see the cacti and vines growing. It doesn’t make too many stops but is a great way to just sit and watch the surroundings.

Carnival Time

The carnival is on in February but visits different resorts on different dates and for 2 years we missed it by a couple of days and then the 3rd year we were in Puerto del Carmen at the same time. It was a great experience.

Very loud very crowded which wasn’t helping with my anxiety but also so colourful and the music was great I would definitely recommend trying to visit when this carnival is on. Although they don’t tend to advertise it properly the website to get more information is here.

lanzarote carnival sign
Lanzarote Carnival is normally in February

UNESCO Biosphere Reserve

Leave the hustle of the resorts and you reach some beautiful volcanic surroundings. Lanzarote became a UNESCO Biosphere reserve in 1993 which means it has some strong historic links between man and nature.

It is definitely worth getting out to this area either by hiring a car or going on the bus tour as it is so different in comparison to the holiday resorts. We even saw camels but I do think they were there purely for the tourists.

Food and Drink in Lanzarote

You can easily eat in Lanzarote as there are many restaurants and they have menus in different nationalities which makes it easy to eat how. There are also plenty of shops if you are self catering and want to cook your own meals but I would recommend eating out if you can as I have had some of the best steaks in restaurants in Lanzarote. 

They have a few local dishes such as Papas Arrugadas and Mojo sauce but the options are endless from all different types of cuisine.

How about discovering the wine in Lanzarote on a tour I didnt even think of this during my trip but will definitely look into it next time I go.

ice cream in lanzarote
Enjoying my ice cream in Lanzarote

What to pack for Lanzarote in February

You will need to pack a few warmer items to wear in Lanzarote in  February as it can be a bit chilly especially at night also I would suggest packing a lightweight rain coat.

You will need to pack sun cream as even though it feels cooler with a breeze there is still the risk of getting burnt.

One of the reasons I love going on holiday to Lanzarote in February is a lovely tan I get I think it’s the wind as it feels cooler I can sit out in it all day long and there is mothing better than having a tan when you get home to cold rainy England.

Layers and a fleece would be ideal. I always pack a few cardigans but after the first year in Lanzarote in February when it was too cold to sit outside at night I now pack long trousers and a fleece you can always take them off if it gets warmer but believe me you will appreciate them when its chilly.

A hat as the sun can blare when it’s out you dont want to get sun stroke.

Make sure you pack a sun hat for Lanzarote in February
Make sure you pack a sun hat for Lanzarote in February

Resorts to stay at in Lanzarote

Costa Teguise

This is my least favourite resort purely because I had my purse stolen at the hotel and also there was no sun whilst we were here so I had quite a miserable holiday but I have heard others rave about this area so maybe one day I will give it another chance.

Costa Teguise is on the east coast of the island and is a great place for water sports. During our visit in February is was very windy so much so that you could not sit on the beach without getting sandblasted. However, it meant it was perfect for windsurfing and kite flying.

During this holiday we went back down to Puerto del carmen and the sun was actually shining there so it sort of made me think maybe this is not the best area to go in February but again that is only my one personal experience.

Despite my bad experiences I have to say this area has some excellent restaurants. It was where I had the best chocolate mousse I have ever had and it got me on my mission to try chocolate mousses on my travels which of course is a lot of fun.

The Pueblo Marinero Square is the place to go of an evening for some tasty food.

There were also a few souvenir shops but hop on a bus and go to Teguise which has a great Sunday market to spend a few hours looking around before going back to the pool.

The major resorts in Lanzarote all have beaches
The major resorts in Lanzarote all have beaches


Is the capital of the island and also where the airport is situated. It seemed quite industrialised in some parts. Definitely worth a visit specially to do some shopping but I would recommend staying at one of the other resorts if you are looking for a relaxing holiday.

It does have a beach called Playa Reducto and a 18th century fortress Castillo de San Jose. It is a nice place to go for an ice-cream and to watch the local fishermen.

Puerto del Carmen

On the Southeast coast of Lanzarote. This is my favourite resort as it seems to have the best weather during February from my own experience. Sunny with a nice breeze from the sea.

The town is a nice area to promenade at night to work up an appetite. There are plenty of bars to pop into for a cocktail or an ice cold beer and for the party goers there are quite a few nightclubs.

The choice of restaurants is great, a real mixture of culinary delights on offer from your pub grub to Indian. I love going to the steak houses as they are so good and a fraction of the cost from home.

There are a lot of souvenir shops to look around, some great restaurants, the beach is lovely and it is quite lively at night if you fancy a few cocktails.

Puerto Calero

This town has a market every Tuesday and Friday at 10am in the marina. It is not far from Puerto del Carmen so you could stay at either place to visit the other.

It has a lovely marina to walk around and dream that one day on of those yachts might be yours but if at the moment you are like me I can only afford the half sunk fishing boat but a girl can dream.

Playa Blanca

Is in the south and very popular with all-inclusive English holidaymakers so is set up ideally for this type of holiday.
Marina Rubicon is a busy port with some shops and here you can catch a boat to Fuerteventura another one of the Canaries.

The beach is lovely with 9km and was very clean, not overly busy and plenty of beach bars to pop in for a beer and of course to use the loo.
It is the furthest away from the airport just over 30km so still only about 30 minutes transfer.

Where to stay in Lanzarote in February

Lanzarote is popular for all-inclusive holidays and even though there are plenty of restaurants in Lanzarote to cater for all needs I just love the ease of an all-inclusive holiday.

To be fair when I have looked at Lanzarote All-inclusive hotel prices in February there is not much different between self-catering and all inclusive.

Choosing the right all-inclusive in Lanzarote will depend on your requirements. I travel with my mum but have stayed at the Paradise island which was great for kids even I like watching the kid entertainment team around the pool.

The Hotel Riu Paraiso Lanzarote was excellent for adults as it was quieter round the pool so it was the perfect place to relax.

I also loved the Morramar apartments which met my needs of sitting around a pool with a beer.

relaxing by the pool at the morromar apartments
Relaxing by the pool at the morromar apartments in Lanzarote

If you want to take advantage of the beach front then make sure you choose an apartment that is close as Lanzarote is hilly so even an apartment that looks close to the beach could be up a big hill making is more of a chore to stroll down.

I am not one for booking with tour operators but have found some excellent deals on TUI.


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  1. Oh my parents LOVE Lanzarote! They go from October through to December and then January through til the end of February, and I am sooooo jealous! We’ve never been but are thinking about going next October!

  2. We went to Lanzarote for our honey moon years ago in July and stayed in Costa Teguise, I would like to go back and experience more of the island. The winter sun sounds lovely it was just a bit too hot when we were there.

  3. I hear so many people talking about how lovely Lanzarote is. I don’t think I’ve ever been. Maybe one day, when I get around to saving the money for our passports. (My bucket list of places to visit is going to require me to win the lottery!)

  4. It sounds like you had a fantastic time exploring! I loved lanzorote when I went especially Puerto calero for the markets!!

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