Waxy Ears

Waxy Ears

Ears are weird have you ever really looked at one, I suppose its quite hard to look at your own with them being on the side of your head but when I was looking for a photo for this blog post I actually got quite grossed out at some of them. 

One of my lovely posts that might just be a little bit too much information but I have got really waxy ears I am going a little deaf. My mum keeps saying something and I have to say “what” I am sure she is mumbling but she says it is me so I need to get my ears cleaned.

I have always suffered with my ears and I find a bit of olive oil and sometimes make the wax loose. I have had a few long haul flights lately and you know when you ears pop it is about the only time I can hear properly again and then after a few hours it goes muffly again.

Did you know ear wax is called Cerumen and actually has antibacterial and antifungal properties but it can become a pain, literally if there is too much. One thing I have learnt over the years is to not put anything inside my ears to try DIY ear wax removal as this will push it further in and make it worse. To be fairs ive not have waxy ears for quite some time now but it does irritate me when there is a build up so I am off to try some olive oil.

When there is a build up of ear wax it is called “cerumenosis” and after trying oilive oil if this doesnt work I will try some over the counter ear drops that can soften earwax and allow it to exit the ear more easily (with gentle irrigation, such as during a shower). Or, a healthcare provider can look inside your ear and use instruments specifically designed to ear wax removal

I have even tried a candle have you heard of these candles (heard… ears… get it sorry im tired lol) you can get that are supposed to help remove ear way. I opened it up after I had used it and it did have wax inside but I am sure they must have put it in there before as there is no way that much would have come out of my little ears it was gross.

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