How to send parcels abroad including 5 tips to make it easy from the UK

mark parcel if it is fragile

Top 5 tips for sending parcels abroad

When you are not feeling well or going through an emotional time one thing that can cheer you up is getting a little gift from a family member or friend. It doesnt have to be anything expensive, when I was going through chemo I had friends send me sweets and chocolate and it was so heart warming to know that people were thinking of me and it really cheered me up when a gift arrived.

sending a gift to someone

Now I know how it feels to receive a gift, I will do the same when a friend is going through a rough time.

I also receive quite a few parcels due to being a blogger and here are some tips if you are sending a parcel abroad as there are a few things to consider to make sure your gift gets there hassle free.

It was not until I sent a parcel to a friend in the USA that I realised it was slightly different to sending a parcel in the UK. There are forms to fill out, guidelines to be followed, correct packaging to be done and restrictions to get your head around.  

1. Check Customs Regulations 

The first thing to consider when sending a parcel abroad is the customs restrictions. Regulations vary from one country to another. Additionally, some items may be completely prohibited while others may require special certificates or licenses for customs clearance.

Items that are subject to restriction include alcohol, cannabis, tobacco, antiques, sharp objects, and some electronic items to name a few.  So it is always a good idea to check international requirements before you ship anything overseas.

Visit the destination country’s postal website for guidance on what’s prohibited and what’s allowed.

2. Package Your Parcel Properly 

Parcels can travel thousands of miles to reach their destinations. They often make multiple stops and could undergo sorting and processing in multiple locations. While your courier will do their very best to take good care of your parcel, it’s vital that you package it properly

To prevent even the slightest chance of damage to your parcel, wrap items using newspaper, tissue and/or bubble wrap. Also, send the items in high-quality corrugated cardboard boxes and leave no empty spaces within the box to avoid contents moving during transit.

mark parcel if it is fragile

3. Weigh and Measure Your Parcel Accurately 

It is important that you weigh and measure your parcel as accurately and honestly as possible. The shape, length, height, weight, and girth of the parcel are all used to calculate your shipping price. If your parcel is larger or heavier than stated, the courier may refuse it or you could face additional charges.

I have received a few parcels that do not have the correct postal costs on due to the weight and I have had to pay the difference, you dont want this to occur if you are sending a gift to someone.

sending a parcel abroad

4. Provide Important Details

Your courier will have your delivery address, but it is also important to provide your phone number and email address and that of the receiver. Also provide the description of the goods including what it is, the materials it’s made from, what it is used for and the country of origin.

These details allow for complete documentation and help avoid customs delays or holds impacting delivery.  And on that note, remember to put a return address on the parcel just in case it doesn’t reach its destination. 

5. Use a Trusted Courier 

One way to guarantee that your parcel will arrive in good condition and on time is by using a reliable courier service. Always shop around, check reviews of the courier companies and get two to three quotes from trusted companies. 

Reliable companies often have more competitive prices and a global network, helping you save money while offering fast, secure and reliable services. With such companies, you also get to choose from a range of delivery speeds, costs and times to find a service that’s ideal for you. 

By following these five simple tips, you’ll be able to ensure your parcel complies with customs regulations while packaged and labelled correctly for successful delivery.

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