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Hobgoblin Bristol 69-71 Gloucester Road, Bristol

The Hobgoblin is well known in Bristol for its burgers. Ask a Bristolian where to go for the best burger and this name crops up again and again. It also appears on many lists of best burgers in Bristol and it’s certainly going to make it onto my top 5.

hobgoblin burger

I visited on a Monday lunchtime and there was a steady trade, apparently it gets very busy of an evening and they recommend booking.hobgoblin bristol

That’s a nice selection of burgers on the menu and it was a bit difficult to decide what to have. James the landlord said the most popular burger was the squealer and the most popular dish was the dirty dirty fries.

The Squealer – Beef burger, pulled pork, smoked bacon, blue, swiss or cheddar cheese £11.95

Now it’s not often you want to eat something that’s dirty but this dish is quite renowned in Bristol as being one of the best hangover cures available. The dirty dirty fries were invented by landlord James after a night of a few beers, feeling a bit delicate the next day wanting something to soak up the alcohol. He threw some ingredients into a bowl, added a few spices and came up with the dirty dirty fries which are now the hobgoblins most popular dish.

Dirty Dirty Fries – Seasoned fries, house smoked pulled pork, bbq sauce, spices, melted blue cheese, cheddar cheese and coriander mayo £10.95

Even the fries we had with our burgers had some sort of seasoning on them which made them slightly different from your bog-standard chip and quite moorish.

I decided to go for the Rodeo burger. The burgers are really good quality and have so much flavour. You could just have a plain one but where’s the fun in that?

Rodeo Burger – Beef burger, cheddar cheese, smoked bacon, crispy onions, bbq sauce and onion rings £9.95

hobgoblin bristol

Only just managed to get my mouth around it

My mum is not a huge burger fan but is starting to convert went for a cow and chicken burger. She was pretty silent when eating which can only be a good sign as if something can stop her talking then it must be good.

Cow and Chicken – A melted brie, smoked bacon and fried chicken topped burger £10.95

hobgoblin bristol

The atmosphere in the pub seems friendly and the staff were welcoming. I think it would be a good place to visit on a night out. However, accessibility into the building is not very good for anybody with mobility issues as there is a large step and this is the only way to get into the pub. It will be a big no no for anybody in a wheelchair. I did speak to the landlord about this and he said that they are considering a possible solution.

I had apple slaw instead of fries and it had a summery taste, which was nice considering it was freezing outside. The burgers are not cheap ranging from £7 to £12 but they are good quality ingredients and it is definitely worth the price.

We washed the burgers down with a couple of beers. I went for a hobgoblin which has no association with the pub I’ve had it before and really enjoyed it. My mum had a Cornish Pale Ale.

hobgoblin bristol

If you fancy a challenge, then how about the Death Wings Challenge which is 7 hot wings in 7 minutes. So hot that you must wear gloves for this challenge but will you be put on the wall of flame or the other side the wall of shame. For £10 this is quite popular after a few beers when people think they are indestructible the fastest time being 3 mins 10 sec. And if you win the challenge you get to take home a nice badge and possibly a very hot belly.

hobgoblin bristol

You can follow the Hobgoblin on Facebook and don’t just listen to me you can check out the reviews on TripAdvisor.

I received 2 complimentary burgers in exchange for writing this review. Although this post is sponsored, all opinions are my own. And I will be going back to the Hobgoblin to try those Dirty Dirty Fries.

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hobgoblin burgerHave you tried a Hobgoblin burger I would love to hear what you think or if you have had a great burger comment below and I can add it to my list of Burgers to try during my travels


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