Best places to buy souvenirs in Yerevan, Tbilisi and Baku


Best places to buy souvenirs in Yerevan, Tbilisi and Baku

Have you ever heard about the amazing South Caucasus region? Its hospitality, nature, and culture are glorified in legends, and its national cuisine is beyond any praise.

For those, who already plan to spend their holidays in Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan we have collected some useful information. We’re going to tell you about tourist shopping in Yerevan, Tbilisi and Baku – three unique capitals of the region.

From this article, you will learn the best places to buy souvenirs and some other useful information.

Where to buy interesting souvenirs in Yerevan?

There is absolutely no chance to leave Armenia empty-handed. You just won’t be able to pass by the counters full of delicious sweets, cognac and souvenirs and not to buy anything.

The most popular souvenir place in Yerevan is Vernissage – an open-air fare in the city center not far from the Rebublic Square.


Once it was a flea market, but now it’s a beautiful open market with small beautiful counters. Here you will find the greatest variety of souvenirs like paintings, all kinds of souvenirs, carpets, national clothes, silver and gold jewelry, weapons and much more.

It is always overcrowded on the weekend. Be sure to go to the Vernissage in the morning and stroll through the shelves with no hurry because each souvenir deserves your attention.

For more beautiful souvenirs you can take a walk along Abovyan Street. The street stretches through a large and small center, along the historical and new buildings of the capital.

dried fruit and spices
Dried fruit and spices

There is a beautiful place called Dalan. Behind the doors, there is a real museum of beautiful souvenirs. But this is not all. As soon as you get to the end of the shop there opens a beautiful garden and cafe Dalan. This is an isolated place in the heart of the city and there is not a single sound of the noisy city.

Sweets, Armenian cognac and wine, of course, are not souvenirs, but they should definitely be in your shopping list.

The best place to buy fruits and sweets is a close bazaar on Mashtots Avenue. This place is part of the city and part of its history. Here all you can find dried fruits, sweet sudzhukh, fruit lavash from plums and much more.

Where to buy interesting souvenirs in Tbilisi?

For fruits, sweets and all edible souvenirs you need to go to the Dezerter Bazaar. The market got its interesting name in 1990s, when soldiers returned from the civil war and started selling all sorts of things in the market. The prices of the market are rather low, that’s why it’s always crowded. In addition, it is the largest market in Tbilisi.


On the Dezerter Bazaar, you can find a huge selection of local cheese and spices. You should definitely buy a little bit of everything so that the aroma of Georgia will be with you for a very long time.

In addition to food and wine, you can find all sorts of souvenirs at a low price in the market. Most of the souvenirs have cheaper prices in comparison with souvenir shops.

Souvenirs from Azerbaijan
Souvenirs from Azerbaijan

The most popular place for buying rarity and souvenirs is the market on the Dry Bridge. The open-air bazaar is located in the center of the city, not far from Rustaveli Avenue.

On the flea market you can find everything you want. The most interesting souvenirs are old dishes, coins, old phones, clothes and much more. In addition, you can find beautiful antique carpets, rare books, and of course thousands of souvenirs.

Underground Meidan Bazaar is the last place we can offer to visit in Tbilisi. The market is more like a gallery, where you can see beautiful paintings and souvenirs.

Where to buy interesting souvenirs in Baku?

In multi-million Baku it’s easy to find souvenirs and gifts. The city is quite expensive, in comparison with Yerevan and Tbilisi, however the tradition is that you should definitely buy something for memory.

Baku City

Yashyl bazaar is the largest market in Baku, where you can find the traditional sweets, fresh vegetables and fruits, nuts, dried fruits and spices. Just look around and you will see picture perfect shelves with colorful fruits and spices. Pay attention to the counters with tea. Tea in Azerbaijan is especially respected.

A large number of souvenir shops is located in Old Baku Icheri Sheher. On the shelves, you can find all the popular symbols of the capital and the country.

Armenia Carpets
Armenia Carpets

The most expensive and respected gift from Baku is a carpet. Large carpets are quite expensive, in addition, it is necessary to have special permission for the export of Azerbaijani carpets

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Best places to buy souvenirs in Yerevan, Tbilisi and Baku

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  1. In my opinion, the best souvenirs from any trip are memories and impressions. I always try to capture them in the photo and print an album with notes and comments. I try to bring some interesting food and small souvenirs to my friends and relatives.

  2. I was in Tbilisi 3 weeks ago and so my feelings are fresh I can tell you what I think about it. My trip was great! I fell in love with the culture and food! My family loves delicious food stuff so I decided to go and buy it for them. Attended Dezerter Bazaar and I will do it every time when I am in Tbilisi! I bought so delicious cheese, spices and sweets! My family was so happy to taste that!

  3. Armenia is an incredibly beautiful place. When my family and I were in Yerevan, the days passed very quickly. The city is filled with peyzazhami and amazing places. Most memorable market in the city center. The place is just incredible and the day is not enough to see everything in this market.

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