Getting My Dining Room Back : Decluttering

Getting my dining room back : Decluttering

Whilst we were having our kitchen refitted which has turned into a nightmare but thats another article which I will share when the kitchen is finally finished (9 weeks so far!!) we decided to do a lot of decluttering. It is surprising how much crap you collect over the years. I often save something, put it somewhere safe for when I need it next, then cant find it when I need it so end up buying the same product again adding to the overflowing clutter we have in our little 2 bedroom house.

Image Credit : Pixabay not my dining room but I do like!!

In our dining room I have a mini office set up in the corner with a computer table and executive chair but I never really used it preferring to use my laptop on the sofa in the living room watching the TV, I think it helps with my creative juices. So this corner just became a dumping ground. I collected boxes of leaflets and brochures, I have collected on my travels to use for my future articles. After 3 years of traveling this had added up to a lot of paper in fact I think it took about 4 bags of recycling to get rid of it all and I still have a lot to go through. I never even used this brochures as most of the information I use is in my head and then I get the links from the official websites.

So we decided we wanted this room back to a dining room not a dumping ground so we got rid of the computer table I contacted the British Heart foundation who came and collected it as well as a printer I no longer used but it was fully working. Unfortatunely they would not take the office chair as it no longer had the fire label on which is so disappointing as its in really good condition I think I have only sat on it a couple of times so I will put it on Facebook to hope it goes to a nice new home as it seems such as shame to take it to the skip.

I wish my office was as tidy as this I might actually use it then. Image Credit : Pixabay

Then it was time to tackle the book case we have in the dining room again this is often a place that things get moved to when we have no where else to put them so it was very cluttered. We had a number of cooking books that had no been opened in years so I took these to the charity shop. I kept my favourite hairy bikers cookbook I have never cooked anything from it but I love looking at the recipes maybe when we have our nice new kitchen I will try one of the delicious recipes.

Anyway I cant show you any pictures of our dining room yet as it is still a work in progress as we have all the content from the kitchen cupboards stacked in a corner but it is getting there and it is quite liberating to do a bit of decluttering. I have started in the bedrooms too, sometimes I wish I had not started this task but it will be worth it in the end when I actually do not trip over things in the dark in my bedroom. I have already been to the charity shop 5 times and 3 visits to the skip as I have said it is so surprising how much crap we have collected over the years. We have a loft but I am not going to even attempt this until the rooms are finished.

Do you do decluttering on a regular basis we haven’t done it for about 7 years, maybe I should do it more often the it wont be such as big task!!

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