I Wish I could Speak Another Language

I Wish I could Speak Another Language

One of the things that I find absolutely impossible is learning another language. I know it is probably laziness as I dont put enough effort into it.

I just remember French lessons being the worse things ever at school. I am not a public speaker and I dreaded each lesson as I would have to speak out in a language that I wasn’t even fluent in, it scarred me for life. 

I wish I was taught a language from a very early age instead of when I was in High School as I think that is too late.learn and new language

I am so jealous of people who can speak multiple languages. It would be so much easier to travel if I could understand different languages. One of the things that holds me back when travelling is being worried I will not be able to communicate with locals especially if I got lost or eeded help.

Most of the popular destinations have English speakers but if I want to go off the beaten track I need someone with me who will be able to communicate.

Ways to learn a new language

I have used the DUOLINGO App which is actually quite good. I tried to learn Spanish, I have picked up a few words. Mainly food related so I have no problems ordering from menus as I can work out most of it.

But I feel silly actually speaking the language I suppose it is more a confident thing but I worry I am going to sound stupid so I do the opposite and dont try.

However when I have managed to speak a few words of the local language it is always well received so I do need to try it more.

learn a language

Also if I could speak another language it would open up so many more working opportunities for travelling. I wanted to work on a cruise ship but most of them ask for a second language.

I have bought other language books in the past and always get a phrase book for the country I am visiting. There are some great apps available on the mobile now a days but again I think that is making me lazy and not pushing me to learn a language.

langage books

The best way to learn to be in the country where they are speaking the language. I am in the mood for learning something, stretching my brain so have been looking at trying again to learn Spanish. There are so many ways to learn these days including books, apps, Listen and Learn, 1 on 1 tuition so I do not have to be afraid of going into a large classroom 

If you could speak any language what would you like to learn? If you can speak a second language do you feel it helps with travelling?


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