Travel Fatigue : Tips to improve energy levels whilst travelling

travel fatigue


Travel Fatigue : Tips to improve energy levels whilst travelling

Travel fatigue is more associated with long term travel so for example after travelling consistently for 6 months you might start suffering from travel fatigue. I personally get tired when travelling after the first day but I didn’t know what else to call it, travel tired or tired when travelling just didn’t seem right. So I apologise if I am using the wrong terminology but since I suffer daily from fatigue it seemed the most fitting in this situation.

My illness and the side effects from medication can cause fatigue. I have good days and bad days but when I am travelling, I want to be able to see and do as much as I can so there are a few precautionary things I do to help keep my energy levels up when travelling, well as much as I can anyway. I still hit barriers but if I take it easy some of the time it does make my travelling go a little bit easier.

girl resting on a bench : dont over do it if you dont want to crash and burn when travelling

Dont over do it

I have always been a little…. Not lazy but not mega overactive that I end up over doing it, but I do realise now how important this is. I know that if I have an energetic day, I will need to rest plenty and may not be able to do as much the next day.

I offer advise that even though travel is still possible with advanced cancer or any chronic illness that causes drops in energy levels it may need to be done slightly different and I suggest picking out what is the vital things you want to see.

I do this I choose what I want to see and visit these first and then if I am not too tired, I can carry on and see the places that are not as important to me.

I choose to visit places off peak so it is not as busy and I am more likely to find somewhere to sit down if needed. I also use buses and taxis instead of walking too far as even though a little walking can help with my energy levels doing too much will wear me out before I have even got to the destination.

Plan what you want to see. Prioritise the main things you want to see when travelling and work out a economical route so you are not going to and fro, wasting energy backtracking on yourself.

planning route with a map so you dont waste energy when travelling

Factor in rest days

Just as no over doing it I need to factor in rest days. If I travel and spent a few days sightseeing, then I will factor in a rest day if I can’t do rest days then I try and rest in any spare time that I do have.  

I have been doing group tours and they don’t have whole days to rest but instead of going out at night I will spent the time resting or if there is a particular activities that I don’t want to do instead of doing it for the sake of it I will spent the time recuperating and getting my energy levels back up.

If I do a two-week tour that is all go, then I might add a few days chilling by the pool or on a beach before I return home, or I will factor in some rest days at home. I used to go from one trip to the next without any days in between and I would start to get very tired and it ruined some of my trips.

Woman resting on the beach : rest days help with keeping energy levels up when travelling


Doing exercise can increase my energy levels this might sound a contraction, but I often read that a way to help with fatigue is to exercise which is the last thing you want to do if you are tired.

If I spend a few days at home and don’t move from the sofa I notice a drop in my energy levels when I do, try and do something.

When I am travelling little walks during my trip can help with my energy, I am sometimes surprised at home how much I can do when I am travelling, and it is probably because I am getting more exercise.

Get a Massage

There is nothing better than getting a massage when you’re tired or your muscles are achy. I love getting a massage when I am travelling as the techniques are different in every country.

One of my favourite places to travel is Asia and it is because the massages are so cheap, and I tend to have one nearly every day as at around $3 a massage then why not.

Plenty of Sleep

At every opportunity I will sleep. I personally love my sleep and do get grumpy if I don’t get enough. I can sleep anywhere, when on a flight on a bus or when I have a spare hour before going on the next sightseeing adventure it’s time for a nap. I also try and make sure I get plenty of rest at night.

I don’t go out so much at night as I do need to rest so I would prefer to be relaxing in bed than dancing it away in a night club. I can go out drinking at night when I am home. Don’t get me wrong I still want to experience night life but I only do it for a short time instead of all night long. 

woman sleeping in bed, get plenty of sleeps helps with energy levels when travelling

Hydration tablets

I have found these really do help. I have had berroca type tablets where I dissolve them in water and drink in the morning and I have just started using orrs where I dissolve them in my water and drink them throughout the day.

It was during a trip to Asia and one of my group was sick and she was using these, and I thought I would get some and try them on my next trip. I then did get sick myself and they helped but I have used then on a few trips now when I haven’t been sick and not only do they make a change from drinking water and help me keep my hydration levels up as I am drinking something a little tastier but I do think they actually help as I have noticed a difference.

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