How to plan a trip to Iceland?

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How to plan a trip to Iceland?

Iceland is a country having some of the most incredible landscapes to be found anywhere else in the world. It is therefore imperative to plan your trip properly in order to make best use of the available time and have an unforgettable experience as well. This article will answer most of your planning questions for your trip to the Land of Fire and Ice.

Where to go in Iceland

Note down the main regions of Iceland and things to expect from them. South Iceland has all the glaciers, waterfalls, icebergs and a stunning drive along the coast. North Iceland is full of the valleys, fjords and lava fields. The Central Highlands region has mountains and glaciers which can be explored on foot or a four wheel drive during summer.

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When to go to Iceland

Iceland is so magical round the year that the time to visit depends totally on what you want to see as the country lies very near the Arctic circle. The peak season from June to October sees high prices but long daylight hours. Beginning October is the leanest period. Winter has some of the most difficult conditions but are ideal to watch the Northern Lights.

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Getting around Iceland

Considering the distances involved, a self drive road trip is the best solution. The amazing scenery and clear roads makes driving a pleasure in Iceland. You can also opt for a guided tour from Reykjavik in case your time is limited. If time is unlimited, an organised multi day tour, covering major attractions can be planned. The most comfortable way, if you have the budget, is to hire a private chauffeur driven keep, which will take you to offbeat places. Hitchhiking is very popular in Iceland as it is an extremely safe place. One however one needs to patient as the traffic is less and car flow limited.

What to do in Keflavik

Internal flights in Iceland

Air Iceland runs many local flights, which if booked in advance can offer real value for money. Not only you save time but you get a glimpse of the country from above and view the glaciers and fjords in a different perspective.

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Budget tips for Iceland

Although Iceland is far from a budget destination, you do not need to carry a lot of cash in Iceland as most outlets accept credit cards including taxis and souvenir shops. The local currency is Krona, which should be bought and sold in the country itself. In case of emergencies, short term credit can be availed from lending portals online. Since the Consumer Index by city clearly shows a rising trend in loans for special occasions, travel falls right in.
Remember that food is the most expensive thing in Iceland, so wherever possible try to cook your own food.

Iceland is the safest country to travel in with regards to crime rate. However the travel conditions can sometimes be quite extreme with high chances of seismic activity in places. It is always advisable to check out on advance on the internet about the area you intend to visit in order to stay safe.

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