Upping my YouTube game

upping my youtube game

Upping my YouTube game

When I travel, I often take videos and I have such a collection now that I need to focus on sharing them as this is obviously my intention when I take the footage.

I admit I am a bit slow when it comes to actually editing and sharing my travel memories. I have nearly 800 articles that need finishing and hours of video footage that is just sitting on my computer.

youtube on tablet

Why am I so lapse in publishing my travel memoirs?

To be honest it is because I am lazy. I love travelling so much that as soon as I have finished one trip I either go on another or I start planning another trip and then I just leave the information and footage I have already gathered but this is going to stop.

This year I am focusing on getting all the information on my past trips up on my website and also going to work on getting my videos edited and published on YouTube as end of the day how do I expect my blog to grow if I don’t start actually sharing the information about my trips.

editing for youtube

My plan for YouTube

I had a bit of a panic when I got home from my 4 weeks in Asia trip and I thought I had lost all of the video footage I had taken but it turned out my camera saves it funny on my memory card and I have to upload it to my computer via a cable in my camera rather than inserting my memory card into my computer. I did nearly cry as I had taken quite a bit of video footage as I wanted to make a few YouTube videos of my trip.

Taking the footage is the easy part. I have been practising my technique. I have quite shaky hands and find using my phone doesn’t give me the best shots so on my last trip I used my compact digital camera and the footage was so much steadier.

The thing that takes me a long time is editing. The most important part is to choose a video editor that meets your requirements. I have tried a couple one which I love as it is so easy but there are not many editing options and another which I have just started using and have so much more to learn.

video editorI am a little camera shy so I won’t be making YouTube videos where I am the star in fact I don’t actually like these types of YouTube videos myself as I am more concerned about seeing the destination if that is what I am researching.

So, I am going to make videos that I would be interesting in watching as travel content seems to do well on YouTube. I might be going for the wrong YouTube strategy here and next year I could totally change my approach but this is what I will start with and hope that it works.

I am also hoping that with more practice I am going to be quicker with my editing and getting posts published. I am going to give myself deadlines and motivate myself to stick to these.

If you would like to follow my on YouTube click here for my channel.

If anyone has any tips for my new venture in the world of YouTube then please share as I need all the help I can get!!



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