Bucket List Places in Canada

Bucket List Places in Canada

The next place on my Travel Bucket List is Canada. So far I have visited some of the East Coast including Newfoundland and St Johns whilst on a cruise but there are so many more places that I would love to visit in Canada.

I remember thinking how big everything seemed, did a few land trips and it made me fall in love with the scenery. I really wanted to spot a bear or a moose but I did not on this occasion so I think I will have to go back. I did however see icebergs which I have never seen before in fact one of them was so big it was blocking our route and unfortunately the cruise could not complete all of its itinerary.


I would like to visit Canada at the beginning of Fall so I can see the changing of the leaves but also before it gets too cold to explore. But I would also like to visit in the summer as it is the best time to see Niagara Falls and also clear skies in the Rockies. Actually I would go any time of the year as there are just so many great ideas for holidays in Canada.


I want to visit Toronto so I can do a side trip to the Canadian side of the Niagara Falls. I love waterfalls and it is high on my bucket list to see these.

I always thought Toronto was the capital of Canada but it is actually Ottawa but to be honest I dont really know much about Ottawa so I think I need to do some research as I dont want to miss it if it is a cool place to visit. 

Actually I dont really know much about Canada as a whole I just know it always looks so beautiful at any time of the year.

niagara falls

Toronto Islands look like a lovely area to explore with its marina and beaches and I would like to include Rogers Centre to watch a baseball games as I have never seen one before.

The CN tower is a iconic building that is often seen in images of the Toronto Skyline as it is so tall. It is actually a restaurant and would be where you could get the most amazing views of the city.

toronto skyline


Montreal has a very French feel to it and is the second largest French speaking city after Paris. The old town has cobbled street with beautiful architecture and lots of cafes. There looks like there are plenty of things to do in Montreal.


The Notre-Damn Basilica is a gothic style church in Montreal which looks stunning. It has guided tours and you can listen to the great organ being played and even take a seat at the organ although I am not sure they will let you play but you could get a selfie pretending.

montreal cathedral


Vancouver is a popular filming destination which is why I think I want to visit it as I often see it in the movies. It is a city but there are also a number of beaches where it is common to see a game of volley ball.


I would love to go in a float plane to Vancouver Island, these are small propelled planes which I am sure will give a bumpy ride over the coast of Vancouver.

float plane

Capilano suspension bridge was built in 1889 goes over the Capilano river. It looks very high and wobbly I am not sure if I could even walk over it could you?

capilano bridge

Rocky Mountains

It is high on my bucket list to do the Rocky Mountaineer. This train travels through the terrains of the mountains and is supposed to be one of the most luxurious train journeys in the world. However is quite expensive and I do keep looking for a good deal but there never seems to be anything cheaper so I need to keep praying I win the lottery and then it will be the first place I book.

It is common for people to add a Alaskan cruise to the train trip which would also be amazing. I would love to do a cruise in this region and hopefully spot some whales. When ever I see pictures of the Rocky Mountains I dream of breathing in the fresh mountain air and maybe even kayaking on one of the beautiful green lakes.

rocky mountains

Have you been to Canada or is it on your Bucket List, get in touch and let me know about your experiences.

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