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fiji beach is paradise

Fiji Massage at the DoubleTree Resort

Fiji is an amazing country to explore with everything from crystal clear waters to go diving, to secluded beaches to relax the day away. It was a place where time seemed to stand still making it wonderful for a relaxing holiday. What better way to relax than a good massage.

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Most of the 5 and 4 star hotels in Fiji will have spa and massage facilities. I had a complimentary massage at the DoubleTree Resort by Hilton Hotel Fiji – Sonaisali Island and it was amazing.

Massage in Fiji

I am not sure how it compares to all the massages on the island but it was different to what I have experienced in other countries. Having a massage is definitely a top activity to do in Fiji as the island is so relaxing what better way to relax than to get a little pampering.

Doubletree Fiji Massage

The spa is a relaxing atmosphere and the room I had my massage in was a little wooden hut with air conditioning and an overhead fan and I could have happily lay under the fan for some time as it was nice and cool in hot Fiji. There was no music played but it wasn’t needed as it was nice listening to the birds singing whilst having the massage.

massage room at the doulbletree resort in fiji
Massage room at Double Tree in Fiji

I had a one-hour full body massage and I explained I had had surgery on my left arm so could not have any massage to that area including my shoulder and this was taken into consideration and the masseuse did not go anywhere near the affected area.

I have explained this whilst having massages before and they still get near to the sensitive areas or totally ignore what I had said so I was really impressed with this. I also had a bit of sunburn on the top of my thighs and when I mentioned this she didn’t go near the sore area.

This massage would have cost $165 FJD and I would have totally paid this price for it as it was so relaxing and a really good experience. She used a lotion instead of an oil and it smelt delicious and was cooling on the skin.

My masseuse used long good pressured strokes on the legs arm and back. It felt like she did some of the massage with her forearm and elbow and this was really good especially when she was getting the knots in my back.

One of the things I loved about this massage at the Doubletree was when she kneaded the sole of my feet. I was facing down and she really kneaded and pressed the correct pressure points on the sole that it was very pleasurable.

There was a bit of slapping and pounding which I don’t really like but the other techniques totally made up for a bit of a slap about.

No hands went to my personal areas and the front was not massaged apart from a bit of the top chest when she went to do the back of my neck and again she avoided the left side. She didn’t massage the front of the neck which is good as I really don’t like this and it makes me gag when they do.

I liked how she used hot towels to clean the soles of my feet and again at the end of the massage to clean the excess lotion.

She didn’t make small talk but did ask if I was comfortable and if the pressure was ok

The spa offers other treatments such a facials, hair removal and sells Pure Fiji products. My mum was given a gift of the Pure Fiji products when we arrived as a birthday present

pure fiji spa products
Complementary products from Double Tree in Fiji

After the massage I felt relaxed and not a single ache or pain which was fantastic.

I just wish I had this massage before my last day as if I knew it was that good I would have booked a few more in.

If you are staying at the DoubleTree Resort in Fiji then you need to book a massage!!

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Massage in Fiji

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