Never Let Your Travel Plans Limit You

Never Let Your Travel Plans Limit You

When you want to go on a holiday, where about in the world is the top of your bucket list? Maybe you want to head towards Asia, and go all the way around Nepal to see the Himalayas and its famous mix of culture?

nepal himalyas are they are your bucket list

Maybe you want to go down to Greece and all the different islands that make it up, sipping beer in a coastal restaurant and finding ancient mosaics on the shoreline?

Maybe you fancy a road trip across America, down the famous Route 66, and then eating in all the stereotypical American diners you can find? I have so many places on my bucket list, when you have a life limited illness it makes you dream of going to all the wonderful places in the world.

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These are all great plans to have, but what do all of these ideas have in common? They’re going to take quite a bit of planning to get on with, and that’s something you don’t want to have to waste time with. But all in all, if you keep your travelling circle close, and pick just the right hotels and amenities to have nearby, you’re never going to be limited! Here’s how to do that.

Have a Translate App

I have tried to learn languages and just seem to struggle. So a perfect little app on your mobile phone can make life so much easier. Nearly everyone takes a mobile phone travelling with them these days. If you are at a train station abroad and can not work out how to ask for a ticket a translation app would be so much help. you’re more of a shy person, or you’re someone who likes to be as independent as possible, that you won’t have to rely on someone else to ask around for you.

So make sure you’ve got some kind of translation app on your phone, as this is a lot faster than flipping through a foreign language dictionary, and also allows you to keep on moving as the app does the work for you. Not to mention the app removes the obstacle of not being quite to grips with the language yet, and if you have some kind of learning disability, it can help assuage the worry of not learning as much language as you felt you should have done!

phone appBook the Right Place to Stay

I take so much time researching the right place for me to stay that is going to meet my needs and be close to the places I want to visit.

It is a harder thing to do than you might realise! Being able to book with your mobility issues or general anxiety surrounding the distance in mind is something more people should know how to do. Just because there’s a package holiday available doesn’t mean it’s the best option for your needs!

hotel room

Say you want to go to Greece, which is a very big place even a month away wouldn’t give you the time fully cover it – If you’re someone who couldn’t be on your feet much longer than a couple hours at a time, you’re going to want a destination that has everything, such as sidari corfu. Bars and nightclubs for the night owls, regular public transport for anyone who wants to go further afield, as well as supermarkets to grab a cheap bite from!

If you do have limitations then read my post about travelling with mobility limitations as it will give you some hints and tips for when you are planning a trip.

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