Simple hacks to shed your festive weight to kick off 2019 on a high

Simple hacks to shed your festive weight to kick off 2019 on a high

Many people start the New Year with at least an extra pound or two. It is very common for people to gain some extra weight over the holidays devoted to so many celebrations. The festive season – that starts with Thanksgiving in November, and continues until January, subsiding only after the New Year has passed – brings with it many occasions where avoiding fatty foods and drinks becomes impossible. There are many parties and gatherings, lots of delicious food and alcohol, and a general craving for sugar at all times. Moreover, the cold weather and shorter days make it difficult to exercise, and we end up becoming much more lazy than usual.

eating too much turkey at christmas

Studies have shown that the average person gains about two pounds over the winter break, while other experts say that gaining 10 pounds easily is a norm. Naturally, this causes many people to start the New Year with many weight loss resolutions.

Weight gain, of course, varies significantly from person to person. Overweight people tend to gain more weight than skinny people. A major reason for this is that obese people are less physically active, so they may not be able to burn off the extra calories as fast as a person who is more physically active would. Another reason is that normal-weighted people may overeat occasionally, and might do so during the holiday season, but overweight people might be overeating even more than usual, causing a much higher weight gain.
So if you are experiencing some extra weight in the New Year, relax! You are not alone in experiencing this. Losing the extra holiday weight is not too hard. How one should go about handling it, though, depends mainly on their ideal weight.

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If you are ordinarily someone whose weight is under control, and the Christmas season has left you with a few extra pounds on you that were not there before, do not worry. All of this extra weight is not body fat; most of this is temporary. It has resulted from overindulging over a few days, and all you need to do is the following:

• Go back to your previous, healthy diet
Do not think that just because you have a few extra pounds, you have to starve yourself to get your perfect body back. On the contrary, going back to your original diet helps your body get back to your desired state sooner.
• Drink lots of water
Water not only helps with overcoming dehydration and fatigue after the holidays but also gives you the feeling of being full, so that you cannot overindulge in food.
• Exercise
One constant of everyone’s holidays is laziness. Now that the time to rest is over get back out there, and start moving.

These basic things work because by mid-January, you are back to your original routine, and have less time to overeat. You become active again. Your body adjusts accordingly, and soon you have shed the extra weight, and are back to being your usual self.

fruit and veg to loose weight

Of course, it is possible that the weight gain is not temporary. Especially if you already have a bit of extra weight, this additional weight is not something to ignore and treat with more water. Experts at Click Pharmacy believe that the following remedies are pretty useful when it comes to weight loss.

• Eat slowly
Slow eaters tend to feel more full and avoid overeating.
• Boost your metabolism
Eating foods that boost your metabolism is a common way to reduce body weight without losing any water or muscle mass. You can add some ginger to your tea, replace vegetable oil with coconut oil, add some turmeric to your chicken, or do all of these. These foods will help make your blood circulation better, cause a small increase in your body temperature, and help burn fat faster.
• Use raw honey instead of sugar.
We all know how harmful sugar can be. Simply replacing sugar with raw honey can have far-reaching effects. Not only is it better for health, but honey also does not give you the feeling of being hungry when you should not be – unlike sugar.
• Apple Cider Vinegar
Apple cider vinegar makes you feel full and helps control your sugar cravings by balancing out the sugar levels in your body. All you need is a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar in a glass of water every day.
• Cut out the bread
Many dieticians have different foods they make people quit, but white bread and the like are something that all experts will tell you to let go off immediately.
• Vegetables
The more vegetables in your diet, the better. Even if you are a having a non-veg meal, add some veggies on the side.
• Drink lots of water.
The benefits of water cannot be stressed upon enough. Something as simple as having a full glass of water before every meal can be surprisingly effective.
• Exercise
Sitting for too long is not good for anyone. Even in your busy routine, you can find some time to do some physical activity. If you have a desk job, find 15 minutes every day to walk around. Clean your house when you go home. Climb the stairs instead of using an elevator.
• Convince yourself that you can do it.
The mind plays as much a part in weight-reduction as the body. It would help if you told yourself repeatedly that it is not an impossible task. Write it down and pin it to your fridge. Keep telling yourself that you can do this, and you will!

There is also medication available to help in weight-loss. Experts at Click Pharmacy can be contacted to have a dosage prescribed. Some of the medicines that are recommended for medically obese people are Orlistat, Alli, and Xenical. These medicines work by cutting down the amount of food a body would typically absorb, helping in the weight-loss process.

Travel to Recovery does not endorse any of these medications, this article is for editorial purposes only. I have not used any of these medications and I personally do not recommend anything unless it has been prescribed or recommended by your GP.

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