Top 5 Things to do in Lisbon

Top 5 Things to do in Lisbon

I have visited Lisbon a number of times. It was my first solo trip as part of my Portugal tour and I have visited a few times as part of cruise interinaries.

It is only a couple of hours away from the UK and you can get some really cheap flight so perfect for a weekend break. There are lots of things to see and do for all ages and tastes.

You can walk around and explore by yourself or you can have a private tour which you can customise to your requirements. But however you plan to tour the Capital of Portugal here are my top 5 things that you must do whilst in Lisbon.

Eat a Portuguese tart

The first thing you have to add to your list of things to eat in Lisbon is of course the famous portugese tart. These are little cases of heaven they have to be one of my favourite cakes. I was obsessed about having the best one in Portugal that I did have to try a few and to be honest they were all so good.

They are egg custard tarts quite similar to the custard tart you get in the UK but these are flaky pastry and wonderful.

portuguese egg tart

Supposedly the best Portuguese tarts are from Pasteis de Balem, I cant say if they are the best as I still need to do some more research on my next visit as I would hate to miss another tasty treat but I can say they are very very good.

When people ask me what to do in Lisbon I always say try one of their famous Portuguese tarts. I have even asked friends to bring some back home for me but no one ever does as they must eat them on the way home.

This bakery can get very busy as it is quite a tourist attraction in Lisbon and many people flock there everyday so be prepared to queue but it is worth it. I would recommend getting one (or two) to take away and eat outside in the sunshine. You can however eat in the café and they offer other things..

Jeronimos Monastery

I have visited Jeronimos Monastery and walked around the outside but I have never actually gone inside. I didn’t realise that it was a UNESCO heritage site but it is easy to see why as it is actually quite breathtaking. Inside is home to several king and queens tombs and there are regular exhibitions or events taking place.

jeronimos monastery

Oh and not that I want to keep going on about Portuguese tarts but if you visit Jerominos Monestery then you can walk to Pasteis de Balem, actually I got my tart and then went and sat outside the monastery to tuck in and watch the tourists.

There are a number of sellers outside the monastery mainly women selling scarves and they can be a little pushy if you make eye contact.

Ride a Lisbon Tram

Lisbon is quite hilly and I am quite lazy so the perfect way to explore is on a Lisbon Tram. You can go on any local tram but there are actually tourist trams which have narrated guides which I thought were lots of fun and definitely a must do in Lisbon.

Also be careful when crossing any road as the trams are quite silent and I had a few near misses.

lisbon tram

Balem Tower

Torre De Balem is a 16th Century tower and is one of the most popular landmarks in Lisbon. Again I have only visited the exterior of Balem tower but it was lovely to walk around however you can also go inside for a fee. Nearby there are a few restaurants and beautiful views of park grounds and the sea.

balem tower

Praca do Comercio (Terreiro do Paco)

This is one of the biggest squares in Europe and is a wonderful place to walk around or sit and have a coffee and watch the locals and tourists. The square is walking distance from the cruise port.

There are many cafes and restaurants and you can pick up the tourist tram here and other tours. Plus this is where the tourist information office is in case you want more information on Lisbon.

Praca do Comercio (Terreiro do Paco)

There are lots of streets leading off the square if you are visiting Lisbon by ship then I would suggest heading to the square as your first post of call and then you can decide what to do next.

Have you been to Lisbon? What did you do? let me know and I will add it to my list for my next visit.

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