BCozzy Travel Pillow review : My Favourite Travel Pillow

bcozzy travel pillow review

BCozzy Travel Pillow review : My Favourite Travel Pillow

I used to think travel pillows were a waste of luggage space. I normally take a hoodie that I can turn into a pillow.

However, after a trip to Vietnam where we spent quite a lot of time in a minivan travelling I kept nicking my mates so was pretty chuffed when at TBEXInternational17 they were giving away BCozzy pillows so I grabbed one.

Actually, that’s a lie as I got two and was planning on doing a giveaway with the other but I love it so much I am sorry to say I am keeping both.

photo credit : amazon

I have to say it is so far one of the best freebies I have ever got. Its unique design means it sits more under your chin, I don’t like things tight round my neck must have been strangled in a past life or something but I am fine with this pillow.

bcozzy travel pillow review
credit : amazon.co.uk

I love the tag so I can clip it to my backpack I found it didn’t take up valuable space and didn’t really annoy me too much to carry around. They come in different colours I have it in pink&blue and blue&gray. I also love the material that it is made out of I found it quite soothing to stroke it whilst I was flying as I am a nervous flyer.

bcozzy travel pillow review
credit : Amazon.co.uk

My old blow up pillow which I used because it would easily fit in my luggage has now become redundant.

But these pillows are not only great for actual travelling but many other things so it got me thinking about other uses for a travel pillow and I came up with these.

  • Great for on a sunbed
  • Great back support
  • Use in the home, I have used mine whilst lying on the sofa watching TV
  • Neck support, when my mum had a stiff neck I gave it to her and it made her more comfortable.
  • Would be great for a wheelchair user. I get a sore bum from sitting a lot and I used it to sit on and it helped.

I just checked Amazon and I was slightly shocked at how pricy they were but I totally think it is worth purchasing as hopefully I am going to get years of use out of it and it makes travelling for me more comfortable.

Here are some pictures of me using it, excuse the bad image but I was asleep lol.

bcozzy travel pillow review

Also when I was checking the product on Amazon I also came across a few other weird examples of travel pillows, I didn’t realise there were so many version of travel pillows. I haven’t used any of these and I think the 2nd one is a little bit extreme what do you think?

KINDEN Hooded Travel Pillow

U Shaped Memory Foam Neck Pillows for Traveling Sleeping with Drawstring Detachable Hat and Carrying Storage Pouch Super Soft

HOMCA Soft Comfortable Flight sleep pillow

Portable Head and Neck Rest Inflatable Pillow with Eye Mask for Airplanes, Cars, Buses, Trains, Home, Office Napping

Cozy Time 40033 Pig Neck Cushion

I would actually love one of these as I collect pigs

and you even come in different animals

Skip Hop Zoo Neck Rest (Giraffe)

Cozy Time 43089 Funky Cow Airhead 

Aroma Home Panda Neck Pillow

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