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Travel Talk Tour review


My thoughts on travelling with Travel Talk Tours

Travel Talk tours are aimed at 18-39 but I have been on two tours and they have been a mixture of ages. It is mainly younger people, but I did not feel they were party tours and I didnt feel too old.  Both tours had people in their 70s. 

Why did I choose Travel Talk Tours

My first Travel Talk was Exotic Morocco. I was planning a solo trip to Morocco but a little apprehensive of travelling around Morocco on my own. I kept coming across the Exotic Morocco and Best of Balkans tour when I was looking on my favourite website Tour Radar. The both tours had 50% off, so I booked both.

I did Exotic Morocco first and was really impressed. The best of Balkans was just as good, and I have a Croatia sailing tour booked for September which I now can not wait to go on.

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What itineraries do Travel Talk currently offer

To check out the latest tours check out the Travel Talk website or Tour Radar, this is the website that I use to find the group tours that I go on during my travels.

Travel Talk have tours in Egypt, Jordan, Turkey, Greece, Balkans, Morocco, Croatia and a ski trip. All the itineraries look cool. I am so tempted to do the Egypt tour next as I have heard amazing things about the tour, but I need to make sure I can avoid the camel ride as don’t fancy the again not after Morocco anyway.

Read about my experience on Exotic Morocco

Why do I love Travel Talk Tours

Tour Guides and Tour Bus

Each tour has an allocated tour guide who can help with any issues on the tour and makes sure things are running smoothly and the groups gets to where they need to be. I have also had the same driver throughout both tours and private tour bus which is a great way to travel.

our bus on travel talk tour

Value for Money of Travel Talk Tours

These is a budget tour you pay part upfront and part when you arrive on the tour. They say this is so you have longer to save for your trip I personally think it’s a brilliant marketing tool as eve myself I looked just at the main upfront cost and the part you pay when you arrive seemed to not sink in so much.

It is like big sales they have throughout the year that sound great getting 50% off but it just made me book two trips as psychologically but I was happy with both costs of tours and I research a lot of tour and these are great value so that is the main thing for me.

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This travel talk tour was the perfect balance. There were a handful of things you could pay extra for if your free time but there was no pressure to do these. There were also 3 optional trips game of thrones tour in Dubrovnik boat trip in Dubrovnik and Balkans night out in Macedonia. I again think this is enough as most people will want to do all the extra as fear of missing out and if there are a lot more to will work out more expensive

What I don’t like about Travel Talk tours

At first, I didn’t like the sound of travelling in such a large group but both tours I have been on have gone well as there was such a great mix of travellers.


They are large groups, but I have really enjoyed them and had lots of fun. I am a bit of a loner and love my own space so I was worried that I would feel claustrophobic with too many travellers, but I still managed to get some me time which is good when travelling in a group.

The one thing I do not like about Travel Talk however is they now have put triple rooms in the terms and conditions. You can read more about my trouble being booked in a triple room here, but I personally do not like this idea.

I also do not think it is fair that they book some people in a triple and others in a twin on large tours. Don’t let triple rooms put you off though if you do have an issue being booked into a triple you could contact them and see if they can guarantee a twin. I have done this for my next tour.

Would I recommend Travel Talk to travel with?

Of course. They are budget tours, but you don’t feel as though you are slumming it infect the hotels and transport have been some of the best, I have experienced on group tours. I just wish they would do some more itineraries so I can travel with them again.

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Have you been on a Travel Talk Tour what did you think?

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