Travel Souvenir Ideas : Memories from your trip


Travel Souvenir Ideas : Memories from your trip

What reminds you of a holiday or trip you have made? Is it the smell of garlic that reminds you of travelling around Italy or the sound of crashing waves that makes you think of the best beach holiday you have been on.

Smells, sounds and sights can trigger memories of your travels but as you start to do more and more travelling you might not be able to remember the best restaurant you went to or the name of the art gallery you loved so it is a good idea to start recording memories.

I am not saying you must write a novel of your holiday but there are so many cool ways now to record your trip so you can look back and remember the good time you had.

With today’s technology most people film parts of their holidays but it is also a cool idea to collect things along the way to remember the trip.

Even before I started travel blogging, I used to make a record of my travels. I guess most of us do in some form or another as even just taking a photograph is going to bring memories back of your trip when you look at them.

recodring travel memories

I used to collect mementoes whether it was a beer mat from a local tavern or a cocktail straw not that they were all alcohol related but looking back most were to do with food or drink but I think that my personal passion about travelling.

I would keep them in a shoe box and every now and then go through to think back to my trip but as the years passed and I started making more trips rather than just my annual summer holiday it got confusing to know which memento belonged to which trip so I then started a scrap book.

Again I was collecting receipts, tickets etc and sticking them into the scrapbook. But then I started blogging and this is now my record and one that I share with others.

If you dont have a blog, you could get a diary or a journal I know people that have kept a travel journal and even had it published into a book I would love to do something like this.

Or even posting on social media is a great way to keep a record and share with others. I always look up the places I am going on Instagram and when people post their trips on Facebook it gives me ideas of where I want to go to next.

I don’t tend to keep mementoes now mainly because it would take up too much space in my little house but what I do is get a postcard from each destination and I write the date I visited, a highlight or memory on the postcard and if I would like to return.

The idea is to put these all together with some ring pulls to make my very own flipbook however I have got as far as buying the ring pulls now, I just need to put it all together.

The best things about collecting postcards is nearly every place I visit has them they are cheap I can write my own memories on them, they are lightweight so if I am visiting many places on my trip I dont end up weighing my case down with souvenirs.

I also try and get a magnet for my mum again nearly every destination does magnets we are running out of room on our fridge and freezer through so might have to buy a bigger fridge.

What do you collect from your trips I have a friend that collects Starbucks mugs, but she had to stop doing this on her big trip around the world as her case was getting too heavy. I have another friend that gets a bit of sand from each beach she visits abd puts it all into a jar when she gets home now there is no way she will now which speck of sand is from which beach but its something she loves doing.

Get in contact and tell me what you collect from your travels and even share a picture of your favourite travel souvenir.


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