5 Things to do in Copenhagen

cruise on the canel in copenhagen

5 Things to do in Copenhagen

Copenhagen is a fantastic city to visit with so many things to do all year long. While there’s no best time to visit Copenhagen, some activities are seasonal. These include the festive Christmas Markets in winter and the refreshing harbor pools available in the summer. Guest Bloggers shares Derek from Everything Copenhagen, five awesome activities that you can enjoy all year long.

Take a Canal Cruise

The city of Copenhagen is dominated by waterways. There are canals flowing through the city center and the great Copenhagen Harbor is active most hours of the day. That’s why one of the best ways to visit the amazing landmarks of Copenhagen is by boat. 

If you start at the world-famous Nyhavn canal, you can grab a selfie in front of the iconic pastel houses. You’ll recognise them from every Copenhagen postcard you’ve walked past since the airport. There are two docks in the canal where you can pick up a canal boat tour.

The tours are 90 minutes long and give you a chance to see Copenhagen from the water. They feature a live tour guide and offer tours in multiple languages. 

cruise on the canel in copenhagen
Image Credit : Pixabay

Climb the Spire at the Church of Our Savior 

The Church of Our Savior is a gorgeous baroque house of worship located in the Christianhavn neighborhood. It’s famous for its
helix-shaped spire that ascends 90 meters over Copenhagen. The spire is a gorgeous sight and visible from most of the city. For those in the know, the rest of the city is also visible from that spire. The gold trim wrapping around the spire is actually a staircase and safety rail and visitors climb it (weather permitting).

From the top of the spire, you can see a panoramic view of Copenhagen. There are signs around the initial platform when you exit the interior of the church directing you to landmarks. You can even see Sweden from the spire’s highest points. 

Copenhagen, Denmark
Image Credit : Wikimedia

Try a New Nordic Meal

Copenhagen is known for serving a traditional open-faced sandwich called “smørrebrød” but there are better Danish food options. Try a New Nordic meal while you’re in Copenhagen.

The cuisine takes traditional Danish ingredients and recipes but prepared them with modern gourmet ingredients and techniques. The adaptations are delicious and there are many great options in the city. My favorite is called Marv og Ben and it’s located in the City Center.

Image Credit : Wikimedia

Admire the Danish Crown Jewels

Rosenborg Castle is a wonderful attraction to visit in Copenhagen and it’s the home of the Danish Crown Jewels. The Renaissance era castle is beautiful from the outside and the interior is just as impressive. It’s now a museum that hosts relics of the Danish Royal family.
The most important of which are the Coronation Jewels and Thrones.

Image Credit : Pixabay

Visit Tivoli Gardens

Any time you travel to Copenhagen, you simply must visit Tivoli Gardens. It’s the gorgeous pleasure gardens and amusement park located right in downtown Copenhagen between central station and City Hall. 

Tivoli was built in 1843, which makes it the second oldest amusement park in the world. The charm of the period is still present in the décor and the vintage rides. There are also concert series, seasonal festivities, light shows, and fireworks displays. It’s a lot of fun for travelers of any age.

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Author Bio: Derek Hartman is a native of Philadelphia and an American living in Copenhagen since 2017. He enjoys everything about the European lifestyle and Danish culture. He loves to cook, spend time with his partner and travel. Together they share their adventures on a travel blog, Robe Trotting, and their Copenhagen guide, Everything Copenhagen. Follow their Copenhagen life on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

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