Interview with Author Milly Johnson : One of My Favourite Authors

milly johnson interview

Interview with Author Milly Johnson

Milly Johnson

I was lucky to get a Q&A session with one of my favourite authors Milly Johnson and Sunday Times best selling author. She also happens to be quite a bit of a cruise addict just like me.

This was a couple of years ago when I first started blogging and I was so excited that a star like Milly Johnson had agreed to be featured on my blog. I love settling down to her latest book with a cup of tea and some custard creams. I also love listening to her audiobooks when I am travelling.

She is the author that inspired me to cruise and also to start my own novel which I have written 5 pages of so far. You never know one day I might be on a book shelf near you!!  

If you want to follow Milly Johnson or just have a giggle, then check out her blog Daftoldbag

Q) Your book “here comes the boys” persuaded me to book my first cruise and now I’m hooked, how many cruises have you been on?

A) It sounds very pompous to say this but I’ve lost count! It’s about 25 now.

Milly Johnson
Milly Johnson here comes the boys

Q) Your experience of missing a cruise ship now sounds funny but at the time I bet it wasn’t, what tips would you give to fellow cruisers?

A) Nothing is ever wasted when you are a writer and it was an ‘experience’ but one I will never repeat. It was very expensive and stressful, not to mention embarrassing so please don’t do it. In saying that we had an amazingly interesting 3 days (but still don’t do it).

What I would say is make ABSOLUTELY sure that you know what time you need to be back on board and do not be on the last push. I always take my passport and visa card with me when I leave the ship now as a precaution.

I am the last person it should have happened to because I would rather get off the ship as soon as I can and then get back in plenty of time but on that day events conspired against me so strangely that I’m almost convinced it was meant to be.

Learn from my mistake because I’ve never had a migraine as bad as I did that first night of being alienated from the ship.

Q) Apart from missing your cruise ship have you experienced any other cruising disasters?

A) Nope, I’ve been trouble free apart from that big mistake. I’ve had no wardrobe malfunctions, no embarrassing trips down the stairs although we have had a couple of very rough seas but I kind of like that rocking motion.

Only once was I quite sick and it was on the night when it was lobster for dinner – and I had to miss it. I was heartbroken!

milly johnson
Milly Johnson books

Q) Where would your dream cruise take you?

A) Mauritius, Bali and all those islands where the sand is as white as sugar and the sea as blue as Paul Newman’s eyes. Me) think I might join you.

Q) If you had to share a cabin with someone famous who would it be?

A) Liam Neeson. I reckon that would add an extra enjoyment factor to my cruise.

Q) Your favourite cruise ship?

A) I have a huge soft spot for the Azura and the Aurora…I couldn’t choose between them. Me) I too enjoyed the Aurora but every time I go on a different ship I find a different factor that I like so I can’t actually decide which is my favourite as yet.

You can Check out Milly’s new book Sunshine over Wildflower Cottage

Milly Johnson

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