Jersey Travel Guide : All you need to know

jersey travel guide this is image of jersey beach
jersey travel guide this is image of jersey beach
Stunning beaches in Jersey

Have you thought of visiting Jersey, this mini guide to jersey will help you plan any Jersey Travel as it is a great resource of things to do whilst you are on holiday on the Channel Island.

Jersey Travel Information

Jersey is a small island of only 9 miles by 5 miles, the best way to explore is to hire a car. Although Jersey does have a bus network if you decide to use public transport.

Liberty bus service offers transport around the island to main destinations and beaches. For just over £2 a trip or you can get a day pass. The buses are reported as being reliable and wheelchair friendly. 

Since Jersey is not far from the UK it is an ideal place for a weekend break.

Gorey in jersey
Gorey in Jersey

It is easy to drive around Jersey as they drive on the left, the roads are little however a lot of the road signs are in French.

You may see that Jersey is referred to as the Channel Islands which include Jersey, Guernsey, Alderney and Sark. Jersey is the biggest channel island.

Jersey has its own currency, the Jersey pound but pound sterling is widely accepted the Euro however isn’t. Jersey pound has the same value of the sterling £ if you pay in sterling you will get your change in Jersey pound and they still have the £ note for those Brits who are old enough to remember England having one.

If you are a UK national you do not require a passport to visit Jersey but you will need photo ID.

English is the main language and you may also hear French polish and Portuguese.

Where is Jersey

Jersey is a British Isle the same as Guernsey, Isle of man, which means although it is not part of the UK it is a British crown dependency.

Where Jersey is : Source Wikimedia

Therefore, it is important to note that they do not have the NHS although you may be treated for free in an emergency this is something that needs to be considered especially if you are travelling with a chronic illness so make sure you have the necessary travel insurance.

Jersey is not very popular with UK holiday makers anymore and I think thats due to the cost of getting to Jersey. I have looked into a Jersey break many times, but it has been cheaper to fly somewhere else.

Jersey is close to the coast of Normandy in France, so it is often thought of as being French. Jersey is 221 miles from UK as the crow flies and will take about 40 minutes on a plane and 4 hours on a ferry.

Best time to visit Jersey

May to October will see the best weather in Jersey. It has a climate similar to the UK but a little bit warmer as it is much closer to France remember Normandy is famous for its wine making so it has a warmer sunnier climate.

If you want a beach holiday it will be best to visit Jersey in July and August. Whereas it will be slightly cooler the other months and not as busy making that a great time to explore Jersey if sightseeing is your thing.

Things to do in Jersey

There are many Jersey attractions to visit making it an interesting place especially if you are interested in history.

Elizabeth Castle

At Elizabeth Castle you can explore battlements dating back to the 1590’s, visit the grounds which gave refuge to King Charles II during the English Civil War and uncover the bunkers which were re-fortified to command the sea approaches to Jersey during the German Occupation in World War II. 

The castle has some amazing views and demonstration and lots of information about the history, so it is a great place to learn about the history of Jersey. They even have a canon firing re-enactment.

Elizabeth Castle : source Wikimedia

Jersey war tunnels

The Jersey war tunnels were the underground German hospital during the war when Germany occupied Jersey. It is highly informative in history.

At the tunnels you are given an islander identity card and at the end of the tour you can find out what happened to the islander which is interesting. There is also a cafe offering delicious afternoon teas.

Jersey War Tunnels : Source Wikimedia

Mont Orgueil Castle

Mont Orgueil Castle is a medieval castle dating back 800 years overlooking the fishing village of Gorey so it is also known as Gorey Castle or Groznez castle

There is a winding staircase which might not be the most accessible for all and it does state on the website is it not suitable for mobility impairments.

There are a series of staircases and towers to explore and in the cellar there is a witchcraft exhibition.

It is open daily and prices start at the time of writing were £13.40 per adult

Mont Orgueil Castle
Mont Orgueil Castle

La Hongue Bie Museum

La Hongue Bie Museum is one of the 10 oldest buildings in the world and tells the story of life in Jersey over 6 millennia

It is open June to Nov and prices at time of writing are £9.90 per adult. There is limited disabled access at the site.

Has got the largest coin hoard in the world if coins are your thing.

Botanic Gardens at Samares Manor

The Botanic gardens at Samares Manor are open every day 10am to 3pm prices are £9.75 at time of writing for adult admission there are facilities for disables people.

The gardens were created in 1920s and have several unique plant collections. There is also a manor house, rural life museum along with the gardens which you can have guided tours of.

Durrell Wildlife Park and Jersey zoo

Visit Jersey zoo at Durrell wildlife park to see some animals and listen to keeper’s talks.

The wildlife park is open daily and at time of writing was £16.50 per adult. The site is accessible and you can hire mobility scooters and wheelchairs for a small fee.

You can even spend the night in 5star glamping pods at the wildlife park.

Jersey pearl

Jersey is famous for its pearls and if you visit Jersey pearl you can see some of the finest jewellery being made and then even treat yourself. T,

You can even puck your own oyster and see if being open to reveal your pearl. The showroom is fully accessible. Opposite the showroom is a beach and at low tide you can walk along the beach for miles.

Jersey Maritime museum

Jersey maritime museum is in the history harbour of St Helier to find about everything seafaring about jersey including seafood and beach life in Jersey as well as seeing some historic boats in the harbour.

It is open June to Nov and Sundays in December and prices at time of writing are £10.60 per adult. There is disabled access to all floors

Jersey lavender farm

Jersey lavender farm was established in 1983 they grow nurture and harvest the lavender into oil which is then used to make many products which can then be bought on site.

You can visit the resident guinea pigs and have a snack in the cafe The farm is only open during certain times of the year so check out the website to see dates.  They also offer guided tours.

lavender field in jersey
Lavender field in Jersey

Jersey museum and art gallery

The museum has the full history of the island of jersey dating back 250000 years.

It is open June to Nov and prices at time of writing are £10.60 per adult. There is disabled access to all floors. You can visit the free exhibition on the ground floor.

Hamptone country life museum

Hamptone country life museum tells the story of rural life in jersey over the last few centuries dating back to the 15th century.

Explore the different houses to find out about day to day life. They have resident calves, piglets and chickens.

It is open June to Nov and prices at time of writing are £9.60 per adult. There is some disabled access at the site.

St Peters Windmill

St Peters Windmill was built in 1837 is really pretty from the outside now it houses a jewellery showroom.

St Peters Windmill : source wikimedia

The Pallot Steam and Motor Museum

The Pallot Steam and Motor Museum is open Monday to Saturday 10am to 5pm, at the time of writing it was £7 for adult entrance. The museum claims to be a wheelchair friendly museum in jersey.

It showcases jerseys mechanical heritage with steam locos and engines, vintage military and commercial vehicles and other machinery.

Jersey Beaches

There are many beaches surrounding Jersey making it a great beach holiday destination if the sun is shining.

Beware of the tides in Jersey they have one of the largest tidal ranges in the world and at low tide the island grows by double. It is dangerous to explore at low tide though so even if a rock pool looks inviting make sure you have an expert with you.

Due the tides you will get different perspectives of the island and when the tide it out you might discover some creatures.

St Ouens beach

St Aubin’s bay

There is a land train le petite train to explore St Aubin’s Bay. I love doing these and always do a land train if I see one I am such a big kid however they are great if you have mobility limitations as it means I still get to see things.

St Ouens

St Ouens is the longest beach in jersey on the west coast. This sandy beach is the go-to in Jersey if you are after surfing or even if you just want to watch the local surfers, this might mean it is a little too windy for the sun worshipers.

St Ouens beach has parking and a local bus in the summer months, but it does get quite busy on the beach.

Dogs are allowed and there is a lifeguard. Other activities you can do at St Ouens beach include kayaking canoeing, fishing swimming and windsurfing.

If you can’t make it to the beach you can check out the live cam at St Ouens Bay to see what it is like.

Beauport Bay

Beauport Bay is so beautiful and this is the beach I would like to sun myself on as it is sheltered from the wind and a known sun trap.

There is no life guard, dogs are allowed but there are little facilities so make sure you take all your snacks with you.

St Helier beach

St Helier beach is a crescent shaped sandy beach and is quite large when the tide is out. 

It is a clean beach and you might spot the oyster catchers getting their daily catch. There are lots of facilities at the beach making it a great beach for all the family. You can walk or get a ferry bus to Elizabeth castle.

There are plenty more beaches you can check out the top 10 beaches in Jersey here.

Jersey Nightlife

The main thing to do in the evening in Jersey is visit a local pub and try one the many ales on offer.

Jersey also has its own cider look out for La Robeline Cider Company and Branchage Cider. The pubs are generally open until 11pm but if you want to carry on there are nightclubs that open until about 2am.

St Helier is the place to go for the livier pubs and clubs and then you have country pubs and village pubs for a quieter local atmosphere.

There is the Jersey Opera House and a cinema if you want to see a film or a show. And most importantly lots of delicious restaurants to try some local dishes. Seafood is extremely popular in Jersey.

Where to stay in Jersey

St Helier is the capital of Jersey making this the liveliest and busiest place to stay on the island. If you dont have own transport it might be a good idea to stay here as you base and use buses to visit other areas.

You can choose between hotels guest houses and air bnb are popular. 

However, if you want to stay somewhere picturesque in Jersey such as St Bergrade Bay

What is Jersey famous for?

Jersey Cow

Before I did research on visiting Jersey, I would have said Jersey was famous for potatoes and milk. Buts its main industry is actually wool which makes sense of why a jumper is called a jersey.

I did not even put two and two together. I had to make sure this was right not like a previous mistake of thinking Brussel sprouts were from Brussels, but it is true as jersey was so popular in medieval times for its wool.

Back to the milk produced by Jersey cows is very creamy and makes the best ice cream so make sure you try some Jersey ice-cream. If you explore Jersey you are bound to see herds of Jersey cows grazing in the fields.

So that’s my guide to Jersey if you are visiting soon I hope you have a great time.


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