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is a holiday different from travelling

Where do Travel Bloggers dream of travelling to next

Nina Zara from Safari Junkie “I am always fascinated by less popular destinations and my dream trip for 2018 is backpacking in Sierra Leonne, West Africa.  The country was once devastated by civil war and Ebola outbreak. But the rarest wildlife on planet, jungles and empty beaches are few reasons I want to visit and explore because I have a filling it will be one of those raw trips that will take a lot of effort and reward me at the end with best memories of my life.”

Nicole from Nicole Le Barge “In 2015, I spent six months travelling down the east coast of Africa from Cairo to Cape Town. Ever since then I have been dreaming of returning to Africa and Madagascar and it  is on the top of my list.  Maybe it’s the DreamWorks movies, but its probably more of the fact that it is off the beaten path and I want to get there before it becomes a tourist destination.

Seeing lemurs in the wild would be a top wildlife encounter for me. They are endemic to Madagascar and there are over 100 species of lemurs. I also would like to see the avenue of Baobabs trees. These trees are so interesting to see and are up to 800 years old! And if that wasn’t enough I’ve heard the beaches in Madagascar are amazing. I can’t wait!”

Madagascar in 2018

Cristal from Tofu Traveller “I’ve been dreaming of a trip to West Africa for years. It seems like the perfect challenge for me after travelling solo for 12 years. What has stopped me so far is the fact that most of the region speaks French, which I don’t speak, along with other native tongues and there is only a small window to be able to visit in the dry season.  Overlanding West Africa would be a perfect way to end my 2018 so here’s hoping I finally make it!”

Mim and Mark from The Common Wanderer “We travelled through Namibia for a month in July of 2016, and we haven’t stopped dreaming about going back since! The whole country is like another planet; wild, desolate, and absolutely stunning. There’s just so much to explore too, from the sand dunes of Sossusvlei, the ancient rock formations of Spitzkoppe, and the ghost town of Kolmanskoppe to the wildlife abundant Etosha National Park, the Fish River Canyon, and the rugged Skeleton Coastline. It’s the perfect road trip destination, and can’t wait to go back and see those beautiful starry nights stretch over the desert after the burning sun goes down again! “

wildlife in Namibia in 2018
It would be so cool to see wildlife in Namibia

Callum Weinburg from Singapore n Beyond “Although I spent 6 months on the road in 2017, I constantly pulled 8-12 hour working days. As any digital nomad will know, it is an exhausting yet rewarding task to work and travel.

That’s why I’d like to throw away my computer for a week or two in 2018 and go somewhere tropical to relax. I have been to Mauritius twice before, once on a family vacation when I was 13 and again with my mother a few years back. I really love it there, for many reasons. Yes, the beaches are exquisite and the nature is epic, but what I love most about the island is the people.

There is such a blend of cultures and religions that happily coexist and proudly celebrate each other’s beliefs and traditions. This is what truly makes it paradise for me. So now that I’m married and experience countries in a different light, I’d like to head back to Mauritius to show my wife this beautiful island and to just get some vitamin sea, and to drink some freshly squeezed sugar cane juice!”

Jennifer Aspinwall from World on a Whim “My dream destination for 2018 is Capetown, South Africa. I love that the beaches and the mountains are so accessible and the food and coffee culture is top notch.  Hiking Table Mountain and cage diving with great white sharks are high up on the list of things I would love to do. 

Also, I would want to visit the surrounding areas like Stellenbosch where I imagine the wine is impeccable and of course, go on a safari to hopefully see the Big Five.  Now that would be a dream come true!”

are you visiting cape town in 2018
I would like to visit Table Mountain in Cape Town

Visit Asia

Martha from Quirky Globetrotter “Russia has always been on my bucket list, but always towards the bottom. That was before I become a fan of architecture, and the architecture in Russia is unlike anything in the world. While I’m there I would venture out into the countryside as well to see how locals in Russia actually live. безопасные путешествия (safe travels!)”

Samantha from There She Goes Again “I’ve wanted to visit Taiwan since I was 15 (so ten years now!), and for one reason or another I just never managed to go. I’ve even lived in Korea for 2 1/2 years cumulatively and still haven’t visited. Even though I was born in China, I never actually had any interest in Asian culture or travel until I started learning more about Taiwan, first through its pop culture and then through its history. I’m planning on going during my winter vacation, and this trip is long overdue”

visit asia in 2018
I love Asia and will jump at the chance to visit in 2018

Daniele from Cycloscope “After cycling through Eastern Europe and all over Central, Eastern, and South East Asia, we feel ready for the big Challenge, the Indian Himalaya’s. Among the several mountainous regions of India, Sikkim is the one that fascinates us the most. Nestled between Tibet, Buthan, Nepal, and the Siliguri Corridor (near Bangladesh), Sikkim is the least populous and second smallest among the Indian states.

Despite so, it’s one of the most diverse, both in natural and cultural heritage. Subtropical jungles, tea plantations, and alpine peaks, including the highest mountain in India (and third in the whole planet), the Kanchenjunga. With those premises, I think it won’t be hard to enjoy some of the best views ever”

Karilyn Owen from No Back Home “As a mom with a nature obsessed child, I am always looking for unique destinations for educational travel. For 2018, we are dreaming of going to Borneo. Discovering ancient rainforests, hanging out with orangutans, staying with locals in the jungle and snorkeling off pristine white sand beaches is what our dreams are made of!

Orangutans in Borneo
I would love to see the Orangutans in Borneo

Kaylie Lewell from Happiness Travels Here “We are dreaming of going to Sri Lanka. I have a 3 and 6-year-old so finding a balance between safety and adventure is important to us. We are all lovers of wildlife, the offer of a malaria-free safari and the possibility of seeing Elephants and Leopards would be a dream come true. Sri Lanka just seems to have so much to offer, beautiful beaches, wildlife, tea plantations perched on misty mountainsides, historic sites, friendly people and delicious food. You’ll see us there in 2018!”

Brittany Kulick from The Sweet Wanderlust “As someone who loves all things cute and sweet, Tokyo, Japan has been calling my name for a while. I can’t wait to try Totti’s Candy Factory’s bigger-than-your-face rainbow cotton candy. I’ll need to be careful not to ruin my appetite, though, because the speciality food streets in Tokyo, Monster Cafe, Robot Cafe and Zauo, the restaurant that lets you catch your own fish, have some very unique meals. The quirky experiences won’t end there, because the afternoons will be filled with visits to hedgehog, penguin, goat, and maybe even a snake cafe. After I’ve bolstered my confidence with snake handling, I may even make my karaoke debut!”

toyko visit in 2018
Tokyo would be amazing to visit in 2018

Emma from Luxury Backpacking “For a few years now I’ve been dreaming of travelling to Cappadocia in Turkey. It all started when I saw images of the hot air balloon rides and the naturally formed caves and chimney formations ranging from clays to pink undertones on Instagram.

Cappadocia really does look like it would only exist in fairy tales! It’s not just the natural scenery that encompasses a fairy tale persona, the hotels in Cappadocia have made the most of their natural resources, using what they have to carve out cave dwelling turning them into some of the most beautiful hotels I’ve ever seen (now I just need to experience it first hand!) I’m doing everything in my power to travel to Cappadocia in September 2018! So let’s see if my fairy tale dream comes true!”

air ballon ride in Cappadocia
You have to do a Air Balloon ride in Cappadocia its amazing!!!

Cory Varga from You Could Travel “For 2018 I am definitely dreaming of going to Mount Everest. It has been one on my bucket list since I was a little girl. I can’t imagine how incredible it must feel to be connected with that mountain. To have the privilege to just see the peak of our world. I am probably not fit enough to make it to the top, but I would love to try to at least touch the base camp, and realise my dream”

Ron Sefcik from Un Earth the Voyager “2018 will hold new and exciting adventures for us as we embark on a trip of a lifetime to explore Nepal and India. We plan to visit Nepal to trek to Everest Base camp and we are so excited! After trekking in Nepal we plan to spend some extensive time exploring all India has to offer. We hope to fully soak up the culture, food, and learn all about why India is such an amazing country to visit. We also plan to spend some time at a ashram to build on our meditation practice!”

mount everest is a popular destination for 2018
Would you like to visit Mount Everest in 2018?

Visit Europe

Tom from The Travelling Tom “I have always been fascinated with countries in the Balkans, and Albania is no exception. I didn’t realise how beautiful the country was until I became a travel blogger. Fellow bloggers were sharing photos of Albania, and I could scarcely believe what I was seeing. The image of Albania I had in my mind, did not correlate to what I was seeing before me.

Albania has a combination of historical sites and beautiful scenery that greatly appeals to me. Lake Ohrid looks spectacular in every photo I’ve seen, while the numerous historic sites dotted around the country appeal to the Historian inside me. I hope I can make it to Albania in 2018, as I’ve wanted to visit for a number of years now. I don’t want to postpone it any longer”

albania in 2018
I haven’t visited Albania but the mountains look beautiful

Tara Marlow from Travel Far Enough “In April 2018 I will be heading to France to walk 800kms Camino de Santiago as a pilgrim. I’m a 48 year old curvaceous woman with really crappy knees.  I’ve never done anything like this before but there is something about the Camino and this quest that is pulling me in, telling me to go for it.  

I am not nervous. In fact, I am excited. I am anxious to strap on my walking shoes and do this thing.  I’ve been thinking about the Camino for a couple of years now, but needed to wait until my darling daughter settled into University before I felt ready.  My husband isn’t keen on me leaving for a couple of months, but I’ve also not invited him along. This is my quest.  My walk.  And it is something I will do it.”

Sierra from Passport Voyager “Over the past few years, I’ve become enamored with Lisbon (and Portugal in general – let’s be honest). I am so drawn to Portugal’s rich history, fascinating architecture, amazing food, and of course all of the beautiful azulejos! Crossing my fingers that 2018 is the year I finally make it to Portugal for a visit”

you have to go on a tram if you are visiting lisbon this year
Have you been on a tram in Lisbon a great way to explore

Michele from Legging It Travel “Our dream destination for 2018 is to finally visit Poland, a country that we have almost got to a few times in the last few years. I have been fascinated by a couple of areas for their unique history and events. From Czestochowa for it’s black Madonna, the beauty of Gdansk to the utter devastation of Auschwitz Poland’s diversity seems to offer something for everyone’s interests.”

Verity from Veritru “I am dreaming of going to Budapest, Hungary. It was a destination I fell in love with in 2015 on our Europe Road Trip, but we had no money and only stayed a few days. I would love to make it back there next year to explore more of the restaurants, hot spring baths and ruin bars that we couldn’t afford to go to, along with learning more the city itself.”

visit budapest this year
Budapest is one of my favourite European cities

Elaine & Dave from The Whole World is a Playground “After coming across some amazing images of the Faroe Islands it was promptly added to our bucket list and 2018 will hopefully be the year it’s going to happen! The islands seem like a compelling mix of ancient and modern and the terrain unspoiled. As travel photographers and writers the surreal landscapes and stunning hikes are what really draw us to the islands and we can’t wait to see how the locals live in this stunning but isolated place.”

Chrysoula from Travel Passionate “The summer of 2018 I am hoping to visit the Greek Islands. With 6.000 islands only 227 of them inhabited Greece is the perfect destination for island hopping. Sandy beaches with turquoise waters, picturesque villages, and ancient ruins shining under the sun, not to mention the mouthwatering cuisine and the hospitable people. That is how I imagine my next vacation. I only need to decide which ones to visit; Mykonos and Ios are great for partying, Santorini and Hydra are very romantic, Naxos and Paros are great for water sports and Milos has one of the best beaches”

visit the greek islands in 2018
The Greek Islands are so pretty

Visit North America

Eran from The Laughing Traveller “My plans for 2018 include visiting Vancouver island in west Canada. First of all it should be a very scenic area but there are 2 main reasons I want to go there. 1) See grizzlies in the wild, I’ve been to the Rockies but didn’t see any and I’ve been to Yellowstone and barely saw one with crazy binoculars… and 2) See orcas! These just seem like such majestic animals… Now, add to that maybe flying in a small sea-airplane, and you got yourself a cool vacation!”

Lauren from Hashtag LjoJlo Greenland is the country I am most certainly dreaming of for 2018. For starters, it is green, right? Or is it full of snow, ice and fantastic night light? I have discovered a new passion for arctic climates after exploring Antarctica and Iceland in 2017. For this reason, I cannot wait to explore and witness the incredible scenery that is on offer in Greenland.

Whether it is the glaciers, the northern lights or gorgeous green hills with colourful houses this place excites and inspires me to continue exploring such beautiful and cold countries 

I would love to go to Greenland too!!

Roman from Roman Roams “I would love to visit Mexico in 2018. I’ve been planning to do that already this year, but my plans have changed. I’m really fascinated by the country, its interesting traditions and friendly people. I would like to visit the southern and central part of the country first: Yukatan with Cancun and Cenotes, then Puebla and Mexico city, where I also have several friends.”

Visit South America

Megan from Frost and Sun “In 2018, I have my eye on a trip to Argentina. As much as I enjoy visiting big cities like Buenos Aires, it’s Argentina’s gorgeous variety of landscapes calling me! I would love to visit Iguazú Falls, one of the 7 Natural Wonders of the World, unwind in the wine region of Mendoza, and marvel at the ice fields and glaciers in Parque Nacional Los Glaciares, such as Glaciar Perito Moreno.

If I’m really ambitious, I’ll cap off this amazing trip with a visit to Ushuaia, the southern most city in the world, and continue my adventure with an expedition to Antarctica”

Iguazú Falls is a beautiful waterfall in south america
Iguazú Falls is definitely on my bucket list

Sky Fisher from Sky vs World “My biggest 2018 travel dream destination is Belize. Belize is one of only two countries (the other being El Salvador) that I have yet to visit in Central America, despite daydreaming of going for years. I’m curious to see how Belize compares to the rest of Central America and to find out if it can truly be done on a budget.

I really want to spend some time exploring the Mayan ruins and hanging out on Caye Caulker. I’ve heard Hopkins is one of the most beautiful beaches in Central America so that’s definitely a priority as well!”

Stephanie Parker from Big World Small Pockets “In 2018, I’m dreaming of heading to the Uruguay capital of Montevido. It’s been 5 years since I was last in South America, so I’m definitely feeling the itch to return and Montevido is top of my list! Situated right on the coast (my favourite place for a city to be) I can’t wait to explore its historic old town complete with Art Deco buildings, bustling markets, lively tango bars and colonial houses.

And afterwards, enjoying a stroll along the city’s fine waterfront and relaxing on the beautiful-looking Pocitos Beach, sounds like the perfect way to end my day in a capital city!”

Uruguay desintation to visit in 2018
Is Uruguay on your destination list for 2018?

Tom from Travel Tom Tom “I don’t really like to follow the crowd and that is why I am aiming to finally visit Venezuela in 2018. The more everyone advises me not to go there the more I really want to go. I have been in conflict areas before like Iran, Palestine and Kashmir but never experienced anything like what the media is showing us. Mostly people in these countries are the friendliest ever as they want to show foreigners that reality is not like how their country is shown in the media.

Venezuela has some extraordinary sights and I really regret that I have never made it there yet. I have traveled over 14 months in South America on 3 big trips, but never saw the world’s highest waterfall: the Angel Falls. I am also dreaming of trekking Mount Roraima on the border of Venezuela and Guyana.

On top of that I would like to experience the storm of lightning in Catatumbo, the most electric place on earth. Yes Venezuela I am coming for you in 2018!”

Amy Blyth from Our Big Fat Travel Adventure “I want 2018 to be the year that I finally make it to South America! I can’t wait to experience a brand-new region, see the Amazon and the Andes and finally get around to taking some Spanish classes. After trekking to Everest Base Camp earlier this year I’m hooked on hiking, so top of my wish list is the Inca Trail and visiting Macchu Picchu in Peru.

I’d also love to see Lake Titicaca, Lima and the Paracas National Reserve.”

Macchu Picchu
Are you planning on going to Macchu Picchu in 2018?


I couldn’t find out what continent Bora Bora belongs to so have put it all by itself. If anyone knows the continent do let me know as even google couldn’t answer me just said the Pacific Ocean. Anyway I think I might join Mar in Bora Bora as it looks absolutely amazing.

Mar from Once in a Lifetime Journey “I am dreaming of returning to Bora Bora in 2018. Bora Bora’s visitors are 90% on their honeymoon so that should tell you how amazing the destination is, closely competing with the Maldives for the most romantic destination there is. I visited in 2016 and spent nine day over New yYear’s Eve there first alone and then with my best friend and I thoroughly enjoyed the trip and loved the island and the motu around it. It is truly a stunning part of the world and the destination most South Pacific dreams are made of. As I still have over 900,000 Intercontinental points, I will try to use them to book another complimentary stay at one of their two properties”

Whether you’re dreaming of travelling, blogging about it or even taking your travel experience to the next level and starting a travel franchise, hopefully this has given you some ideas. I can not wait to catch up with these bloggers to see if they made their dreams come true.


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