How to Survive when Going on your Very First Cruise


How to Survive when Going on your Very First Cruise

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I love cruising ever since I went on my first cruise I just felt in love with it and so far have been on over 10. I think its something you either love or hate but for years I was put off by horror stories I had heard of people getting ill so far touch wood I have never had a significant illness whilst cruising.

If you are going on a cruise for the very first time then you must be very excited and maybe a little apprehensive of what to expect. Nothing can quite compare to the feeling of being on a ship in the middle of nowhere, not to mention that the thrill of visiting places you have never been before cannot be compared either. If you want to get some tips for your very first time on a cruise however, then you can find out whatever you need to know, right here.

cruise ship at sunset

Know your Body

Nothing can steal your joy and happiness away from you more than having nausea the entire time. For this reason, if you know that you are going to get travel sick, don’t wait for the ship to start moving before you take your medication.  Take it in advance so that you can stop the nausea from coming on in the first place. If you really struggle then look outside the window. You will be able to centre yourself and you will also be able to adjust your body as well, as this is a great way for you to put an end to any sickness you’ll experience along the way.

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Embrace the Chance to Unplug

You are on a cruise in the middle of the ocean. The world is practically at your disposal, so don’t be afraid to turn your phone off the second you leave the dock. Leave those emails behind and put an end to those endless Facebook notifications. You will probably feel uneasy about not checking your email at first, but after the first day or so, you will find that you welcome the idea of not having a phone going off all the time. It will help you to tune in to your location better and it will also help you to process where you are. The most amazing thing about not having a phone with you is that it encourages you to socialise with other people as well, so don’t be afraid to sit and talk to someone or say hello on your way pass. When you have a phone that is constantly in your ear, this can be hard so leave it in your cabin.


If you haven’t ventured to the stern of the ship then make sure that you do it as soon as you can. You will soon be able to see everything that there is to see in the area and you may even find that there are a ton of activities for you to take part in as well. If you are unsure because you don’t like the idea of venturing out then you have nothing to worry about. The ship won’t move anymore when compared to when you are in your cabin, the only thing that changes is your view, and this can provide you with some spectacular sights. Look up where to see the Aurora Borealis for example, and you’ll soon see why it’s worth stepping out of your cabin from time to time. I dream of seeing the Northern Lights whilst cruising and it is something I am hoping to do later this year.

northern lights at sea

Come Prepared

You may get a little bored when you have a lot of time to yourself and this is especially the case if you are not taking your phone with you. For this reason, it doesn’t harm to have some games with you or even cards so that you can keep yourself occupied at the time. The rooms will also be much smaller when compared to a typical room and the bathroom will probably be small as well. For this reason, avoid taking large games because you probably won’t have the space to play them.

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Buy a Souvenir

While you are out exploring, wherever in the world you are, try and bring back something that you can remember the trip by. This will really help you to remember the whole experience and it is also a great way for you to bring something back for other people as well. It helps to bring something back that will remind you of a specific experience at the time. For example, if you end up going to the Caribbean, consider bringing back something that will remind you of your diving experience, or even the time you ended up in a themed tiki bar!

Lay Under the Stars

A lot of people, when they go on their first cruise are afraid to venture out onto the top deck. Sure, this can seem like a scary experience but this is not the case at all. Lay down on the deck or grab yourself a chair. Take the time to look up at the stars, and really take in where you are right now. You could be in Norway or you could be in the middle of the Caribbean for example, but if you don’t take the time to really take everything in then you will regret this in the future.

lay under the stars at sea

Soak In Vitamin D!

When you go on a cruise, you may find that you stop off at some very sunny destinations. This is great because it means that you can truly relax. Don’t try and fit so many things into one day and don’t try and skip out on relaxation time just so you can do a few more things in the day. Sometimes being able to relax is exactly what you need, and by taking the time to just enjoy where you are, you can actually really make the most out of your time there.

Formal Night

When you go on a cruise, you may find that they have formal nights. These nights are great if you want to dress up and you can really feel great about yourself as well. If you don’t have anything to wear then you don’t have anything to worry about. The cruise themselves may be able to provide you with something or there may even be somewhere you can stop off at to pick something up.

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