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Travel Sweets

I don’t really like chocolate when I am travelling mainly because it melts and then makes a mess but it also can make me feel a bit queasy. The only chocolate bars I tend to eat are Mars bars or Twix when I need a quick sugar fix or I am so hungry I need to get something in my system quick. I know they are not the healthiest of snacks but they really do hit the spot.

When I used to go on road trips when I was a child, I always remember my dad taking me to the sweet shop to get some treats for the journey. I don’t know why but we always had boiled sweets when travelling. My dads favourite were sherbet lemons my mum always went for eclairs and I normally got pear drops or rhubarb and custard. Mmmm my mouth is watering now thinking about these sweets I am going to have to pop to the sweet shop tomorrow. I am not going on a trip but you don’t really need an excuse to eat sweets do you?.

I am still partial to a pear drop but find they get sticky when I am travelling so now I always have a tub of skittles. Perfect when I need some sugar or need to freshen up my mouth. I find having it in a plastic tub is great as they don’t get sticky and then I buy normal bags to top it up. I also have a packet of smints which are great for flights as you can freshen your breath, great after eating something really garlicky. Also because they are quite strong I find they wake me up when I am starting to get drowsy might sound a bit strange but it’s true.

I wonder why we have travel sweets maybe it is to pass the time when on a long journey or maybe there is an actual reason such as sucking a sweet can help with travel sickness. I remember travel sweets coming in tins when I was younger like the original travel sweets from Simpkins I bet this was to stop them from getting sticky.

I decided to ask my fellow travel bloggers what their favourite sweets were to munch on when travelling. As some of the bloggers are from different countries I hadn’t heard of some of their favourites but I will have fun trying them when I next go on a trip.

Shobna George from Just Go Places likes milk duds when travelling. She explains that “They take a lot of effort to chew which keeps me focused and the sugar keeps me awake when I am driving”.

Rhonda Krause from Travel Yes Please craves shoestring liquorice “It takes me back to my childhood since my parents always brought some along on our camping trips”

Dannielle Noonan from While I’m Young likes “Rowntree’s Fruit Gums! Great for planes because sucking them makes your ears pop. I always buy them at the airport in UK because I’ve never seen them in other parts of the world. They make my mouth hurt but I love them!”

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Claire Sturzaker from Tales of a Backpacker says “you can’t beat polos! I’ve only ever seen them in the UK and used to buy them in bulk to take to Spain. They’re great for fresh breath, for flights so my ears don’t pop and help keep my travel sickness under control too as the peppermint helps to soothe my stomach (apparently!).”

Noel Morata from Travel Photo Discovery goes for a slightly healthier option “I love to combine M&Ms with granola and dried fruit for snacking when I am travelling on planes or in transition when eating out is not an option due to time or location. The M&Ms are the little bit of sweet that adds to the granola mixture which tends to be a little dry.”
Vicky Garside from Make time to see the World  “I love love love Sarsparilla Drops/Tablets – they’re like a ye old worldy english hard boiled sweet with a herbal flavor a sugar coating.
They originate from Lancashire in the UK (where I grew up) and are only available in the UK and buy them every time I’m in the country (and I am always on the hunt for a website that will deliver them to me in Australia!). They’re great for travel because they take ages to eat if you suck them and can help with the ear popping thing on the plane.”

Sarah-Jane Bogonja “Ohhhh, all of us at Chasing the Donkey love ‘Kiki’ it’s a Croatian candy. Kiki’s are pure sugar with ‘fruit flavours’. They are chewy and totally addictive. As a bonus, they help with travel sickness for me, so I pack them for long car rides.”

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Tamason Gamble from Travelling Book Junkie says “When on a long journey, especially a road trip, we have to stock up on both Rowntree’s Fruit Pastilles and Wine Gums. They are both great to chew and the fruit pastilles are brilliant when you need a little burst of something sweeter.”

Thanks to all my fellow travel bloggers for sharing your favourite sweets when travelling!! Have I missed your favourite travel sweet off the list if so please do get in contact as I would love to hear want people have as a sweet treat on a journey.

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