Afternoon Tea delights at Browns Restaurant : Bristol

Afternoon Tea delights at Browns Restaurant : Bristol

I was invited to Browns Restaurant in Bristol to try the afternoon tea menu with a champagne specialist giving us 3 wonderful champagnes to accompany the afternoon tea. It was a great afternoon as honestly whats not to like bout cake and Champagne. The Afternoon tea is 45 years old and showcases some of the best British treats. At a cost of £15.50 this is definitely within budget to spend a relaxing afternoon with that someone special. The afternoon teas are served daily 3.00 to 5.30pm and when you have finished, if you still have room you could try some of their wonderful Gin Cocktails. You can add a glass of Moet to the Afternoon tea making it a total of £21.95

Firstly I need to apologise for the blurriness of some of my photos. I was going through treatment and not feeling my best at this event and to be honest I just wanted to eat everything that was put in front of me as this is a side effect of all the drugs I am on, I am hungry most of  the time which made this great event for me to get invited to and I definitely enjoyed it.

Unfortunately, I am still having chemotherapy so cannot drink alcohol and I was absolutely gutted as I love a bit of fizz. We had three champagnes to try first it was Moet and Chandon when we arrived, Verve Clicquot was served with the savouries and Ruinart was with the sweets. 

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I have tried the first two champagnes before and Verve Clicquot is my favourite champagne but I am waiting to drink a bottle of this when I finish treatment as it is a perfect celebration champagne. However there was no way I was passing the opportunity to try the Ruinart as it is quite expensive in restaurants and it is not often my purse strings can stretch that far so I had a cheeky small glass. It was delicious and after each bite of the different desserts it made the champagne taste different. I have never noticed that before mainly because I am normally just downing a bottle rather than having it with food.

Only kidding, I make myself sound like a right alcoholic but to be honest I don’t even drink that much anymore but I do love anything with fizz which is great as prosecco is now such a fashionable drink its one of the only things I can say I am in fashion for..
Anita our expert from Moet and Chandon described the champagnes with such passion it was fascinating listening to her maybe it was a good job I wasn’t drinking as I was sober for a change to take some notes.

moet and chandon expert with such passion for her champagnes

Moet and Chandon Champagne

Moet and Chandon was the first champagne I tried many years ago. This was my go to champagne mainly because it was a familiar name that I associated with luxury drinking. Since then I have been to a few different champagne tasting events and I am still surprised at how differently they do actually taste.

It turns out I have been pronouncing Moet wrong it should be Mo et emphasis on the et. Hope that makes sense as it is a little difficult to describe in written form. Talking about pronouncing things since we are having afternoon tea how do you say “Scone”. This is a long debate in the UK and is often discussed at afternoon teas. Again, a little hard to describe in writing but do you say Scone as in “bone” or “gone” am I just talking about rubbish or are you getting my meaning lol.

Every time I go to a new champagne talk I learn something different which makes these talks all the more interesting. I don’t think I will ever tire of listening to the history of the drink as well as getting to try more samples. I picked up some more of the terminology learning about the House of Moet where the grape vine yards are and also how different grapes will give an over all different flavour. I need to go on a few more courses to find out more about the production of the champagne as when I know more about how it is produced it makes it such an more palatable drink as you realise how much hard work goes into getting that bottle to your dinner table.

Verve Clicquot Champagne

Verve Clicquot is described as savoury champagne perfect with afternoon teas. I didn’t understand this at first as all champagne taste sweet to me but it did go really well with the savoury delights. It is referred to as the yellow label. The duck egg yolk yellow is a trademarked colour and was designed for the UK market in early 1800s. This is my favourite champagne it is a shame I couldn’t drink as I could have easily downed a few glasses of this lovely champagne. It is said to be perfect with meats and salmon which was lucky as we were served coronation chicken and smoked salmon from the Browns menu.

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Verve means widow as the lady that created the champagne was a widow. Madame clique did so much for the champagne industry and I loved listening to Anita talking about the stories of this great champagne.
Madame Clicquot created riddling which is when you turn the champagne bottle and she created the first Rose Champagne so without her we would be minus some excellent tasting champagnes.

The Verve Clicquot was served during the savoury courses of the afternoon tea. I have had cocktails before (talking about drinking again) at Browns and love the variety they have, you could easily spend a very enjoyable afternoon working your way through the cocktail menu. This time I had to settle for a mocktail I went for the peach melba which was peach, raspberry and lemonade, it wasn’t as sparkling as I thought it was going to be a it was quite thick but still really refreshing. 

a peach melba non alcoholic cok=cktail at browns restaurant

Ruinart Champagne

The third champagne Ruinart is perfect with sweet things. It has Minimal ageing and is stored in a World heritage site where there is no light and a cool constant temperature. We were advised to not save the bottle for too long as there is a risk of cooking the champagne if the temperature is not right. This was the most expensive bottle we were trying the design actually reminded me of a bottle of Lambrini  but I have to say tasted nothing like it. It was crisp and I would defintately have it again if someone else was paying as it’s too pricey for me.

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Afternoon Tea at Browns : Savoury Delights

We started with the Lobster and prawn brioche. I didn’t think I was going to like these as not a huge lobster fan but was pleasantly surprised. It had plenty of flavour from the Marie rose sauce and was not too fishy tasting which I was worried about. The mini brioche rolls were two bites sized or one if your mouth is as big as mine. The brioche was fresh and sweet I could have ate hundreds Of them, I probably did. Noooo course I didn’t but I did have 4 it’s ok there were plenty to go around.

lobster and prawn brioche at browns restaurant in bristol

The next was a free-range Egg mayo brioche. Again, on the mini fresh sweet rolls. It tasted like it had something else in it couldn’t place what it was though. Others were saying it tasted cheesy, but it was definitely just egg and mayo it was an interesting taste I couldn’t work out if I liked it.

free range egg mayo brioche at afternoon tea in bristol

Coronation chicken sandwich on bread these were delicious again a mini two bites, but you only want small mouthfuls so you can get to try everything without getting overly stuffed.

coronoation chicken sandwich on white bread

Last it was Smoked salmon and cream cheese on crusty bread. I personally don’t like smoked salmon and it always seems to be served at afternoon teas I tried a little bit and it was good quality but that’s as much as I could eat……. Well we can’t all like the same things otherwise there could be a mini fight at afternoon teas if we all went for the same sandwiches. The cream cheese and crusty bread however was nice but I’m just not a fan of smoked salmon.

smoked salmon at afternoon tea in bristol.

Afternoon Tea Sweet Treats at Browns Restaurant

They then brought out two cake stands showcasing how the afternoon tea will be served these were left on the table for quite some time with no show of anymore cakes coming out. Some of the bloggers started digging in and then we thought this was all we were getting and so started to share the cakes but it was really unfair as not enough for half the group. We were not disappointed for long, as when they started to described the last champagne and said it will go perfect with the cakes that are about to come out I swear there was a sign of relief from the group as people with a sweet tooth thought they were gonna miss out.

afternoon tea in bristol

The first sweet brought out were the salted caramel profiteroles these were heaven. I am not a big fan of salted caramel but these were perfect with just hint of salted caramel. They were gooey, I was trying to be sophisticated using a fork to eat them delicately but in the end I ended up popping the whole thing in my mouth, I didn’t care, I wanted the taste explosion and I got it.

salted caramel profiteroles in bristol best afternoon tea in bristol
You can’t really go wrong with the next cake a nice slice of Victoria sponge. Well you can if I try and bake it but this was nothing like my disasters and was fresh, with a perfect amount of cream and jam so it didn’t spurt out of the sides.

vistoria sponge with cream and jam at browns restaurant
The next cake was coffee I was told it was a bit like a tiramisu. I don’t like coffee so didn’t try this, but it went down well with the other bloggers and didn’t stay on the plate for long next was a carrot cake but I was getting too full by this point so didn’t try either.

Back to my crazy talk earlier of scones. You can’t have a afternoon tea without the traditional scones and jam with cream. This is the best bit for me and these were small yet tasty. Not only do we have the debate on how to pronounce the word scone.  But we are also divided on whether you put the jam or cream on first. I am a jam on first girl and then dollop the cream on top, delicious. There were fruit and plain scones served with cream and strawberry jam.

The dessert I liked the most which really surprised me was the lemon posset. It wasn’t too citrusy but I loved the texture, others were comparing it to a pannecotta and I just nodded as I have never had pannecotta before but will be trying it in the future if it’s like this as I absolutely loved it. It was served with a strawberry crush which resembled crushed biscuit crumbs with a hint of strawberry which I also loved.

Dining Experience at Browns

While we were trying all these wonderful delights we were listening to a pianist and admiring the old building that Browns restaurant is in as it looks as though it has so much history. I wonder what it used to be if you know please do share.

pianist in bristol restaurant

The staff at the restaurant were absolute stars I hope they try some of the cakes afterwards. Browns is on or off park street check this. This is a popular street in Bristol city centre and does get very bust at weekends as the street is full of different restaurants and bars. I will be heading back to browns in the summer for some more tasty cocktails (hopefully no mocktails) and might even treat myself to another afternoon tea.

It was a really nice evening and I was given a voucher for Browns Restaurant so I can go back and sample some more of the summer menu which looked divine. We were also presented with some Sanctuary spa goodies, thank you so much to Browns for this wonderful experience I can not wait to come visit again.

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