Getting to know a Travel Blogger Series – Eat Work Travel

Getting to know a Travel Blogger Series – Eat Work Travel

We are Amanda & Brian of Eat Work Travel! Our corporate jobs consume most of our days but we are determined to make the most of our time outside the office. We work hard so we can afford the luxuries of eating well and traveling often! We have vowed that regardless of our career status, we will always make time to travel. Rest assured, we do not let any of our precious vacation days go to waste and we hope our adventures and tips will help you find luxury, adventure and romance outside the office. Let’s reverse the unused vacation day trend!

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getting to know a travel blogger
Dream activity taking a helicopter to an active volcano in New Zealand and exploring

What got you into blogging and how long ago was this?

We started blogging about 18 months ago.  We had been in the corporate world for about 10 years at that point and every year we took 2 weeks off at a time.  As we progressed in our careers, we continually had colleagues ask us how we could take 2 weeks vacation.  Many of them would not even use their whole annual allotment let alone take consecutive weeks.  This was puzzling to us since we made it a priority and felt travel actually helped us in both our marriage and career.  We decided to start the blog to share travel tips on how to find luxury, adventure and romance outside the office and encourage others to use their vacation days!. You can find out more about our blogging career here.

Fav destination and why?

Wow, this is a hard one! Each destination is so unique and we love every place we’ve been. We continually say one day we’d love to move to someday is Cape Town, South Africa so clearly it left an impression on us. We found there to be such beauty in the country between the stunning coastline, hiking options of the mountains, adventure activities, amazing food, abundance of wildlife/nature and of course easily accessible wine regions.   

gettig to know a travel blogger
Loved the rugged terrain of South Africa against the deep blue waters

Blogging tip

Prioritize your time. Something we learn in the corporate world is that you can keep yourself extremely busy with tasks but how many are really adding value? Picture editing and blog writing is the cornerstone of blogging however social media is a powerful way to get an audience to actually come and read it! The downfall of social media is that there are so many outlets that it can easily become a time drain without a benefit. Make sure you prioritize your time and focus on a manageable amount of outlets that are helping you get a return on your time investment and adding value to your blog.

Dream trip

Brian studied Japanese in college and has wanted to travel there ever since. We’d love to go in either the spring or fall to see all the foliage associated with the seasons. Not only do we want to immerse ourselves in the culture but we have an ever-growing list of restaurants. The culinary scene there is quite impressive so a trip filled with adventure and cultural activities by day with Michelin restaurants in the evening would be our dream trip!

Pet peeve about travelling

We try not to get caught up in mishaps along the way when traveling, they are inevitable and typically make for some great travel stories. Since we have limited vacation time, we try to squeeze every last second of it therefore we typically get back to the states on Sunday evening and need to return to work Monday morning. We know jet lag is inevitable but it’s still a pet peeve

Favourite travel blogger

So many amazing ones out there! One that we always follow to get inspiration on luxury adventures is Misha from Wildluxe. She stays at incredible properties and destinations that have been added to our bucketlist. If we want to plan a luxury escape from the office, Misha’s blog is full of incredible inspiration to help us.

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  1. I love getting to know other bloggers behind the blog. I love Eat Work Travels blog so much! I am also so in love with Cape Town. My fiancee is from there and I also share the dream of wanting to move there. I’d also love to go to Japan and wine in dine in beautiful restaurants. x

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