11 Fun things to do in Bucharest

fun thing to do in bucharet

11 Fun things to do in Bucharest

Bucharest is a city that has so much to offer. You have all the normal museums and sights to see but there are also a lot of alternative things to do in Bucharest and here are my top recommendations on different things to do in Bucharest.

Dancing in the Street

This is the first time I have experienced dancing in the street and it was so much fun. It is held every Saturday night in the main square of the Old Town. It is hosted by International MC and Dancer Dontae, along with Bucharest’s dance crew from Good Mood Dance. Studio. There were lots of locals aswell as tourists with a great party atmosphere. It was a great for families as lots of kids were joining in and it felt really safe.

Rroma Heritage tour

This is a tour following the history and stories of the Romani community. I loved this tour it was so interesting to see their way of life as I have heard a lot about the community but didn’t know anything about the history or how much discrimination they still face. If you would like more information on this tour please read my Rroma Heritage tour article.

During the tour you visit a local Romani flower market and get to meet the community, also you go to the Ghetto and see their way of life. If you would like to book this tour you can find the website here.

romani flower market

Rally Car Stunt Lessons

This is 29km outside Bucharest but I had to include it as it looks so cool. The most complex autodrome and defensive driving course in Eastern Europe. The actual aim of these lessons is to reduce road accidents nationwide.

The stunts at Golden Titi Academy include a crash simulator, the flip simulator and the drunk simulator.

If you would like more information on this here is the website it is in Romanian but you can google translate it. I think it looks amazing and so gutted I didn’t get to try this when I was in Bucharest. You can also do some Rally car racing on the track.

Deb and Dave from The Planet D got to try the stunt lessons out and you can watch their video below

Outcast Tour

This tour is about the life of someone living on the streets of Bucharest. It is told by someone who has actually lived on the streets and it tells a story of sadness, determination and hope. It is a real eye opener, you can read more about my experience of the Tour in my Outcast Article. I really enjoyed this tour as it was something I have never done before. It even changed my opinion of the homeless I then encountered during my time in Bucharest. If you would like to book this tour this is the website.

Axe Throwing

When this was first mentioned to me I thought it would be a great way to vent some anger by throwing some axes but I think there is a little more skill involved than just throwing an axe. For as little as 70 ron about £13.40 you can rent a lane for a hour with a target, who would you imagine you were throwing it at??

Thermae Spa

Therme Bucharest looks amazing. It is the largest recreational spa experience in Europe with its very own rainforest sauna. Then for the more energetic they have fun water slides and a wave pool.

Gastronomika Restaurant

I had to include a food based thing to do in Bucharest as what is more fun than eating? I had some excellent food during my trip and I was surprised at the standard and variety on offer.

My favourite restaurant was Gastronomika, it was like no other restaurant I have been to. It is like eating in somebody’s dining room. The owners are so friendly and the food is amazing, a favourite with the locals and definitely a must do when in Bucharest. To see the wonderful delights I tried read this.

gastronomika squid platter

Pasajul Victoria 

This alley was discovered by accident by a fellow blogger and after seeing her photos I had to go and see it for myself. There were some colourful umbrellas and a hidden bar which was a popular place for locals to eat. I had a beer and went back the next day for some food as it all looked delicious. The prices are really reasonable here making it a great place to eat in Bucharest.

fun things to do in bucharest

The Pizza Colosseum café is so tasty. I had one of the best pizzas there. I visited twice and both times it was quite busy so it is really popular and I know why as the food is so good. I will definitely be going back to eat here on my next trip to Bucharest. I loved the quirky décor inside the restaurant where I had to eat as it was full outside but I still had a great experience.

the best pizza in bucharest

Carturesti Carusel 

If you want somewhere to escape the crowds what is a better place than a bookstore. This is a really famous bookstore because it is stunning. I love reading and the Carturesti Carusel is a quirky book store that is famous in Bucharest for its décor as well as the range of books on offer.

If you would like to see 12 more attraction that tourist never see, you can read it in this Full Suitcase who kindly provided the image below.

fun thing to do in bucharest
Source : FullSuitcase

Spending The Night in a Haunted Forest

I am so gutted I didn’t know about this until it was too late to book as I would have loved to have spent a night in a haunted forest. You will spend the night in Hoia Baciu forest Cluj, that is famous for a UFO sighting.

They use specialised measurement and investigational equipment to tell if there are any spooky going on happening whilst you are there. I love anything like this and I might have to go back to Romania so I can do this trip. You can find out more information about this tour here. This tour is offered by Romanian Friend who has some great looking trips.

fun thing to do in bucharet

Bear Watching Experiences

Another cool tour by Romanian Friend is the bear watching experience. I didn’t even realise Romania had bears but a couple of hours outside of Bucharest is Brasov. Which famous for the bears that descend from the nearby hills into city outskirts looking for food, especially in the evening.

I visited Brasov but didn’t see any bears and I am quite glas I didn’t know about this until after my visit so I might have pooped myself if I turned around a corner and came face to face with a brown bear.

Marius Iliescu the founder and CEO of Romanian Friend tours wants the tours they offer to be really personal like you have a personal friend taking you round. You can see some more of their excellent tours here, let me know if you do any as they all look so cool.

brown bear in romania

I visited Bucharest as part of Experience Bucharest and had a great time. It is such a great city to visit if you would like more information you can read my other articles on my trip to Bucharest.

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Fun things to do in Bucharest

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  1. Bucharest was really fun! I enjoyed Brasov as well even though I didn’t see bears either! I had no idea that there were so many quirky activities available in the Romanian capital!

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