Disabled aids for home and garden to prevent injury

manand woman sitting in garden to highlight this article is about disabled aids for home and garden
manand woman sitting in garden to highlight this article is about disabled aids for home and garden

This is a editorial working with MobilitySmart for daily living aids which both me and my mum now require.

We usually associate any kind of injury in the home as being reserved for the elderly or less mobile and yet many preventable accidents or simple straining injuries can happen to all ages and levels of fitness.

We have all probably experienced the pain of lifting an awkward object only to get a sharp pain as we navigated a strange angle, or lower back pain when bending to lift even a fairly light object yet few people would ever think of buying products that could actually prevent these accidents and admit that there could be a better way.

I personally have problems gripping items as I have peripheral neuropathy which is nerve damage from chemo so my hands dont grip properly as I cant feel things.

I also live with my mum who has arthritis in the knees and ankles and she find its difficult to bend so if something is lower than hand level she will have problems. Also recently so it hasn’t been diagnosed yet she has cramp and pains in her hands so we think she know has arthritis in her hands as well. She also can not grip so cant open jars and has had to even get a special fork to help her eat as she cant grip a normal fork handle.

As a general rule, if there is an action in the home that has any level of difficulty associated with it, somebody has developed an innovative aid to conquer the problem and I am willing to try anything that will help me around the home and garden.

Disabled gadgets for in the Kitchen

The average kitchen, is a great example of how many little things combine to create difficulty or even serious injury.

Apart from the garage or the loft, it is the one place in the home where we tend to be lifting, reaching, or using our hands to open packs, bottles, tins and for the more adventurous, even cooking.

The term ‘Daily Living Aids’ covers a very wide range of products and innovations that are fundamentally there to make daily tasks easier. Gone are the days when a jar or bottle had to be passed around the family for the one with the best grip, now there are simple gadgets that take the strain and save on the sweat, grimaces and potential embarrassment of the over-tight jar lid.

We have purchased some devises to help us open jars and silicone mats which we can use to grip hot items it was easier that using oven gloves. These items are so helpful and means we can cook with less struggle as we both suffer with problems with our hands and do not have anyone who can help us.

Another great idea, this time for in the kitchen, is the Bread Board with Spikes, this simple tool allows the easy spreading of breads with butter and spreads and to make your sandwiches with ease and less need for coordinating both hands.

The integral spikes hold the bread in place firmly, allowing the spreading with only one hand, so much easier and faster, also this applies to slicing which is much simpler when the bread is firmly held in place.

bread holder
Helps with buttering bread

Mobility Aids for the Garden

This Memory Foam Garden Kneeler, has a memory foam inner, giving you complete comfort whilst kneeling on hard surfaces outdoors. A good example of a simple accessory in your home or garden that can alleviate both discomfort and the possibility of injury to the knees or lower back.

garden kneeler
Stop your knees hurting when kneeling

The neoprene fabric cover ensures durability and long lasting good looks. Very simple to use and bound to be a go-to favourite in your garden.

The garden is another area where many products come into their own in saving on aches and muscle strains. From simple knee pads to long handled garden tools, there is a product to alleviate many of the common ways we end up with a preventable injury.

This Ergonomic Long Handled Garden Cultivator, take the strain from many gardening tasks as it allows further reach and therefore less stress on the lumbar region of the back.

long hndled garden tool
Long handled garden tool

Handy and in a modern design and lightweight construction, for the gardeners out there, this is an invaluable addition to your tools and one that you’ll turn to often.

It is true, that most people will not naturally be thinking of going to their local mobility shop before taking on an ordinary domestic task, but it can be well worth a look online, even if there is just one repetitive task that causes discomfort or risk of injury.

It can also be a good idea to think of a friend or relative and consider if they would benefit from any extra help from any of these aids, it might make a more appreciated gift than another pair of socks or toiletries.

To see a much wider range of aids for both kitchen and your garden, try these links as they have some great items : Daily living Aids and Gardening Aids.

Let me know if you have a product thats helps you around the house and garden.

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