My Best Holiday Experience so far…..

my best holiday ever

My best Holiday experience so far…..

When people find out I am a travel blogger they always ask me where are my favourite and worse places I have visited. I have loved every trip I have been on, it sounds silly but even holidays I didnt enjoy at the time have made an impact on my travelling life and there is no trip that I regretted going on. However, there is one trip that sticks out in my mind the most and that was my trip to South India last year.

What I didnt realise at the time was my cancer had actually returned. I was starting to feel weak and kept picking up viruses and I thought I was just overdoing it with travelling nearly none stop all year. It wasn’t until a few months later that I got diagnosed with secondary cancer that I realised that this could have been my last memorable trip and it made the trip mean even more to me.

When I started my cancer treatment I kept thinking about this trip and knew I had to get well again so I can not only visit South India again but also to see all the other wonderful places still to explore in the world. I have a bucket list of places I want to see and now I have terminal cancer it makes this list even more important.

I had visited Northern India earlier in the year but it was nothing compared to the smells and colours of the south. For years I had been putting off visiting India as I was so worried about Delhi Belly but I never once got a dodgy stomach and I was actually surprised on the hygiene and quality of food.

Trying to be a instagram star, think i will stick to taking pictures of scenery
Trying to be a instagram star, think i will stick to taking pictures of scenery

The first part of my trip was to a luxury Villa in a local village which gave me an insight into how people in South India actually lived as it was out of the tourist areas. I was introduced to Ayurveda massages which are some of the best massages I have ever had and I had seafood that was fit for royalty. I was taken to the local market by the chef and even attended a local birthday blessing at a temple which was so surreal.

In the gardens at the Indian Summer House
In the gardens at the Indian Summer House

After the most relaxing week of my life I went on a group tour to explore more of South India. I saw elephants in the wild, the most breathtaking martial arts I have ever seen and the craziest dance performed by eye expressions that all I can say was just a tad strange. I met locals that made me feel so welcome in their country and tried foods that I never even thought existed.

indian food
Have you ever seen food so colourful?

Sailing in a house boat on the backwaters in Kerala was beautiful and then we did a home stay and again got to see how local people lived in this amazing part of the world.

Houseboat in Kerala
Houseboat in Kerala

Writing this post now it actually making me smile as I think back to my time in South India and I would go tomorrow if I had the chance. I love making happy memories and I hope that I can make many more.


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  1. You are a very special and determined lady. I admire you. I have had breast cancer and I am trying to travel as much as my pocket will help me just in case i get a secondary. I am 63 so my age doesn’t help as time is getting short anyway. Keep blogging x

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