Accessible guide to Castellon, Spain

accessible guide to castellon

Accessible guide to Castellon, Spain

I visited 3 places during my trip to Castellon de la Plana. Castellon is a coastal area of Spain and has so much on offer to get a true feel of the Mediterranean. It is great for a road trip in Spain.

My trip was very quick only 3 nights but I would like to visit again to explore more of what the region has to offer. I had rested for a few days before this trip so I had quite a bit of energy but walking around did take it out of me slightly and I have been resting again at home.

Please note : I have limited mobility due to medication I am on, I use no walking aids and the information I am providing is based on my own experience of the region. Please see my disclaimers for more information.


The first place I visited in the Castellon region was Peniscola. walking around the old town was slightly difficult as it was quite steep but as it was so hot we were taking it slowly and I just about managed it.

entrance to peniscola old town

We stuck to what I would say was the main street I didn’t venture up the side streets they just looked too steep for me.

peniscola old town

We visited Peniscola Castle which is located at the highest point of Peniscola. Some of my group went up the steps to get to the castle but our guide took me a slightly longer way but it wasn’t as steep.

Unfortunately I couldn’t visit all of the castle as by this point I was very tired and there were too many stairs so I waited for my group on the first level.

After a rest, I did have to go up another flight of stairs to go to the toilet as we were about to go on a 1-hour car journey. The view from the bathroom was amazing and worth the extra bit of energy.

view of peniscola

If you can manage to walk even if at a slower pace I would recommend it as the little streets are so traditional I really enjoyed looking at them from below, but it would be difficult for wheelchairs and pushchairs unless you have someone super fit to push you.

There were lots of places to sit whilst walking around the old town and little shops to pop in that made it seem less of a struggle as I could rest. But the paving stones were a little slippery and even the people I was with who didn’t have limitation had to walk with caution, it would have been even worse if it had been wet from the rain.

peniscola old town

There is a hop on train from €7, which is a great way to get to see more of the town and not have to walk anywhere. The train has 4 routes around the town with an audio guide. 

I stayed at the Gran Hotel Peñiscola which has some accessible rooms, lifts to all floors and no steps to get into the hotel. You can read more about the hotel in my review here.


Our second destination was Morella and this is in the mountains so best to get here by car but there are public buses available. We walked along the main street which were paved in some parts but then there were cobbles in some sections.

We were walking slowly around this town and I found it quite easy to walk along as we were stopping to look at the beautiful buildings we were walking past and popping into the shops.

walking in morella

However, the side streets were steep with steps or a hill but we didn’t need to venture up or down these luckily. But if you wanted to see the church or some of the museums you might have to. The town does not allow cars into the actual main area so you will be required to walk to most of the attractions. Saying this the town is very small so not a lot of walking is involved to explore it is just very steep in some places.

morella, castellon
streets in morella castellon

To get to up to the church it was via this steep stair well. I am not sure if there is a different route as we didn’t have much time exploring this town. You can find more information on the town of Morella here.

I stayed at the Hotel Rey en Jaume which had a lift to all floors. The breakfast was served in the basement and there was a separate lift to get down to here. However to actually get into the hotel there were about 5 steps and no ramp. We had dinner at the Hotel Cardinal Ram, it was absolutely delicious. They had a lift to access the restaurant as it was down a few steps.

restaurant in morella castellon


Our last stop was Benicàssim which had a great promenade for walking. It was flat and well paved. What I really liked about strolling along this promenade was there were a few toilets along the way which also had disabled access.

toilet in Benicàssim

Also, the beaches had wooden planked pathways with access to the sea. I saw a couple of wheelchair users on the beach.

Benicàssim beach

We went into the hills to get the best view of the area and I would recommend this only by car as it was very steep. There were, however, people hiking up there and lots of cyclists but with the hairpin bends even if I could ride a bike I wouldn’t be brave enough to do it here.

The views are amazing though so if you do get the chance I would recommend going into the hills.

view of Benicàssim

I stayed at the Hotel Intur Orange which had lifts to all floors and breakfast area. I never had to wait long for the lift which was good. You can find more information about the Benicassim area here.

I didn’t visit the area of Xilxes but it has been nominated for the most accessible beach in Spain.

Useful links

Disabled Holiday information

Accessible tourism in Spain

If you would like more information about the Castellon region please visit the official tourism website. I visited Castellon as part of a Bristol Bloggers trip and we were hosted by Turismo Castellon. It is a place I would recommend visiting to get a true taste of what Spain has to offer.

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accessible guide to castellon

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  1. That’s a really great guide to the area for those with mobility problems. Pensicola old town was amazing but it does have one or two issues for those with mobility problems. Loved how flat the rest of it was though.

  2. What a great guide, Jenni. Great way to help people find ways to enjoy the best of this beautiful area and make the most of their visit! E x

  3. So interesting to read this Jenni. I was looking at everything from a family angle and much of the access information will be handy for buggy users too. I thought the beach and promenade at Benicàssim are great for families.

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