Getting to know a Travel Blogger Series – Travelnuity

getting to know a travel blogger

Getting to know a Travel Blogger Series – Travelnuity

I’m Shandos and I’m a full-time traveller and travel blogger from Australia. I started my blog Travelnuity just over 2 years ago, focused on Affordable Boutique travel. However, after starting to travel around Europe earlier this year without an end date, with my husband and Miniature Dachshund dog, Schnitzel, in tow, I’ve started to focus on blogging about dog-friendly travel. Travelling with a dog often present extra challenges, but it’s very rewarding, and it’s great to keep our family together! Find out more about my decision in my blog post.

getting to know a travel blogger

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What got you into blogging and how long ago was this?

Like many travel bloggers, I firstly got into blogging when I created a blog for a long term trip, to share with family and friends. However, in my case that was 8 years ago and I never continued the blog after the end of the trip. Instead I started a blog on the topic of decluttering!

Fast forward to 2 years ago, when I decided to have a break from work. Just before my job wrapped up I had the inspiration to start a travel blog, seriously this time. I threw a lot of time and effort at it, and I’m still blogging now, and travelling full-time as well.

getting to know a travel blogger

Fav destination and why?

In February I spent a few weeks in Andalusia, in the south of Spain, and loved it. The history, the food, the culture, the beautiful landscapes! It’s one of those places where it’s worthwhile spending some time in just the one place, to soak up the vibes.

Blogging tip

Don’t ever feel like there’s just one right way to blog. Everyone will blog about different topics, in different styles, at different frequencies. You don’t need to use all social channels, just because everyone else is. Don’t compare yourself; do what feels right to you!

Dream trip

I’d love to have an all-out luxury stay in the Maldives. With travelling full-time, I’m always conscious of budget, and it’s be good to just forget about that for awhile. I’m not sure that our dog Schnitzel, though, would be able to come along.

Pet peeve about travelling

I’m not a fan of long haul flights. As someone from Australia, I’ve usually flown a minimum of 8 hours to overseas destinations. And that’s just for South East Asia; flying to Europe takes about 30 hours including a short stopover. That’s one of my favourite things about travelling in Europe at the moment – no more long haul flights after my initial one!

Favourite travel blogger

Over the last few years I’ve met a number of bloggers in person, who are all really fun and generous people. But so I don’t step on any toes, I’m going to choose someone who I haven’t met: Nomadic Matt .He’s very professional with his work, and his blog is always a good source of information about nearly every destination. Yet Matt is also so open about his personal issues, and I think we have a lot a lot in common personality-wise

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