Health Benefits of Turmeric : My review of Turmeric Spray

turmeric spray benefits

Health Benefits of Turmeric : My review of Turmeric Spray

When I visited the Penny Brohn Cancer Centre they kept mentioning how good turmeric was.

I tried to use it in as much cooking as I could after this. It was even recommended to have a teaspoon each day. Now have you seen turmeric it seems to dye everything it touches yellow and does have the best flavour so I couldn’t bring myself to have it in this form.

Then I heard about turmeric spray, I was sent some to try and I really like it. It has a slight taste to it but it actually really pleasant. I have been using it on a daily basis for 2 weeks now, not sure if I am having any health benefits yet but I will continue.

Along with the Matcha tea I am now drinking for potent antioxidants I must be doing something good to my body.

During my trip to India and Sri Lanka we visited a few spice gardens and saw turmeric plants and again were told of the health benefits of this spice.

turmeric plant for health benefits

I suffer from acid reflux and have to admit this has calmed down already. It hasn’t done anything for my bone pain yet but it is still early days so hopefully it will help with this in time.

turmeric spray benefits

I will keep using and tell you in a few months if I see any more benefits.

According to Turmeric for Health there are 100 health benefits and can help with many different types of health conditions. It is also thought as of the King of Herbs as it has so many uses.

Turmeric has basic pharmacological properties which are beneficial in many health conditions.
1. It is an anti-inflammatory agent
2. It is a natural painkiller
3. It is a potent antioxidant
4. It protects DNA from damage
5. It helps in heavy metal detoxification
6. Turmeric speeds up post operative recovery
7. It improves digestion and stomach health
8. It benefits in GERD and acid reflux
9. It helps in treatment of inflammatory bowel disease
10. It reduces symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome
11. Turmeric protects pancreas from disorders
12. It reduces severity of various types of arthritis
13. It protects bone in osteoarthritis
14. It can help in healing of bone fractures
15. It helps in treatment of muscle disorders
16. It aids in treatment of thalassemia
17. Dietary turmeric may benefit in anemia
18. Curcumin has anti-platelet property
19. It benefits spleen health
20. It alleviates depression
21. It benefits in post traumatic stress disorder
22. It benefits in bipolar disorder
23. It can boost memory and help in learning disorders
24. It can prevent Alzheimer’s disease
25. It is therapeutic in Parkinson’s
26. It helps in recovery after stroke
27. It benefits in epilepsy and seizures

*source :Turmeric for Health

health benefits of turmeric

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