Best Ways to Listen to Music when travelling

best ways to listen to music

Music on the Go : How to listen to music when travelling

I am going to sound ancient but I am only in my 30s and I can not believe years ago we would have to carry our Walkman’s and 100s of tapes if we wanted to listen to something different, which is not the best for when you want to travel light.

Then the CD was invented which were slightly lighter but still took up valuable space in luggage, plus I used to loose my CDs. I dont know how but I have ended up with hundreds of empty CD cases and I can seem to throw them away incase I find the missing CD.

Next it was the IPOD which I never had but and finally the phone. I used to think how can i listen to music on my phone, it is for making phonecalls but now I do everything on my phone and the best thing is I dont have to carry lots of entertainment things when I go travelling. 

What do you listen to when you are travelling?

I am not the most musical cultured if that is even a phrase. I know what I like to listen to but never really know the name of the album, song or sometimes even the artist.

Often I say that dark haired girl that sung about a lion roaring. However I do like to listen to music. On a recent cruise I listened to the dirty dancing and top gun soundtracks over and over again walking around the deck as it brought back some childhood memories of watching the films.

When I am travelling I love listening to music especially to drown out the noise on a flight. I listen to different music depending on what mood I am in. I sometimes get a little anxious when flying so listening to some music can calm me down and help me get to sleep.

I currently love listening to Ella Henderson as I find her song Ghost really calming which helps with my travel anxiety. I also love Ed Sheeran and even more now since I have seen him live.

If I am in a party mood and don’t want to go to sleep I listen to David Guetta but I have to be careful as it makes me want to dance in my seat and the person next to me might think I am slightly crazy.

I use Amazon Unlimited as it means I can have a large collection of different genres and it is such good value for money.

What is Amazon Music unlimited?

Amazon music unlimited is a music streaming app I use on my phone. It has over 40 million songs and I pay a monthly subscription to unlimited downloads.

The site is easy to navigate and the catalogues are divided into genres, new release and much more to make it really easy to find what you are looking for or some inspiration for your next download. Once the music is downloaded you can listen to it anywhere and don’t need internet access so great for someone on the go.

Sign up to Amazon Music Unlimited

If you are also a prime customer you can get a discount to signing up to Amazon Music or you get to the prime music download which is similar and free for prime customer it just has a smaller selection of music. So if you shop a lot on Amazon but don’t listen to that much music I would recommend signing up to Prime as you will save money on your amazon deliveries

Sign up to Amazon Prime

If you are interesting in signing up for a free 30 day trial click on the image below. Set up is really simply and you can cancel before your trial is up if you are not satisfied but I bet you don’t.

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