Getting to know a Travel Blogger Series : Claires Footsteps

claires footsteps travel blog interview

Getting to know a Travel Blogger Series : Claires Footsteps

Claire is a British travel blogger on a mission to get to the heart of places by overland adventures. She writes about eco-travel and travelling with purpose, by slow travelling and adventuring overland, on her blog. She’s spent lots of time in the UK, Guatemala and China and she is currently road tripping through Australia. Keep updated with her adventures over on !

claires footsteps interview

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What got you into blogging and how long ago was this?

I’ve always loved to write AND travel and I’ve dreamt of combining the two since I was at school. But I actually started my blog when I was in Guatemala two years ago, with the intention to bring the country to life for my family and friends. Nobody knew much about the Central American country and just thought it was a dangerous place, and I wanted to show them the real Guatemala! When I got home I realised how much I loved blogging and how happy it made me and started investing more and more time into it, setting up social media profiles etc. Then I discovered the best ways to get and keep readers…. And the rest is history!

Fav destination and why?

Guatemala for sure! It’s such an underrated country. The scenery is spectacular – there’s mountains, volcanoes, lakes and beaches – and there’s a unique culture to the country. The buildings, the clothes and the cars are colourful and vibrant, there’s interesting (sometimes heartbreaking) history, the people are so warm and friendly, and they serve the most delicious, biggest avocados known to man. Guatemala has my heart!

Claires footsteps travel blog interview

Blogging tip

Work out early on what drives traffic and invest the most time into that. When I started, I spent waaay too much time on facebook and twitter and wondered why my views were low. Nowadays, I post to them every so often and dedicate my time to SEO and pinterest which are much higher referrers. It’s worth mentioning that some people manage to make facebook work for them, so what’s best for me might not be for you, but it’s about finding out what your best source of traffic is.

Dream trip

There’s so many! I’ve developed a love for road tripping ever since I drove across the Nullarbor in Australia, so it would be a road trip somewhere. I’d love to do something crazy like the Mongol Rally or a drive around India. India’s probably the destination I want to go to most in the world actually, I find the country so intriguing!

the great australian bight on the nullarbor plain[10498]
Nullarbor Plain
Pet peeve about travelling

It’s so hard to exercise! At home I go to the gym about five times a week but when I’m on the move all the time, living out of a backpack, trying to juggle freelance work with seeing all the exciting stuff around me and constantly meeting people all without a gym membership my exercising really slumps.

Favourite travel blogger

There’s so many wonderful bloggers out there that deserve a mention, but I’m going to go with Teacake Travels because she’s so badass.

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