Activities on the Marco Polo Ship : You wont be bored

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Activities on the Marco Polo Cruise Ship

Before I got on the Marco Polo cruise ship, I had planned to have a go at everything on board but as the days went on I either didn’t have time or just wanted to relax as after all I was on holiday.

Some people commented there was nothing to do on the Marco Polo but when I asked them what they wanted they just shrugged.

I found the Marco Polo offered a wide variety of options throughout the cruise. I don’t want to ruin the cruise experience for people but here is what was available on my 32-night west Indies cruise.

I went on this cruisenliner twice and both times loved the activities onboard. I really like the Marco Polo Ship and if you get chance to go on it I would recommend as it is a true British liner.

Activities on board the Marco Polo

Lectures on the cruise

This is something that I have not come across before and I especially enjoyed guest Lecturer Ian Butterfield who gave information and tips on Photography, after purchasing a new camera and not having a clue how to use it this really helped and also saved me some money on doing a course when I got home which I gladly spent in the bar on the ship.

There were also Passenger lectures, maybe one day I can do a talk on my 500 cruises (though I’m only on no.5 so got a way to go) • Travels on a camel, a passenger who travels regularly on camels gave and talk and she was really entertaining • Q&A with author I didn’t attend this but heard from others it was interesting.

There were two other guest lecturers on board, Keith Appleyard and Nancy Appleyard. I didn’t personally attend any of these I heard mixed reviews some people saying they were interesting others saying they were dated. Keith was an ex intelligence officer working in the RAF in the far east and UK and did various talks such as an introduction to the secret world of signals intelligence and working with GCHQ.

Music and dancing on the cruiseship

The entertainment team definitely make sure you have fun on this cruise. There were loads on offer. I had the pleasure of seeing some of these though I didn’t take part but watching was just as fun. Choir, Learn the ukulele, musical theatre class that did west side story at the end in the passenger talent show, Tap dancing (I watched this as I didn’t have the correct shoes to join in, that was my excuse anyway and I’m glad I didn’t as these ladies and gentlemen would have put me to shame they had so much energy I was getting tired just watching) Line dancing, Ballet dancing, jive dancing, Greek dance class, cha cha, sing a long, jam sessions.


There is a basic gym and area for the various exercise classes that they had on offer. In general, on a sea day there were three exercise classes including: Pilates, keep fit, yoga, walk a mile, chairobics, hips bums and thighs, Zumba, stretch tone and relax, jazzercise, belly dancing, piloxing (cross between Pilates and boxing), gym assistance, step.

Religious activities onboard

Christian fellowship meetings, holly communion, Palm Sunday service, Good Friday service Easter Sunday service, on board bishop giving the services.


I did loads of the games; I didn’t actually win anything but it’s the taking part that matters (though I’m gutted I didn’t win a ruler or a bag!) Quiz, cards players get together, Bingo (£5 a game), Bridge, learn ridge sessions, jakkalo, crosswords and Sudoku daily puzzles, rope quoits, bean bag bowls, crazy golf, carpet bowls (my first attempt and I threw a bit too hard it nearly knocked a hole in the side of the ship!), table tennis, countdown, whist drive, scatagories, murder on the Marco polo, shuffleboard, skattles (new game to Marco Polo), golf putting.

Interests & Hobbies

Crafts, various items to make on sea days there were a cost to this, but walking past the room it always seems busy, art sessions, build a boat, psychic readies, iPad tips, Knit and natter, Rotary members meet ups, WI members meet ups, ice carving demostration, cocktail making demonstrations.

Even the crew want to entertain you its so much fun on this ship

Evening entertainment

The evening normally involved a stage show (two showings) a game show and a cabaret act, music entertainment in the bars. There were a few deck parties with themes such as pirates, St Patricks and Greek which people enjoyed. I didn’t go to all of the shows as some of them were not my thing but the ones I did see were very good.

The dancers and singers try really hard and there were lots of variations in the shows during the 32-night cruise no show was repeated. As it’s a small ship and the entertainment crew are very visible during the cruise it felt like you were watching friends in the show.

And if you were still bored you had the option of TV, library, sunbathing, spa or propping the bar up.

See with all these activities on the ship would you have been bored, I certainly wasn’t.

If you want to find out more about this great little ship check out their website


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