Africa Bucket List Trip

3 Places in Africa on my Bucket List


Africa Bucket List Trip


My bucket list is getting very long, I dont like calling it a bucket list as I feel once I have them complete everything on it then it might be the end for me so its more like a fuck it bucket list. Excuse the language but this is the best way to describe it. I dont care about little things anymore, I dont want to be worrying about mediocre things, I want to focus on the things are important to me and that is travel.

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Each month I will be looking at a different continent and added places I want to visit to my list. I dont think that this list will ever get finished as its basically every place I have not yet visited yet so should keep me busy for quite some time.

Going through a cancer diagnosis or any life limiting illness can put things into reality and it makes me realise that I have to do now what I dream of doing as you just dont know what is around the corner. I know I keep saying it but it is so true, why wait until next year to do the trip you could be doing tomorrow. I know people have commitments in their life which put hold to travels and I guess I am lucky in that aspect but to be honest I can not say I will plan on going there in 5 years time as I just dont know if i will be here in 5 years time.

There are items that have always been on my bucket list such as swimming with pigs, doing a parachute jump but now I am going to actualy get them all written down as seeing a list might motivate me more to book that next trip.

Why is Africa on my Bucket List

I am starting with Africa as I haven’t ben anywhere in this continent yet so the bucket list has nothing marked off I am hoping to do some of these items as soon as my strength is better as still a little too weak to explore this far by my self but I will get there. To be honest I dont actually know much about Africa, I love learning about new cultures and destinations so this is another reason I would like to visit Africa.


I finally got to visit Morocco in October 2018 and it was my first visit to Africa and it has given me the taste for the continent and I have already booked my next trip to explore more. I decided to do a group tour mainly for safety I dont think Morocco is a unsafe country to travel in but I have heard women travelling alone can get unwanted attention so I feel more comfortable doing this trip with others. Part of this tour involved a African Desert Dune Safari which I was looking forward to however I was apprehensive of the camel trek luckily I didnt fall off but I was sore for a few days.

Find out more about my trip to Morocco here.

Pyramids in Egypt

An amazing trip I hope to do is visit the Pyramids in Egypt. I have heard good and bad points about this place but I really want to just see it for myself to make my own mind up. I know there are stories about it being very touristy which has just ruined it even having a KFC next to the pyramids but his makes me want t see if all for myself. I dnt think I will go into the pyramids mainly because I am a little claustrophobic and they can reach temperatures of high 50s now thats just a little bit too hot. There are so many things that I do not know about the pyramids and I think actually going on a tri lie this will help me to learn more about their history rather than just reading it in a book.

phyramids in egypt

I am hoping to do this trip ASAP with my friend and then we plan to have a few days relaxing in the Red Sea I might even try diving as again this is on my bucket list and it is supposed to be one of the best places in the world to dive. Ideally I would like to make a 3 week trip out of it, slowly traveling cruising down the Nile seeing the archaeological sights in Egypt then spending some time by the sea to recuperate.

cruising the nile

A safari in Africa

Now I can’t go all that way without doing a safari. I used to think all safaris had to be done in Africa but I did an amazing one in India and it was such an eye opener I can not wait to do more safaris.

The only thing with safaris is they are either cheap and involve camping and setting up camp which is just not my thing or the prices get a lot higher if you go for comfort. It isn’t just about comfort for my though I physically do not have the strength to be putting u camps especially in the heat so again I need to do so much research before I will be ready to book this type of trip.

– Update I have booked a Safari in Kruger National Park for 2019 come back soon to see what I got up to.

Malawi’s Nyika National Park looks amazing. To see elephants grazing in their natural habitat was amazing now I want to see hippos and giraffes. I would probably be quite scared if I actually saw a hippo in their own space is there space to be one of the most dangerous animals and they will attack if they feel threatened.

I would also love to do a Safari in Uganda and see the Gorillas, I have only seen primates in sanctuaries but they are fascinating to watch this would be a dream come true.

gorilla in uganda

Victoria Falls on the Zambezi River

The Victoria Falls are the fourth largest waterfall in the world. I love waterfalls there is something so magical about them and to visit them in rainy season when they are thundering and powerful is a mazing. I have been dreaming of visiting the Victoria Falls for a number of years. I really need to do some research now as I dont want to keep putting it off any longer. Until I started researching I didnt realise there were so many other waterfalls beyond the Victoria Falls and now I have to add them all to my list.

I think the bucket list item at the Victoria Falls would be to fly over in a helicopter that would offer the best views and would be amazing.

victoria falls in africa

When will I visit Africa

I am a little wary of visiting Africa mainly due to the things that I hear about in the media. I dont think this is a trip I would do on my own so I would be looking at either going with friends or on a organised group tour. Not only for the safety factor but also because the country is so large I think this would be the best option rathe than trying to get from A to B on my own.

3 Places in Africa on my Bucket List


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