Housesitters UK : My first time

my first house sit

Housesitters UK : My first time

I have just completed my first house sit I loved it I can’t wait to do more I am already applying for some others later in the year.

I signed up to Trustedhousesitters as a fellow travel blogger posted how she was staying in a grade 2 listed house looking after a puppy and I was so jealous, also she had a code for a discount to become a member and I had been looking into house sitting for a while so I took the plunge and signed up. Yea it was quite pricey at £79 but I thought I would save in the long run if I got a few house sits a year.

I first got interested in house sitting last year when I met a number of bloggers who were using this as a way to travel the world and I thought it sounded great so I have been checking out the websites for a few months and I signed up to a few Facebook groups for house sitting opportunities.

siilar cottage i stayed in
Not the actual cottage

Due to the nature of blogging it wouldn’t be fair to have a pet as I like to jet out at short notice. I have always wanted a cat or dog but the time has just never been right. Now I can look after someone else’s pet, live like a local and still travel so its great.

I applied for a number of house sits and kept getting turned down. It was upsetting I kept thinking what’s wrong with me and then someone said yes. We had a telephone call to get to know each and I gave her my blog so she can see what I get up to and she agreed for me to look after her home and her pet cat Jerri.

It was a cottage in the Cumbrian countryside to be honest I didn’t explore the area so much as the cottage was so cozy I just spent my time writing and relaxing. It was lovely to have a cat to snuggle to and watch the TV.

black cat sit
Cat similar to Jerri

There were also a number of strays that required feeding but apart from that I didn’t have any other responsibilities. I enjoyed staying in a real home as apposed to a hotel room it was more relaxing. It took me a couple of days to settle in. It was quite surreal staying in the countryside opposite a cow farm. I woke up one morning to a herd of cows walking past the window and one night I swear I was kept awake by a cow giving birth as she was mooing every 5 minutes right into the early hours and I have to say I have never been kept awake by a cow before.

I have enjoyed living in the countryside, however the smells of the cow farm will not be missed. The closest shop is 8 miles away, I am used to popping to the corner shop to get a pint of milk so I had to plan what I was going to eat as I didn’t want to do the 8 mile journey everyday. To be honest I stocked up on snacks and it was bliss, writing, reading and eating chocolate. 

I think if my house sit had been more central I would have explored but I actually really enjoyed the solidarity of staying on my own with some cats for company. I am really comfortable in my own company and although I couldn’t be on my own for too long this was perfect.

The owner of the house said I could help myself to anything except her partners whiskey collection luckily I don’t drink whiskey anyway, but I didn’t feel comfortable eating or drinking her stuff. She even said I could dig up her courgettes she had been growing but I couldn’t bring myself to do that as I personally would have been gutted if I was growing something and then didn’t get to eat it. She did leave me some chocolate and some ciders with a note saying welcome which was lovely.

Ive spent the week eating chocolate what can be better!!!

Obviously I am not in a hotel so I don’t have a cleaner. I found it very important to clean up after myself as when I arrived the cottage was immaculate so I wanted my hosts to return home to a nice clean house. 

Have you done a house sit or are you thinking of doing it, if so do it !!!

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