Bucharest Restaurant Gastronomika Review : It is like dining at a friends house

Gastronomika – The Best Restaurant in Bucharest

Address : Str. Viitorului 34, Bucharesti

One of the best meals I had in Bucharest was at the Gastronomika restaurant. Actually it was one of the best meals I have had in a long time. The owner was really friendly and interacted with us telling us all about how he sources the ingredients and how he came up with the recipes he served us.

I visited as part of a blogging tour of Bucharest so I was with a group of travel bloggers which is why the owner went in to great detail about his dishes however I feel as though he would have been happy to discuss his menu with anyone as he was so proud of this wonder restaurant in Bucharest.

gastronomika dining room

It felt as though you were in a persons home, not only because of the d├ęcor but also how welcome they made us feel. Our group had two locals that lived in Bucharest and they both said how popular this restaurant was and how it wad their favourite resturant in Bucharest and I totally agree. 

gastronomika dining room

We were greeted with a local aperitif that was homemade from plums and tripled distilled. Apparently it is to help with digestion so you have it before a meal. I am not sure if it helps but it certainly was strong.

gastronomika aperatif

If you search for top 10 restaurants in Bucharest most of the lists will include this restaurant and it is easy to see why as the food was so fresh and delicious.

Gastronomika bar

Unfortunately the menu is in Romania but you can check the website and drool over the pictures.

After our shot of plum liquer we were offered beer and wine. Our host was so friendly and posed for a photo for us.

Gastronomika host
Gastronomika Owner

We started with Bruschetta topped with tomatoes, liver and mushrooms and pink caviar. The chopped liver was yummy and there was so much garlic in it to keep the vampires away.

gastronomika starter

Mozzarella and cherry tomatoes. Now I don’t normally like mozzarella as I find it bland and don’t like the texture but this was so good it was really creamy and spreaded on the fresh bread it was served with like soft butter. Oh my god my mouth is watering now just writing about it again.

gastronomika starter mozerella and tomato
Gastronomika Starter

I am not sure what this was called I thought it was Sabusca but when I google that its a plant so I must be spelling it wrong. However it was very tasty. It was described as a spread, the darker one was mushroom and the other one was mackerel.

gastronomika starter
Gastronomika Dips

The next platter was Squid, Octopus, egg plant, tomatoes, peppers and onions. I am not a fan of squid and octopus but I tried it and was so impressed it was delicious. It might have been all the garlic it was cooked in or the wine that was flowing which was making me more adventurous but I really enjoyed it.

gastronomika squid platter
Gastronomika Seafood platter

The food just kept coming out and by this point I was stuffed but I couldn’t stop eating all the delicious dishes. Next was a meat platter with bread and pickles.

gastronomika meat platter
Gastronomika meat platter

Lastly was dessert and even though I felt as though I could not eat another mouthful our host explained how this was his own special recepe and you couldn’t get it anywhere else so it would have been rude not to try it and it was so creamy and light.

gastronomika dessert
Gastronomika dessert

If you are in Bucharest then this is definitely the restaurant you should be going to.

Thank you to Gastronomika and Experience Bucharest for hosting me for this meal. I have not been influenced in anyway and all opinions are my own and all I can say is this place is bloody delicious!!!

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