Had my microblading gone wrong?

Had My Microblading Gone Wrong?

I am really not into the current fashion of huge dark eyebrows but since Chemotherapy my eyebrows had grown back patchy so I had decided to give microblading a go. I initially wanted it before my last holiday but I was advised that they scab when they heal and I had left it too late so I booked it in for when I got back.

I wish I had done the microblading before chemo as loosing my eyebrow and eyelashes was worse than loosing the hair on my head as this made me look ill. At least I could cover my head with a hat but it is a lot harder to disguise eyebrows.

Especially for someone like me who is not experienced in putting on make up. I tried to pencil them in but I couldn’t get them the right shape I even had stencils but still felt they didn’t look right.

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Does microblading hurt?

When I decided to give microblading a go, I hadn’t thought it through. I didn’t really understand what it was so I was not expecting the pain. I knew it was a form of tattooing but my head just didn’t think it would hurt. I am used to being jabbed with needles but this really hurt to the point where I was going to have to say stop.

It felt like my therapist was pricking the top of my brows thousands of times now I might be over exaggerating a little but it felt like that many times and I just wanted it to end. She then put on some numbing cream but it didn’t make my eyebrows completely numb and I still felt it. Obviously not as painful as if I hadn’t had the numbing cream but there were still parts that did hurt.

So does microblading hurt, I have to be honest and say yes. Is it unbearable, no but you will wish it was over quickly. At the time I said I would never have it done again and I would not go through the top up in 6 weeks but I am writing this a few days afterwards and I have got over it.

However I actually went out and got a tattoo a couple of hours after. I had always wanted a tattoo and thought if I could get through this microblading I might as well have some more discomfort and get the tattoo out of the way but I have to say it was nothing compared to the microblading. I would happily get another tattoo rather than microblading.

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The next part of the microblading process is making feather like strokes with a microblade and this felt a little like light paper cuts it wasn’t agony and was nothing compared to the needle to get the numbing cream absorbed but every then there was a slight ouch as the cream might not have soaked in properly.

Had my microblading gone wrong?

So after the therapist was done and I looked in the mirror I was mortified I wanted to burst out crying, what have I done I looked like a alien. She did warn me I might be shocked but I was not expecting it to be that bad.

As I said I don’t like overly huge eyebrows and they were so dark they just looked like I had got a marker pen and drawn them on after a few gins, they also looked lobbed sided one was higher than the other.

I am so glad I had them done at home so at least I could get used to them slightly before people got to see me. I went into the living room and my mum burst out laughing so I knew I wasn’t over reacting I looked a state.

I had to keep going to look in the mirror as I just couldn’t believe how bad they looked. I googled and it said it was common I also trusted my therapist as I don’t think she would have made me look so bad. I went out after a few hours and I felt as though everyone was staring. I was probably over reacting again but for the next few days when I left the house I wore a hat pulled down to cover them up a little.

The worse thing was I had a evening out planned two days afterwards and I still didn’t feel confident in the look so I calmed them down with some concealer and they didn’t look as bad, well at least it was dark where I was going!!

Anyway after about 5 days they had scabbed over and were not as dark or blocky. So no my microblading had not gone wrong, this is just the process and I am now happy with the look.

I am dreading having them filled in again in 6 weeks but I will plan it so I don’t have to go out again for the few days afterwards but at the end of the day I have been without eyebrows due to chemo and that is a lot worse.

So if you are thinking about having microblading then I would recommend, just make sure you do your research and go with a trusted therapist or you might end up with wonky eyebrows for real.

I used Funky Divas in Bristol who is mobile and I would recommend as I really love the new look.

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