Looking after your feet : My favourite foot care products

looking after your feet

Looking after your feet : My favourite foot care products

You have to look after your feet when at home and also when travelling. There is nothing worse than getting blisters or your feet being sore as it will ruin your trip if you can not walk. 

I hate feet and have suffered for many years with problems with my feet. Now if I take care of them it isn’t as bad. It is important to have decent travel shoes as well as using some products that help look after your feet.

My favourite foot care product

I swear by this product I love it. I admit I have pretty horrible feet with hard skin and if I don’t regularly moisturise and exfoliate them they get worse.

I have tried many treatments plus I have visited a chiropodist but I saw this product advertised on a day time lifestyle show and I tried it and it is amazing.

There is some sort of gel in plastic sock that you put your feet into for an hour. I find it best to put a pair of sock over the top to keep them in place.

After a few days your feet start peeling as the dead skins comes away. It is a bit like when you get sun burnt and start peeling. The first time I ever did it I went on a travel blogging trip and had to take my shoes off and it was a little embarrassing as it looked like I had some sort of disease I kept telling people I had used a new product and it was meant to do that.

I would recommend not using if you know you have to wear sandals for a special occasion.

Even my mum who has the worse feet ever likes this product and it works on her 50 layers of hard skin. They might seem expensive but I use one every 3 months so a lot cheaper than going to the chiropodist.

In between me using the Footner I keep the hard skin down with a file, looks a bit like a cheese grater but it does help.

The next important thing is to moisturize. My favourite moisturizer is Udderly smooth moo cream. I first discovered this during chemotherapiy when my skin was getting sensitive and sore and it was recommended by a lot of the other girls going through treatment. Its not heavy or greasy and the pot lasted me for ages.

Now if you have a particular pair of shoes you love but you know they give you blisters you can prevent them with this stick. I have used it on a night out on the very rare occasion I wore heels and I didn’t get blisters so it does work. I also use it when I am breaking in a pair of shoes to prevent blisters.

If my feet are tired and legs are sore from walking I find a refreshing spray helps. I particulary like anything with peppermint or aloe vera. This is one my favourite I actually forgot this on a trip to Vietnam and had to go and buy something as with the heat my feet needed something to cool them down. Nothing worse than aching feet so give them some  love.

And lastly the shoes you wear are so important. I love these walking sandals as they have Velcro so when your feet swell after walking or in the heat your can alter the tightness of the shoes. They are also so comfortable I even go in the sea in them. They come is different colours I have pink blue and purple.

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Looking after your feet

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