Friend in a box : Send a gift to someone special

Friend in a box : Send a gift to someone special

I have received a few gift sets during my cancer treatment all have been lovely as they have been from people who care about me. It is nice to receive any gift at any time but to get one when you are feeling really low can help lift your mood and make you realise that people are thinking about you. Thats why I think Friend in a Box is good for any occasion, you want to let a friend know you are thinking of them. Whether they are going through a illness, a breakup or just generally stressed with life it will brighten their day.

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I am finding a few companies charge a huge markup when they are promoting their gifts for cancer patients but this company didnt seem overly expensive considering the quality of the gifts. The gift sets start at £10 to £38 and I would be happy to receive every single box they have on offer.

They look like someone has really thought about what is included in each box and even says thinking of you on the packaging which anyone who receives one of these gifts will definitely feel someone has thought about them at a time in their life that they would really appreciate something like this.

I received a relaxation box. Perfect for me as I was going through a stressful time and all I wanted to do was relax although I was having problems doing this so the gift was well received. 

The parcel arrived via Royal Mail and the gift boxes fit through most peoples letter box and this is something worth considering when you are sending a gift as sometimes I was sent something that I had to get someone to collect from the post office as I missed delivery. It meant I didnt have to get out of bed when my parcel was delivered as it fitted nicely through my letter box.

The box is lovely straight away to look at it had a nice fake stamp with stating “Thinking of you Friend in a box” I was intrigued and could not wait to open it as I didnt know what to expect. 

friend in a box parcel

The box was easy to open again a little thing but so important to me as my fingers and hands were numb from treatment I had received a number of gifts that I could not even open the packaging to. I know that things have to be secure for transport but this box had a easy removable sticker that broke the seal so it would have been obvious if it had been tampered with.

opening my friend in a box

I opened the box whilst in bed as I was having a bad day due to side effects from Chemotherapy and as soon as I opened it I was greeted with the most amazing smells which instantly brought a smile to my face. I am really into essential oils and was glad that this box included aromatherapy roller balls. This was a pack of three roller balls so I could use them straight away in bed without making a mess. They smelt wonderful and claimed to help me de-stress and clear my mind which I definitely needed to help me relax. I used one of these straight away and I dont know if it was receiving the gift that made me feel better or the aromatherapy oil but I had a lovely nap in the afternoon.

relaxation box from friend in a box, including aromotherapy oils a candle and a pair of socks

The box included a St Eval candle which also smells delicious and I can not wait to get to light this beauty and a pair of bamboo socks. Now I love my socks and to receive a pair of bamboo socks which are such good quality and bamboo material has so many benefits it made it much more special that a standard pair of socks.

st eval candle gift

The parcels comes with a typed letter on good quality paper which obviously if you are sending the gift you can choose what you are going to write. I was reviewing the product for them and they send me a lovely message which actually brought a tear to my eye and I had never met them. I wasn’t sad it was a lovely note and an extra touch at cheering me up when I wasn’t feeling my best.

I received this box complimentary but this has no way has influenced my opinion and I actually really loved the parcel. I will personally use this company in the future when I need to send a gift to someone special and anyone that receives any of these will definitely get a smile brought to their face, so go on treat someone you care about.

Thank you to Friend in a box for letting me try one of your wonderful gift sets.

I can not praise this company and these gifts enough, someone has really researched into making a product that is going to brighten someone’s day and that means so much if someone is having a bad time. However these products dont even have to be just for people going through bad times or a illness they make perfect birthday presents and genuinely a gift for any time.

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A Friend in a Box A great gift for someone special


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