Ed Sheeran Concert at Roundhay Park

ed sheeran live

Ed Sheeran Concert at Roundhay Park

Ed Sheeran is my go to artist when I need a bit of chilling music. If I cant sleep I will listen to him and if I am travelling he is at the top of my playlist as his music is just great to calm me down which is something need when I have long travelling durations as I get anxious and have a fear of flying.

When I got tickets for Ed Sheeran in Leeds I was so excited and it was absolutely amazing I will definitely try and get tickets to another Ed Sheeran Concert maybe not at Roundhay Park as it is not the best for accessibility requirements for concerts. You can Roundhay Park about my thoughts on Roundhay Park and our accessible experience of the concert in my post here.

ed sheeran concert in roundhay park

This is my second concert this year Robbie Williams was mind blowing and I have Cher to look forward to later this year.

We were going to eat at a local pub but by the time we had parked the car up and seen the queue to get into the concert we decided to go into the park and eat. There were lots of different vendors and although it was expensive it was similar prices to a concert or festival and to be honest I like eating at events like this. 

There were fish and chips, Yorkshire puddings, burgers and Chinese we decided on Chinese as it smelt good and it was delicious. There was also a bar. 

Lewis Capaldi was the supporting act and I love him at the moment he is on social media a lot as he has some a unique sense of humour even if you dont like his music which is great you have to find him funny!! I was gutted because the sound was not working so we couldn’t hear him but it was still a great atmosphere.

lewis capaldi supporting act for ed sheeran

The other supporting act was the Darkness which is not really my sort of music and quite a strange choice as it is nothing like Lewis Capaldi or Ed Sheeran. The line up said a surprise opening act and it seemed the surprise was there was none!! As no one opened the concert at 5.45 as per the programme on either the Friday night or the Saturday night concert which is the one I attended.

lewis capaldi at roundhay park

Ed Sheeran is a great performer it is amazing to hear him just with his guitar he needs no other vocalists and doesnt need to entertain the crown with dancing although he does do a little bit whilst he is singing. It doesnt seem false or over choreographed just like a busker up on stage enjoying himself which makes the crowd enjoy the show.

concerts in roundhay park

If you get chance to see Ed Sheeran live then you definitely need to go as he is brilliant.

ed sheeran live in concert

Unfortunately my photos are not the best as we were far from the stage and had too many people standing in front of us but I will have the memories with me for ever which is the main thing.

ed sheeran live
ed sheeranin concert

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