Amazing Massage in Keynsham

Amazing Massage in Keynsham

I have been waiting a few weeks for scan results and it always makes me tense and stressed. I didnt realise how tense my muscles were until I got the good scan results but afterwards my body was still aching. I have been clenching my jaw at night and have had headaches and backache so I needed a good massage to sort myself out.

I am about to leave for Asia where I will be having as many massages as I can cram into the trip but I needed something to sort out my aches before I went on my trip.

My friend recommended Dudes N Dolls in Keynsham. I have been to Blades which is the barbers and Dudes N Dolls is upstairs. The staff in the barbers are wonderful, as I am a girl, I found it difficult to go to a barbers but since I have really short hair it seemed they would be the best people to style it for me. Anyway they made me feel so comfortable so I presumed the upstairs his n hers beauty lounge would be the same and it was.

dudes n dolls in keynsham

The beauty lounge is up one fight of stairs and is quite small. There is a nail station, two chairs and I think there were two therapy rooms. I was greeted by my friendly therapist and I filled in a health questionnaire as it was my first time visiting. The d├ęcor is nice and it was very clean. 

My friend recommended a Lava Shell relaxing massage and since I love trying new massages I didnt take much convincing. I love Dudes N Dolls website it is easy to book your treatment and I managed to get an appointment a day and time that was convenient for me.

I prefer it when you can book online and see what times and dates are available rather than ringing the salon and being given a time. I didnt know what to expect I thought it was going to be crushed shells being massaged in as sort of a exfoliant but it is actually more like a hot stone massage.

shell massage in bristol

Apparently the lava shells are a self heating massage tool, they look like a closed large shell but they are smooth which is why it reminded me of a hot stone. They dont get too hot I have had hot stone massages before where it has felt as though it was burning my skin as I am quite sensitive.

A warm oil was applied and there was plenty of it so the massage was nice and smooth, it also wasn’t too perfumed as I dont like oils that have a strong fragrance.

The shells are used to really work into the muscle which is what I needed. However this massage was not relaxing, my therapist was using them to get my knots out and at points.

I was feeling my body tense as it was actually hurting but it was what I wanted as I find if a massage hurts afterwards you feel so much better. I might feel things more at the moment as my muscles are so but it was not like a fluttering of a relaxing massage I have had before so be prepared but it really did its job.

lava shell massage in bristol

The massage began on my back and then back of the legs, front of the legs, arms and then a neck and head massage. I had an hour and I wish you could have 3 hours as I didnt want it to end.

It was an amazing massage though, as I feel so much better afterwards and the aches and pains I went in with have gone. I felt so chilled for the rest of the day and now I am very relaxed. I will definitely be trying a lava shell massage again and I will definitely be revisiting Dudes N Dolls in fact I think I would like to try their bamboo massage next.

Have you tried this type of massage or have you been to Dudes N Dolls, tell me what you think.

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