My trip to the Emmerdale Studio Experience

me with emmerdale signage

My trip to the Emmerdale Studio Experience

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The Emmerdale studio experience is a 1 hour and 50 minute walking tour stepping into the drama of what is one of the UK’s favourite soap. The tourist attraction is open daily March to October, hourly tours are need to be pre-booked online.

Online Prices
Adult – £22
Child (aged 5 – 15) – £13
Concession – £20
Family (2 adults + 2 children / 1 adult + 3 children) – £58
Under 5’s – Free
Carers – Free (essential carers free, proof required)

I was invited along by Emmerdale Studios experience for a birthday treat. If you are a fan of Emmerdale then I highly recommend that you visit the Emmerdale studio experience it is a fully guided indoor walking tours of the former ITV Studios obviously as they’ve got more successful it had to moved to bigger studios to cope with the demand of filming.

It was so interesting to see some of the sets, secret behind scenes and of course to see the famous Dingles sofa.

the dingles living room
The Dingles living room

I wish I had the opportunity to do the village tour which is an outside walking tour on the working set, this is only possible on selected weekends obviously when filming is not taking place unfortunately this happened to be the weekend after my visit hopefully I’ll get to visit this again in the future.

past and present emmerdale cast
Past and Present cast

The Emmerdale studio experience was easy to find I travelled by car and my sat-nav took me straight to the studios. There was ample parking and it was fairly accessible. I did the tour with my mum who has mobility issues as well as me, there was plenty of seating around the tour and it was all mainly flat there was a lady that had a walker and she had no problems getting around the studios.

arriving at emmerdale studios
Arriving at Emmerdale Studios

We arrived at the studio’s early so we went to the café to have some breakfast even though the breakfast look delicious the cake won and we settled for slices of cake and some tea obviously we were in Yorkshire so it was Yorkshire Tea.

When we were leaving the studio’s, the breakfast had been replaced by lunch which was the selection of pasties and again they smelled delicious and sandwiches the prices in the café were quite reasonable.

cake in the studio cafe
Cake in the Studio Cafe shame it wasnt the real Emmerdale village Cafe but I visited here later

I am quite a soapy you’ll often find me most evenings when I’m at home sat on my sofa relaxing and watching the soaps and I have been to a number of soap awards to get glimpses of my favourite actors.

ross barton in emmerdale
Hello Ross you sexy man!!

I was brought up watching Emmerdale Farm which I recall being more about the farming life of the village then it was revamped into Emmerdale and although it is still set in the village there tends to be much more interesting storylines from death, murder and the odd helicopter crash.

Selfie in Beauty and Bernice
Selfie in Beauty and Bernice

We got to see some authentic costumes, it was great to see Seth Armstrong’s hat I always remember this character wearing this green hat throughout my childhood.

Seth Armstrongs hat
Seth’s famous hat

Even though I didn’t get to see the village there was a smaller version in the model village which meant you got to see how the Emmerdale village actually looks.

model emmerdale village
Model village

They have got exact set reconstructions of the Woolpack, Beauty and Bernice and Rona’s house.

popping into the woolpack for a pint
Popping in for a pint

It was really interesting to see the set replicas, I was quite surprised at how small they were, they look much bigger on TV now every time I watch Emmerdale I’m thinking it’s not really that big.

Staying in Leeds, read my guide to this northern city here

I enjoyed pretending to pull a pint behind the Woolpack bar and you can actually visit the Woolpack. I did another tour once of the Yorkshire Dales and we visited what was said to be the original Woolpack.

Pulling a pint in the Woolie
Pulling a pint in the Woolie

One of the highlights of this tour for me was to have my picture taken on the iconic Dingles sofa. I love the Dingles chaotic house and have admired their piggy collection from afar for years so to actually see the pig tablecloth that I see most evenings was great.

This is the only part of the tour where you can not take selfies as they are taking a picture of you on the sofa which they sell as a souvenir at the end of the tour.

me and mum on the dingles sofa
On the Dingles sofa

Our tour group size was quite small but you still have to wait to take pictures on the sets if the group had been any bigger this would have been quite frustrating as it took me quite some time to get a photo of the Woolpack bar without anybody else in the shot but the tour guide was really patient and let us all get our photos without feeling rushed.

waiting to get my shot of the woolpack
waiting to get my perfect shot

We went to a replica of the makeup room and it was explained how the characters are made up daily. I love this part of behind the scenes because it makes you realise that there is a lot more of what goes into the 30 minutes of TV that we see of an evening.

make up at emmerdale
Make up room

You get the opportunity to see what your editing skills will be like, I had a quick go and it wasn’t as easy as it looks. It is great how this tour is quite interactive, even if someone is not a fan of Emmerdale but is interested in TV they would have fun on this tour.

editing at emmerdale
Practising Editing

We went into the weather room and sat down on memorial benches and as I looked at the huge fans I wasn’t quite sure what to expect especially when she says here comes the rain…….

weather room at emmerdale studios
Weather Room

We got to see how they filmed some of the helicopter crash scenes and the actors went through some wet and gruelling filming to give us award-winning television.

helicopter crash on emmerdale
Helicopter Crash

At the end of the tour you can go in David’s shop and buy bags, mugs and Yorkshire goodies and this is where you can pick up your photo of the famous Dingle sofa. I was actually quite surprised at the prices and did not think it was a major rip-off like some of these tourist attractions can be. Because it was my birthday my mum treated me to a photo and a magnet for £12 which is a great way for me to remember this cool day.

The Emmerdale Studio Experience is a must do attraction for any die hard Emmerdale Fan. I loved my day here and want to say a big Thank you to Emmerdale Experience for making my birthday memorable.

The Emmerdale Studio Experience

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